How to See Netflix Password on Android (While Logged In)

How to See Netflix Password on Android

When you log into your account, you may realize that you have forgotten your password. After a few fatalistic tries, you start to wonder, “How do I see my Netflix password on Android?” or rather, “Can I even see my Netflix password on Android?”.

The answer may surprise you; read on to find out.

Can You See Netflix Password on Android

Yes, you can see your Netflix password on Android; however, it may not be as simple as seeing your password on Google. You will most likely have to jump through some hoops to see the password eventually, but it is achievable.

See, Netflix, like many other apps, has a security protocol. While it may not be the top priority, they aim to keep its users’ personal information secure and not easily accessed in the case of a security breach.

Even when you are logged into your account, it can still be a bit difficult to retrieve your Netflix password. With that said, it is not impossible. Follow along to find out how you can see your Netflix password on an Android device.

How to See Netflix Password on Android

While there is no way to directly see or reveal your Netflix password on the app’s settings options; however, there are other methods to seeing your Netflix password. There is no one definitive way to find out your Netflix password.

You can try logging in to your account and clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link on the login screen. If that does not work, you can try searching for your Netflix username on the Netflix website or using a password recovery service.

You could potentially utilize a password vault app such as LastPass Password Manager and or similar apps/websites. However, this method is more effective when used before a situation like this occurs.

There are many ways to essentially view your Netflix password, such as using Google’s password management feature (which will be depicted below.)

If you watch Netflix on your mobile phone or tablet Android, the login credentials of the websites and applications that you are logged into can be found in the password management panel of the Google account associated with your device.

Therefore, to access this panel, launch the application configurations and select the article Google.

Once this is done, press the button Manage your Google account and establish the tab Safety. Now, among the different items shown to you, tap Password Manager.

At this point, you just have to use the search bar to write the term “Netflix.” In this way, the results will be filtered, showing you the one related to Netflix (if there is one).

So tap it, write the PIN, unlock the device, and press the eye icon to view the stored password. This is one way to view your Netflix password, and there is only more to come, so keep on reading ahead.

1. Use Chrome Autofill

Like most of us, you may not enjoy filling out tedious forms and redundant login credentials. Luckily, there is a neat little tool known as Autofill; this tool takes the inconvenience out of typing in what you need to type in.

By saving passwords, usernames, and even words, you may be fond of using them regularly.

Not only does this save you from wasting time typing in the same login credentials again and again, but it also can save you in a situation such as this; where you have possibly forgotten your password to a streaming service that requires you to provide a password in order to use your account.

This is welcomed news if you do indeed use Google’s auto-fill service on your Android device. The auto-fill service does not always work on third-party apps.

Your best bet is to use this auto-fill service on your Chrome browser, as it is the default browser for Google. First, let’s make sure your autofill settings are ready and set to the functions you would like them to be.

To navigate to your Android’s Google Auto Fill settings, follow these steps.

Step 1. First, go to and open your Android settings.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on the “System” option.

Step 3. Select the “Languages & Input” option.

Step 4. Under the “Input assistance” category, you will find the “Autofill Service.”

Step 5. Select the gear symbol on the right-hand side of the screen to adjust the settings (if you already have Google set as the service.)

Step 6. If you do not already have Google set as the service, tap on the “Autofill Service” option and select “Google.”

Step 7. Select the gear symbol, and here you will find the settings options, including “Passwords.”

Now, with that sorted, you can simply go onto your Android’s Google Chrome browser, and navigate to the Netflix website.

Once you have reached the website; enter in your appropriate log-in credentials, and when you tap on the password entrance bar, a Google Autofill option should appear with a blue key symbol on it.

This will offer to automatically fill in your password, which you will want to approve. Once you have, you should be able to tap on the crossed-out-eye symbol beside the entered password and be able to view the password.

2. Use Password Manager

Another viable option to view your Netflix password on Android is to utilize the Password Manager. If you are not familiar with what a password manager is, here is a quick rundown.

A password manager helps you create and remember your personal and vital information that is mainly used for logging into an account (such as the Netflix username and password.)

Moreover, a password manager is a computer program that will assist users with generating and recalling the information that is stored on the password manager.

Not to mention, the password manager holds this information in an encrypted database so as to not be vulnerable to any possible security breaches.

This allows you to use unique, strong passwords for all your important accounts (rather than using the same password for all of them, which you should never do.)

