How to See Secret Admires on Instagram

How to See Secret Admires on Instagram

This guide will provide you with all of the information that you need to determine your potential secret admirers on Instagram. It can be difficult to determine who is a secret admirer of yours. Using this guide, you can know the signs to look for.

Can You See Your Secret Admirers on Instagram?

Yes, there are ways for you to see who your secret admirers are on Instagram, though it does not always appear obvious.

Instagram will not just hand over the list of people who potentially admire you, but you can use both organic methods on Instagram as well as paid third-party apps to narrow down the pool if you suspect that someone might be an Instagram secret admirer.

An Instagram secret admirer is a person that interacts with your Instagram content constantly, though they either do not follow your account, meaning they will not appear on your Instagram followers list, or they do follow you, but you probably have not even noticed.

Their interactions will appear as viewing and liking your Instagram story, like your Instagram posts, and commenting on your Instagram posts.

Having an Instagram secret admirer is the same as having a secret admirer as a kid back in school, updated to fit the technology-driven world of 2022.

Back in the “old days”, secret admirers would send you notes or gifts without giving you their names because they were too shy or afraid you would reject them; now, they just engage with your social media and the content you choose to upload to it.

Usually, an Instagram secret admirer is someone who has a crush on you, so they use the content that you post on Instagram to feel connected and know what is going on in your life.

If someone is always viewing your Instagram story, liking your Instagram stories and posts, or leaving comments on all or most of your Instagram posts, then there is a chance that they are a secret admirer.

Keep in mind that if it happens once, twice, or even a few times, it does not necessarily mean that they are an Instagram’s secret admirer; however, if it happens all the time, then it could mean they are interested in you.

How to See Secret Admires on Instagram (Organic Ways)

Sometimes, you might notice that a few Instagram accounts seem to interact with all of your Instagram account’s content. While it is not a guaranteed certification that these people are secret admirers on Instagram, it could give you an indication.

After all, Instagram has millions of people using the social platform every day and depending on how many people the accounts are following, the likelihood that they would see everything you post is unlikely unless they are actively searching for your content as you update it.

Once you throw in Instagram’s own algorithm, the chances of them seeing everything are even less likely.

Now, obviously, your mom and your best friend do not necessarily fall into the same group as secret admirers, but you would not be surprised if you found them interacting with everything that you upload to Instagram.

You would, however, be surprised if the quiet girl from work or the guy who lives down the street was always interacting with your content, meaning they are viewing your Instagram story or liking your posts.

It does not always mean that they have secret feelings for you; after all, maybe your stories and posts are just really entertaining. It could, though, be a sign you have your very own secret admirer on Instagram.

While there are apps you can use to find the information for sure, we recommend you try some more organic ways before you start spending any money. Check out some of your options below and see if they help you identify a possible Instagram secret admirer:

1. Check Who Has Liked All of Your Posts

Whenever you post something on Instagram, it will appear on your follower’s Instagram feeds.

This means that whenever they start scrolling through Instagram, your content shows up and allows them the opportunity to interact with your post by liking it, commenting on it, or both.

Sometimes we do not pay attention to who likes our content, but a consistent account liking most or all of your posts is a good indicator you have an Instagram secret admirer.

Remember that everyone’s Instagram account feed is subject to Instagram’s algorithm, so the likelihood that anyone would see all or the vast majority of your posts is fairly unlikely unless they are actively seeing out your profile or “checking up” on you.

Go back through your Instagram posts and see if there is anyone who appears within the “likes” section often.

You can rule out certain accounts like close friends or family members because their likes would be expected.

If, however, you find that there is an account that consistently likes your content and you do not communicate with them often or even know them at all, it could mean you have an Instagram secret admirer.

2. Who Always Liked Your Stories?

Your Instagram story is a way to share your life and different events with your followers. Your uploads will only be visible for 24 hours, but these 24 hours are more than enough time for you to identify an Instagram secret admirer potentially.

If you notice that someone consistently likes your Instagram story, and it is not expected, it could be an indicator of a secret admirer.

Obviously, your close friends and family members are expected to like your Instagram stories, just like you are expected to like their Instagram stories.

