How to See When two People Became Friends on Facebook


Facebook is a social networking platform that allows you to connect with your friends in fun ways. Facebook allows you to find friends using search, mutual friends and where you work or go to school. You can interact with friends by messaging them using Messenger, liking and commenting on their post, or sharing it – this allows you to build a relationship with that person over the years your friends with them.

After having Facebook for many years, chances are that you’ve built a relationship with a lot of your friends. Facebook has a history feature that allows you to see the relationship history between you and your friends. You can see this like when you became friends with them, posts you’ve been tagged in, shared with them, and photos/videos you’ve shared together.

Seeing When two People Became Friends

Since Facebook allows you to see the relationship between your friends and when you became friends, chances are that you want to see when two of your friends became friends with each other. This will allow you to see when they started their relationship together.

Over the year, Facebook has tightened its security due to people’s privacy being breached all the time. This means that snooping around on Facebook has been lessened over the years and there’s less you can do in terms of spying on people.

Before, you could see when two people because of friends by entering your friend’s username into the friendship URL[username 1]/[username 2]/

If you do this now, you won’t be able to see any friendship history but an error. Unfortunately, there’s no way to see when two people because of friends on Facebook. Since this is an invasion of privacy between two people, Facebook won’t allow you to see information like this. You’ll need to have the login details of one of their accounts if you want to see when they became friends with someone.

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