Luckily, Google offers a built-in password manager in the Chrome browser for Androids that automatically saves and syncs all of your login details across devices.

So, if you logged into your Netflix account through your Android’s Chrome browser, your username and password are likely saved to the Chrome password manager (so long as you have approved it to keep it.)

If you used the Netflix app, it is very possible that your login credentials were not saved to the password manager.

It is more challenging to get the password manager to save your login info when using the application (app,) so you will want to try to use your Chrome browser when logging into an account for the first time, so it will offer to save said login credentials.

If your login credentials are not committed to the password manager, and you have forgotten the password and have no way to retrieve said password, in this case, you will have to reset your Netflix password and log in using your Android’s Chrome browser to trigger the save.

To reset your Netflix password via Email

These steps are provided on Netflix’s support site and are available to anyone.

Step 1. If you have forgotten your Netflix password and are locked out of your account, you will want to go and open your Chrome browser and then navigate to the Netflix website.

Step 2. You will want to tap on the option for Netflix password reset by email. Afterward, type in your email address that you would like it to be sent to, then select the “Email Me” option.

Step 3. When you receive the email, you will want to follow the directions it gives you as soon as possible so that you will avoid the email from potentially expiring (get to the email before 24 hours have passed.)

If you have missed your chance, you will want to repeat the previously laid out steps again.

Follow these easy steps to see the Netflix password.

Step 1. First, open your Android’s Chrome browser.

Step 2. Select your user bubble icon, located in the top right corner of the Chrome home page.

Step 3. Select the passwords option.

Step 4. Locate the website or app (in this case, Netflix) with the correlating email address.

Step 5. Select it, which will bring you to a page with your username and password.

Step 6. Please tap on the crossed-out-eye beside the password to view it; this will trigger a security check where you will need to enter your PIN. (Note: only the PIN attached to the Android device will work.)

This will allow you to see your Netflix password on your Android.

3. Contact Support

In situations like this, it can be best to go straight to the source, in this case, Netflix. Luckily, Netflix does have a Help Center and is ready to help you with any issues you may be experiencing, such as this password problem.

Fortunately, Netflix has a few ways to contact their Help Center. The best way to contact Netflix’s Help Center is by going to their website. Here you will find many problem categories containing links with helpful articles answering common issues.

You can also utilize the search bar to find help with the problem. You can also scroll to the bottom of the Netflix Help Center website, where you will find the options to either call Netflix for support, or you can start a live chat to get almost instant support from Netflix’s support team.

4. Ask Someone That’s Already Logged Into Your Netflix

Considering the backlash Netflix had received when they announced that they were going to put a stop to people sharing their accounts with others, not to mention they have tried this twice as of date.

We are all guilty of sharing our accounts with friends and family; this can also help to split the bill essentially. With that said, if you are using someone else’s Netflix account, you can simply ask them what their Netflix password is.

If the Netflix account holder is unaware that you are using their account, then it may be high time to come clean and ask for their password.

It is possible that they could surprise you with their reaction, being okay with you using their account. It may sound cliche, but in this case, honesty is the best policy.

5. Try Remembering Passwords You Typically Use

There are many ways of both coming up with and remembering passwords. With that said, you can try to jog your memory to remember what password you may have used for your Netflix account.

This could be a pet name, your birthday, a date that holds significance to you, such as graduation date, a loved one’s birthday, or even a combination of a pet name and a birthday.

If you are the type to, you may have written it down to remember; in this case, you will want to locate where you keep it.

It is all too easy to rely on technology, such as the password manager, to remember all of your passwords, seeing as it is wise to use different passwords for every account you have to avoid security breaches.

It is a great idea to utilize Google Chrome’s Password Manager or even a password vault like the LastPass Password Manager.

However, if you are not comfortable with the concept of your passwords being stored on your device or app, you could write them down and then keep them in a secure location, such as a safe.

Remember, with your passwords; their security should be the top priority; come up with something that is not too close to home in terms of birthdays, pet names, wedding dates, and personal interests.

It is better to go with random words, numbers, and symbols; the more complicated, the better. Even if it is hard to remember, you can use Chrome’s Password Manager, maybe a password vault, or even write it down and store it in a safe location.

With all of that said, Chrome’s Password Manager is very secure and is continuously striving to make it even safer for its users.

Also, most password vaults are very secure as well; usually, these passwords are stored in an encrypted database and locked behind a master password. You are ensuring that your passwords are safe from cyber criminals.

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