LinkedIn is a social networking site made for professions and people who are in the business industry. You may have heard of other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where you can interact socially with your friends and family. LinkedIn is mainly for associating with people who you work with and people you want to network with.

You can use it to find jobs, find people in a company, market services to people and find new friends. It’s for people who want to take their professional life more seriously and mingle with people like them. When you add people on LinkedIn, you’re able to see their activity on your news feeds and their new posts. Your feed is a makeup of who you’ve connected with over the years.

If you’ve had LinkedIn for some time, then you probably have loads of connections that you’ve made over the years. If you want to see when a connection was made between you and someone else, you can check this on LinkedIn.

Seeing When you Connected on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, you can’t see the exact date (day, month, and year) that you made a connection with someone, but you can see how many days ago it was. You can also view your connections in chronological order so you can see who you connected with before anyone else.


1. Go to LinkedIn in your web browser and Log In.

My Network

2. Click on My Network.


3. Under Manage My Network, click on Connections.

see when you connected with someone on LinkedIn

4, Under the name and job description, you’ll be able to see when you connected with someone on LinkedIn.