Snapchat has emerged as one of the most used social media platforms. Children, as well as adults, can be seen indulging in sharing posts and pictures on these platforms often. Snapchat is a social media app that make people hard to save data and files without the user getting to know.

Since people from every age group use one Snapchat these days, and this platform has the amazing feature to “burn” the messages and media files after reading. That means you can hardly find the messages back if you want to monitoring someone’s Snapchat.

This can be a little dangerous when teenagers use it. Children under the age of 18 are susceptible to facing inappropriate behaviour on such platforms. If you wish to keep them safe, checking on their activity on Snapchat is a must. You can learn more about how to see other people’s Snapchat history through this article.

1. Why You Need to Check Someone’s Snapchat History?

Snapchat is a unique social media app that is used by plenty of people in different ways. You can never really know if your child is interacting with a stranger or your partner is cheating on you through Snapchat. It is very obvious that you would not want such a situation to ever arise.

This is the sole reason why you must be aware of what your children and your partner is up to on Snapchat. Such a challenging task can be handled well when the right Snapchat monitoring tool is used.

There are many such applications available that help you know how to see Snapchat conversation history without the target user knowing about it. This article will introduce you to the best Snapchat monitoring tool.

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2. The Amazing Tool to See Other People’s Snapchat History via KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a powerful phone monitoring app that can be used to keep a check on all the target device’s Snapchat activities, no need of the account info and human verification. It has been specifically designed for all those people who are constantly worried about their children’s and partner’s safety on online platforms and wish to know how to view someone’s Snapchat history without them knowing. Because the app works in a 100% hidden mode and it will not appear in desktop.

Features of KidsGuard Pro for Snapchat monitoring

  • View the sent and received messages on Snapchat without notifying the target user
  • Daily hours of Snapchat usage
  • Check the images or videos sent and received on Snapchat app
  • Take a real-time screenshot of the target device’s Snapchat screen and sync these files to you seamlessly
  • Hack Snapchat and monitor the activities in incognito mode

Steps to use KidsGuard Pro for Snapchat monitoring

With so many fantastic features, will it be very hard to operate the app?

No! Follow the below steps to know how to see someone’s Snapchat history without having Snapchat with only 3 simple steps.

What Will You Need to Get Started?

To monitor the Snapchat activities on a target device using KidsGuard Pro, all you need is a valid email address, one-time access to the target device, and access to the online dashboard of the app.

Step 1: Use a valid email address of yours and create an account on KidsGuard Pro. The purchase a suitable plan and get the detailed user guide of this app.

And the licensed account is the only certificate to login into your web control panel.

create account for kidguard pro

Step 2: Follow the guide to download and Install the KidsGuard Pro app on the target device, then finish the setup process by following the instructions given on-screen.

The whole process will cost about 5 minutes and the app size is about 5 MB.

finish the setup on target android phone

Step 3: Access the online dashboard from any other device and start monitoring the Snapchat activities on the target phone.

online dashboard

Apart from Snapchat, you can monitor activities of almost every popular social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. on the target device with the help of KidsGuard Pro. For all these features, you can go to the free online demo for a try.

3. Is There Any Other Way to View Someone’s Snapchat History for Free?

There are several other ways as well to view someone’s Snapchat history for free. However, such methods are not 100% effective all the time and they are also pretty hard and inconvenient to follow through. Despite this, if you still want to know how to see Snapchat conversation history without them knowing using other methods? Refer below.

3.1 Hold someone’s phone to physically check

In this method, you need to physically access the target device, launch the Snapchat app on it, and check the activities on it. However, this method is not at all effective since most users lock their phone these days to protect their privacy, and cracking the passcode would be next to impossible. Even if you do manage to get the passcode and unlock their phone there is always the chance of you getting caught while you are trying to spy on their Snapchat activities.

3.2 Guess or get someone’s Snapchat password to login

You can also try guessing the target user’s Snapchat password to access their Snapchat account and check their activities on the app. For this, you will have to be sure of the username of the target user on Snapchat. Even if you know their Snapchat username, cracking the password for their Snapchat account is very difficult. You can try hacking their profile and change the password for the Snapchat account but this change would definitely get detected by the user.

If you know the accurate password of the target account, maybe your child’s or your partner’s, then that’s another story.


Thinking about how to see what someone deleted on Snapchat ad get their contents? Obviously, the best way to do this would be to use KidsGuard Pro – the professional Snapchat hacking tool which is a highly effective and reliable app for phone activity monitoring.

Although the other Snapchat monitoring methods may work for some, they do not provide as effective a solution as KidsGuard Pro when it comes to keeping a check on someone’s Snapchat activities in a hidden way. Why not try it?