How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger (10 Ways)

Why Can’t I Unsend a Message on Messenger

In recent days, people send messages to people they did not intend to share with. Others share messages that are out of context. Before the receiver can see the messages, the sender realizes the fault. This results in them unsending the message to avoid any miscommunication.

It becomes irritating to see that someone sent you a message and then unsent it. This calls for the need to do everything within your means to look for a way upon which you can recover that message. As a receiver, what comes to your mind is why someone would send a message and then unsent it.

In the case of a group chat on Messenger, people can send messages that they regret. After most of the chat have seen it, they unsend their message. This also leaves one wondering what the person might have said. This always leaves someone confused and curious. If this is you, there’s no need to worry as there are many ways that you can see what someone has sent.

Can You See Unsent Messages On Messenger?

With the way Messenger is designed, it is impossible to see unsent messages. The app does this to make what the user unsent private. However, there are indirect ways that allow the recipient to access the message even if the sender unsent it.

One of the easiest ways to have the message even though it’s unsent is by turning on your email notifications. You are guaranteed that every message, either in a group or in person, will always be sent in your email, and you can access it.

Filter box, notification history log, and also Notisave are one of the apps that people across the world are using to access the unsent messages on Messenger. With this app, they are fond of receiving and recording every message on your mobile phone. Isn’t that amazing?

So, it is possible to see the messages on Messenger even when the sender has unsent it.

How to See Unsent Messages On Messenger

Since you know it’s possible to see unsent Messages on your Messenger, now the question is how? If someone unsent with the mentality that you will not see it, they’re mistaken. Here are ways to see unsent messages;

1. Use Notisave App

Notisave an app that helps receive and store any type of notifications you receive on your device. This is essential, especially when you’re busy and are fond of missing those important messages that people send you.

All of your Messenger Messages will always be stored here, and you can access them anytime. Even if the sender deletes the message, this app usually has recorded the message. The app is also essential for your WhatsApp messages.

1. Install the Notisave App. The first thing you need to do is locate the app in google play. You need to search and hit on the download button. Once done with the download, hit the install button and proceed.

2. Open the app and grant permission. With all the google apps, you have to download, install and then give the required permission for the app to access your account. With Notisave, it’s not an exemptional. You need to give it access to your notification since that is its core business.

3. Receive the first message. Once you grant the app access to your notification, you can chat with your friends on the Messenger app. By doing that, Notisave will record all the messages you receive. It will then record all of them so you can manage to view them later.

4. Access the app to see the notification. Being sure you have received a text, it’s now time to see what you received, and you will receive it once you have a busy schedule and someone deletes the message they sent to you.

There will be two sections on the app, one written saved and the other unread. You can always take your time to go through the unread message. Once you scroll down, you will manage to find a saved notification from Messenger. There you can manage to read all the unsent Messages people have unsent from your chat.

This is an app that everyone should consider having, irrespective of having any other form of access to unsent messages.

2. Turn On Notification History In Settings

If the message is already sent and you did not get the opportunity to read it, you need not worry. Notification history has got you covered. You can still access a message that was unsent in your notification tab. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Go to your phone android device setting and tap on the notification tab. Click on the advanced settings tab, then lastly, the notification history and turn it on. From that point, you will be able to see all the unsent messages on Messager.

The only setback about this is that you need to have done that before for you to access the already unsent message. However, it’s a great way to consider your unsent message in the future.

3. Turn On Email Notifications on Facebook

Turning on your email notification is one of the best ways to know what message was unsent. Do you know you can just click that one email and get all the unsent messages? Facebook, the owner of the Messager, allows you to receive all the notifications of the messages. But that only happens if you turn on your email notification from the setting.

To avoid clogging emails in your inbox, you will only receive the incoming messages and not the ones you send. Some users always send the message and then delete it for both the sender and the receiver. Even that one, you will have it delivered to your inbox.

To turn on the email notifications on Facebook:

1. Open Facebook. The first step is to go to your Facebook app or the Log in or register if you don’t have an account. The reason to go through Facebook is that they are one product: the Messenger and the Facebook app.

2. Click setting and privacy. Once you are on the app, you need to click on the three-bar in the upper left corner. There, you will find the app’s features, i.e., the pages, marketplace, memories, gaming, nearby friends, etc.; scroll down until you find the setting and privacy; it’s the last item on that page. Now click on that.

3. Find the notification tab. After clicking the setting and privacy tab, you will find privacy checkups, preferences, news, and feeds. Now scroll down to see the notification tab. Now click on that and go to the next step.

4. Find the email tab. Next is to locate the email tab. After clicking the notification, you will find vast tabs, starting with the even, the pages you manage, marketplace, and other notifications, among others.

Now scroll down to what you are looking for, and down there, you will find the email. So you will see a tab asking where you will receive the notification. You get an opportunity to choose either push to the app SMS or email.

5. Click email frequently. Once you choose the email, it directs you to a tab where you have chosen the notification that you would wish to be receiving. Click on the tab and choose to receive all the notifications to your inbox. Among the notifications you will be receiving are comments, reminders, friend requests, birthdays, groups, and messages.