If, however, there is someone who likes your story often and it is not someone that would necessarily “have to”, you might want to see if they keep demonstrating this behavior.

Whenever someone likes your Instagram story, you will get a notification on Instagram as well as a push notification if you have the feature enabled.

It is easy to miss some of the notifications, especially if you are accustomed to getting many likes on your Instagram stories.

Try paying attention to the viewers of your stories and who like them often. It will give you another clue if you are starting to suspect someone is an Instagram secret admirer.

3. Who Always Comments on Your Posts?

Whenever you post something on Instagram, there are always a few beloved followers you can count on to leave a comment. It is sweet, honestly, but what about when you see comments on a consistent basis from an account that you did not expect?

This method is less anonymous than merely viewing a story or an Instagram post because the potential secret admirer is actually attempting to interact with you.

Perhaps they think if they comment on your post, you will be more likely to respond to them in a reply or by sending them a DM, and a possible conversation can naturally occur.

If your secret admirer started off by just viewing your Instagram account and you did not notice, they may want to take things a little further and make sure you know that they are seeing your content.

Pay attention to who is commenting on your posts, as well as whether or not they are someone that you would expect to be leaving comments.

4. Who Views Your Stories Multiple Times?

A potential sign you have found yourself an Instagram secret admirer is by using your Instagram story as a trap. It sounds sort of devious, but continue to read on.

Statistically, if a person is an Instagram secret admirer of yours, they are more likely to be towards the top of the list of viewers on your Instagram story within the first few hours of it being available to be viewed.

The list of your viewers will grow the longer the story is posted, but someone who is viewing your story multiple times will not appear more than once.

Whenever you upload content to an Instagram story, the viewers that appear on the “Viewed” list within the first few hours of posting are the people who most often interact with your Instagram page, at least from a statistical standpoint.

It does not matter if they make their presence known regarding your Instagram content by liking and commenting on your stories or posts.

Nor does it if they say absolutely nothing and do not like a single thing that you post, the viewers at the top of the list on your Instagram story shortly after it is posted are more often the people who interact with your Instagram account.

This gives you a fairly good starting point to narrow down your list of suspects if you think you have an Instagram secret admirer.

Go back into your Instagram app and view the accounts that have viewed your story by opening your Instagram story and swiping up, which will provide you with a list of the Instagram accounts that have viewed your story.

Obviously, you can rule out your best friend and your family members as secret admirers. Try looking for names of either people you know in real life but do not necessarily speak to very often or for names of people that you do not know.

These are your possible secret admirers, and according to the research, the closer to the top of the list they are, the more likely it is that they frequently interact with your account.

Instagram may have made it a lot easier to identify a potential secret admirer without meaning to by using your Instagram story. Instagram altered its algorithm, meaning they show you the Instagram stories that they think you will most likely find interesting.

Since a secret admirer is someone who is frequently checking on your profile, they have already told on themselves, at least to Instagram’s algorithm.

Instagram will recognize that they frequently view your Instagram story or interact with your Instagram profile, even if they do not do anything to indicate their presence, so any new content that you include on your Instagram story is more likely to appear first on their Instagram story list when they access their homepage.

This means that if they are one of the first to view your newly updated Instagram story, it is highly likely that it is because they already do this regularly, meaning your story is one of the first they will encounter.

Try and repeat the process of posting to your Instagram story and checking in on who has viewed it within the first hour or two for a few days, and keep paying attention to the names that you see.

Since you narrowed down some potential leads with the first Instagram story, you already know who you should be looking for.

Look for any patterns in other account behaviors. If you keep seeing someone’s name appearing on the list of your Instagram story viewers, there might be something going on.

Of course, Instagram will not confirm this theory, but it never hurts to try. If you are already posting to your Instagram story frequently, you have nothing to lose, and no one will ever know that you are paying attention to the accounts that are viewing your story.

It is certainly not a guaranteed method that will definitely give you the results of whether or not you have an Instagram secret admirer, but it is a potential indicator that could at least point you in the right direction.

Again, someone accessing your Instagram account content does not mean they are desperately in love with you or even have a crush.

They could just think your posts and stories are funny and want to show you their appreciation for brightening their day. Just as possible, though, is that they actually do admire you, and they like seeing your content.

