How to Know If Someone Declined Your Follow Request on TikTok

How to See Sent Follow Request on TikTok

Following someone on TikTok allows you to be able to see their material whenever you open the app and click on the “Follow” option at the top of your screen.

This guide will provide you with valuable information regarding the different ways you can see who has sent you a follow request on the TikTok application

How to See Who You Requested to Follow on TikTok

1. Go Through Your Followers

One way to see who you have requested to follow on TikTok is to use your profile’s “Followers” page.

This list will show you everyone who has followed your TikTok account and has some telling information, like possible private accounts that you have requested to follow.

The only sure indicator regarding an interaction with a follow request is if the user chooses to accept it. Once they have accepted your request, you are listed as “Friends” on TikTok.

You can verify by going to your profile page and selecting your “Followers” list. Scroll down until you find them, and look at the wording next to their name.

If it says “Friends”, it means that they accepted your request. If they are not there, then they probably deny the request.

Going through your “Followers” list will sometimes show you the private accounts that you have requested to follow, but not always. Look next to their name and note what it says.

If it says “Friends”, you have sent them the following request, and they accepted it.

If it says “Follow Back”, it means that they are following you, but you are not following them.

If it says “Requested”, it means that you have requested to follow them, but they have not responded.

2. Go Through A Friend’s Account

If you need to figure out who you have sent follower requests to or if you sent a follow request to a private TikTok account and you think they might be ignoring it or have rejected it, you can use your friend’s account to help you figure it out.

Sometimes your friend’s “Followers” and “Following” list will include private accounts that you have also requested, so use the available information.

This method is more effective if the friend you use has also sent the following request to the same account. Ask them to send a request as well. They can always unfollow the person at a later date.

Go to your friend’s TikTok profile page and select their “Followers” or “Following” list. Either list could show you the private account you also requested to follow from your own TikTok profile.

Scroll through the options until you locate the profile in question. Note what it says next to their account’s name.

If it says “Friends”, then they have sent the following request to them and they accepted it.

If it says “Follow Back”, it means that they have sent you a follow request but you have not accepted it.

If it says “Follow”, it means that you have either not requested to follow them or they denied your request.

If it says “Requested”, it means that you have requested to follow them but they have not responded.

3. Go Through Your Likes

If you have posted content to your TikTok profile, the likes you receive can help you recall to who you have sent follow requests.

Sometimes, private accounts have interacted with your videos that you requested to follow on this list, especially if your TikTok profile is set to “Public Mode”, meaning anyone can see your content without actively following you first.

Go to your profile and scroll through your videos. Next to each video, you will see a heart icon, which indicates the specific video’s likes.

If you click on the heart icon, you will see a list of the TikTok accounts that liked the video. Scroll through the list and see what tag appears next to each name.

Any time you run across a tag that says “Requested”, it means that you have requested to follow them on TikTok.

If You Can’t Find a Certain Follow Request

If you find yourself unable to find a certainly follow request, even if you used the methods discussed above, it can be annoying.

Since TikTok does not offer this information in a specific area, it is up to you to figure out to who you have sent follow requests. Below are two reasons you may not find the information you are looking for.

1. They May Have Went Public With Their Account or Accepted

Remember that follow requests are only used on TikTok when someone tries to follow an account set to “Private Mode”.

If you have searched everywhere and cannot find a certain follow request that you know that you sent, it could be because they changed their account to “Public Mode”.

“Public Mode” is the default setting of every TikTok profile, but profiles can be easily switched back and forth from “Public Mode” to “Private Mode” through the account holder’s “Profile & Security” feature on their profile.

If they changed the mode of their TikTok profile so that it is no longer “Private Mode”, then your request will no longer show up because “Public Mode” follow requests are not a thing.

If they accepted your follow request, then you will not see them on your own “Followers” list as a “Requested” follow. Instead, you will be listed as “Friends”, meaning you will have access to all of their TikTok content while they remain in “Private Mode”.

2. They Could’ve Cancelled The Request

This one might sting a little, but the point of “Private Mode” for a TikTok profile is to control who has access to a person’s TikTok content.

If you send a follow request to a private TikTok account, they can cancel or reject the request, which will mean your request no longer exists.

To verify if they cancel your request to follow them, you can either go to their TikTok profile page directly and search for them, or you can go to your “Followers” list and look for them.

If they show up with a “Follow” option, it means that they most likely canceled your request. TikTok should not give you the option to follow someone if you have already sent a request or if the request is still pending.

If it says “Requested”, it means that you sent the following request, and they have not yet responded to it.

How to Cancel All Sent Follow Requests on TikTok

Sometimes we make mistakes and send follow requests to accounts on TikTok only to realize we do not actually want to follow them.

Though you will be unable to do anything about the notification the account holder will receive that tells them that you have requested to follow them, you can undo a follow request on TikTok.

There is no magic button anywhere that will automatically undo every single follow request that you have sent out, but there are ways to identify and rescind follow requests manually.

1. Go to Each Account You Find That You’ve Requested, Click the Requested Button, Then Cancel the Request

Keep in mind that even if you do cancel the following request, it is still possible that the account user received a notification. If they check in to it and see that you are not on their list of followers, then they will know that you canceled the follow request.

You will need to return to their profile page to cancel a follow request that you have sent to an account. Once on their page, tap on the “Requested” button. A list of options will appear, and you will need to choose “Cancel Request”.

This removes your request to follow them, but you must find them first. To find them, use the methods at the beginning of the article.

If it is only an account that you need to cancel a follow request for, the process is very fast, but if you need to do it for multiple follow requests, you will first have to do some digging and identify who you sent the follow requests to.

Can You Cancel All Sent Follow Requests on TikTok?

Yes, you can certainly cancel all of your sent follow requests on Tiktok, though there is no way to do it all at once.

You will have to go through your “Followers” list or search for each individual TikTok profile and locate the accounts that have “Requested” next to them, meaning that you requested to follow them.

As you find them, you will then have to select the profile and choose the “Cancel Request” button for each profile.

When You Request to Follow Someone, Why Does it Say Requested And Then Goes Back to Follow?

If someone decides to reject your request to follow their private TikTok account, you will not receive a notification from TikTok.

If, however, you notice that the status changes on their profile from “Requested” back to “Follow”, there is usually only one reason that this would happen.

They Denied the Follow Request

Ouch, but it happens. Whenever you send a follow request to a private TikTok account, you will be able to see it as “Requested” whenever you go to their profile page or whenever you find them on your list of “Followers”.

If you give them some time and then go back to their profile page or find them again in your “Followers” list and notice that the status has changed back to “Follow”, it is a fairly clear indicator that they decided to deny your follow request.

TikTok does not give you the ability to follow an account if the request has already been sent, which is why the status changes to “Requested” in the first place. Once it goes back to “Follow”, you can make your request again.

It is certainly possible that the account holder did not realize who you were and rejected your request by mistake; however, it is also possible that they chose not to allow you to have access to their TikTok account and its content on purpose.

Either way, you will not be able to see their TikTok content unless they switch their account to “Public Mode” or until they accept your follow request.

Do not bombard a private TikTok account with requests to follow them if you continuously find yourself going from “Requested” to “Follow” whenever you send a request.

If it happens more than once, then the account holder has their reason. Doing it over and over could result in them blocking you, meaning you would not be able to find their account again, or even report you for harassment, which could result in you losing your ability to use TikTok.

If you know them in person, you can certainly have a conversation with them if it is that important to you, but be prepared to respect their answer if they consistently deny your follow request.

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