4. Use FilterBox App

Another great app to manage your notification is the FilterBox app. This app is vital in keeping track of every message you receive on Messenger. It records the message to enable you to access the message even when the sender deletes it from everyone.

To use fiterbox:

1. Install the app. The first thing you need to do is visit google play to access this mobile app. You need to click on the download button so you can get started. After download, click on open, and it will automatically start the installation process.

2. Give access to your notification. Once you are through with the application process, it will ask you to give access to the photos, video, camera, and notification. Since we are interested in notifications, that’s what you can give access to for now.

3. Click on all set to get started. After giving the app permission, you will go to the home page; you will find notification access and another message displaying that the app is running in the background. You need to click on the all set start using the button located down there. Once you do that, you will see all the incoming notifications and click that.

4. Search for Message. You will find the analytics and rules, and at the center, there is a search icon. Click on that for the app to display your messages. Whenever you receive a message, you can consider coming here anytime and accessing the unsent message.

5. Turn On Your Ringer

If you wish to get an instant message and access it before your friend can unsend it, turning on the notification on Messenger is what you need to do.

1. Open Messenger and click on the menu icon.

2. Tap on the messaging setting and then notification.

3. If you wish to receive the notification on the status bar, you need to consider enabling the received notification tab. Aso, choose a notification sound that you love, which will always trigger you to check the message anytime you receive a text in the app.

6. Ask Them What They Unsent

Asking your friends what they unsent is an excellent way to see an unsent message on Messenger. Here, you need to be kind to get what you want to here. Ask them first why they deleted the message. They will not have an option but give a concrete answer.

Some may point out it was a mistake. Or rather, they missed something out when they were sending. If they fail to answer, don’t worry; apply the rest of the methods and will know what they are hiding from you.

7. Predict What They Sent

If you are in a conversation with someone and they delete the message for everyone. Knowing what they sent is just a minute away. You can try and guess what they said based on the previous messages that were sent.

If it was a question with a binary answer, for example, did you go home with so and so last night? it’s a yes or no kind of question. If they said yes and felt like you’ve judged them for it, they might unsend it.

Usually, when they unsend a message, it’s because they’re embarrassed or feel like they’d be judged. Or, it could just have a spelling mistake and they want to correct themselves.

8. Ask Them Why Would You Say That? (See If They Confess Because They Think You Know)

If you want to know what someone unsent, simply send this message after they’ve just unsent it, “Why would you say that?” Most of the people will give a response that will quickly let you know what they had initially sent.

They might not know that you are tricking them; they will think you saw the message, but Nah, you’ve just played them into confessing. You will see that most people tend to start apologizing when it gets to this since they will think you are irritated with them. If the message isn’t that deep, then this won’t be the case.

9. When You’re Conversing With Them, Keep Screen Recording

If someone tends to unsend their messages a lot and you want to see what they unsend, screen recording is the best method. This is pretty cool when you are in a serious conversation, and maybe you are talking to your boss, your partner, or even a close friend.

Screen recording the message is one way ahead in seeing the unsent messages on the Messenger. You get the first-hand message as you will have them in your videos section. Always consider this step if they always unsend their message.

10. If You’re In A Group Chat, Ask Everyone Else If They Saw

One last trick to see an unsent message on a Messager is to ask everyone in the group if they saw the message. This may appear a bit tiresome, but it’ll quickly let you know what they sent. Before you join a group, you have to know what friends are already in that group.

If you believe the message was very important to you and you missed something, calling a few of your friends in the chat to ask them what was said is a good idea. The good think about this is that you’re guaranteed to know the message that was unsent; that’s if there are loads of people in the chat because one person will always be reading the notification coming through.

How to See Messages You’ve Unsent Messenger

As others send messages to you and then unsend them, you can do the same. You might have sent something that you don’t want everyone to see so you unsend the message for everyone. If there comes a point when you want to remember what you sent, there are a few ways to do it.

1. Try And Remember What You Unsent

If you look back at the previous messages, you can try and jog your memory to remember what you unsent. If you were having a conversation, go through it to try and grasp what you were talking about with your friend.

By doing this, you will be able to recover your message. Once you remember what you sent, you can go and rewrite it again. If the other person hadn’t seen what you sent, they would now be able to see a better version of your message.

2. Them If They Saw What You Unsent

The other way to recover your unsent Message on Messenger is by asking your friend if they saw the message that you just unsent. If you’ve forgotten what you sent, your friend or friends in the chat might remember. Everyone receives notification when they’re messaged and they may have seen your message as it came through.

If you can ask them to use their notification tab, they can easily locate the message and get it back to you or be certain they got the message. If the message was unintended to the individual, there is a need to ask if they saw the message.

Bottom Line

As you can see, it’s possible to see an unsent message in Messenger even if the user unsent the message. All you have to do is always ensure that you have your notification turned on; with that, all the messages either sent in the group or your inbox will be there.

If someone has unsent a message and you didn’t have time to read it, you can read the deleted message on the third-party app, that is, the Notisave, FilterBox, and the notification history log.

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