The list of your Instagram story viewers does not identify which viewers are watching your story multiple times.

You can see a number, which will tell you how many times in total your video has been viewed, and then you are also able to see which accounts viewed the story.

Determining who might fall into the category of a possible secret admirer from this information is not certain, but it could give you an idea if you narrow down some possibilities before turning to a third-party app.

Paid Apps That Allow You to See Your Secret Admirers on Instagram

Keep in mind that if you want to use a third-party app to see this type of information, you are going to get what you pay for.

Essentially, you probably should not trust any type of app that asks for your Instagram account information but is free to use.

Instagram does not offer the service of seeing who is potentially viewing your content, so these apps are working independently from Instagram.

Be careful about which service you choose, as you do not want to jeopardize your personal information or your Instagram account to identify a potential secret admirer.

However, some reputable options are available to you if you are curious enough to do some detective work. Below, you’ll find some options that you can use to identify an Instagram secret admirer possibly:

Option 1 – Sweeble’s Best Buddies

Using BestBuddies will provide you with information about your Instagram secret admirers.

Available for iOS and Android, users who download the app and allow the app access to their Instagram account have a clearer idea of who is interacting with their Instagram account without the time required by using the organic methods.

The app will show you a “Top 10” styled list, giving some serious Myspace vibes of the different Instagram accounts that have liked and interacted with a particular post.

Best buddies even take the guesswork out of it by showing you the percentage of your posts that the account holder liked or interacted with.

Obviously, your account interaction will change on a daily basis as well as based on how frequently you upload new content. Subscriptions start at $4.99 per month.

Option 2 – FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram displays your Instagram secret admirers on its homepage, meaning you will not need to search for the information yourself.

By selecting the “Secret Admirers” section, you will see a list of the different Instagram accounts that are frequently interacting with your Instagram account, as well as the number of your posts that they have liked or commented on.

FollowMeter shows you all the people interacting with your content, regardless of whether or not they follow you on Instagram. The price is really affordable, considering the information it gives you.

A one-month subscription is only $4.99, while a six-month subscription is $17.99, and a full year’s subscription will cost you $24.99. Best of all, you are not limited to the device you use because it is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Option 3 – Followers+ for Instagram

This method will also help you sift through all of your Instagram followers to locate your secret admirers, though it is not necessarily as straightforward as some of the other methods.

Followers+ for Instagram provides extensive information about the accounts that follow you, as well as other features like your most popular Instagram content and offering suggestions to increase your viewership.

If it is just your Instagram secret admirers, you are looking for, and you will be able to see this through the “Best Followers” area accessible through your Followers+ for the Instagram menu.

The “Best Followers” section will show you which of your followers are most often interacting with your Instagram content and the number of interactions, allowing you to sort through and see if your potential admirer is on the list.

Considering the amount of information you receive, the price is shockingly low, at only $2.99 for a month. If this sounds like an option you want to try, here’s it for iOS and for Android for your Android device.

Option 4 – Analyzer Plus for Instagram Followers

So, this option might not be as fancy as some of the others in that it does not come with all of the bells and whistles you might find apps on this list; however, it will certainly help you identify an Instagram secret admirer.

This simple, powerful tool will show you various information about your Instagram followers, including who is liking your posts the most often, who is commenting on those posts the most often, and which followers you follow but who do not follow you in return.

Either way, it is affordable and a good option if you only need a little time to figure out who your potential Instagram secret admirers are.

A single week’s subscription will only cost you $2.99, which is less than a cup of coffee at your favorite café. Android users can get Analyze Plus for Instagram Followers, and iOS.

Option 5 – Followers Reports

It is almost scary how much information you can get from this app, as long as you are willing to pay for it.

Followers Reports is a one-stop shop for all things related to your Instagram followers and will certainly provide you with information regarding whether or not you have a secret admirer on your hands.

This app has numerous features, but two of the more prominent ones are that it tracks and analyzes who is viewing your Instagram story and interacts with your followers the most.

The cost will vary depending on how long you want your subscription to last. A single month is $5.99.

If that is not enough time, you can choose the 6-month option for $17.99 or a full year’s subscription for $23.99. Apple users can access the app, while those who prefer an Android device can access the app

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