How to See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

How to See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

Let’s say you’re pretty sure someone has more than one Instagram account, but you want to know for certain. Whether you’re looking for a reason or it’s pure curiosity driving you, don’t worry.

There’s plenty of tools at your disposal to find the information you’re looking for, from searching Instagram itself engaging in the social dance that is asking someone outright.

Can You See if Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

Yes, depending on the settings they have on and if they have any links to their other account, it’s possible to see if someone has multiple accounts. This can be done by through normal search/looking around or it can be done strategically.

How to See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

1. Search Instagram

If you’re looking for multiple Instagram accounts held by the same person, chances are they’re using the same information across accounts, such as their name. Or perhaps they use similar usernames or you know the usernames they tend to use.

These are all search terms you can utilize to your benefit to try to find accounts owned by the same person, whether or not they’re a friend.

2. Check If They Have ‘Multiple Accounts’ Enabled

Someone who manages multiple Instagram accounts might have their accounts linked together through Instagram’s Multiple Accounts feature, which allows them to easily switch between their accounts on the app.

In addition to allowing them to switch between their accounts though, this feature also means all linked accounts are displayed on the user’s profile.

Locating additional accounts owned by the same person can be as easy as navigating to their profile and looking through the accounts listed right there on their page.

Even if they don’t have Multiple Accounts enabled, you might check their bio too on the off chance that this person has posted an alternate account there.

3. Visit Other Social Media Search Engines Like Facebook

Other social media platforms are a great source of information, especially with many including social share buttons, the option to link accounts, or special places where you can promote your accounts on other platforms.

Even without these options, sometimes people enjoy bragging about what they’ve created/posted.

Consider looking on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media you know the person in question frequents.

Usually, they’ll have similar userrnames across platforms, and even if they don’t, they might have links to various social media right there in their profiles or posted for everyone to see, especially on a platform they’re comfortable with and use frequently.

4. Social Catfish

Most people are familiar with the term “catfishing” but you might not be aware of Social Catfish, a website dedicated to helping people search others to avoid scams, catfishing, and more.

The website is confidential and uses any information you can feed it, from names to reverse-searching images, to give you more information on the person you’re searching for, including their social media profiles.

It’s not recommended that this as a first choice for finding the Instagram accounts of someone you’re close to—or even a last resort; however, people have also used Social Catfish to find people they’ve been estranged from or to see if others are stealing their work. These sorts oof situations, which truly help others, are what it was built for.

5. Spokeo

Spokeo is similar to Social Catfish insofar that it allows you to confidentially locate information to get in touch with other people.

Unlike Social Catfish, Spokeo doesn’t offer reverse-photo look-ups, but you can use a person’s name, username, or email address to find them.

While Social Catfish claims to help people avoid scammers and catfishing first and foremost, Spokeo sets itself apart by casting their services in a more hopeful light: as something to help others reestablish lost connections.

Again, while this is not recommend that this sort of service to find Instagram accounts of people you’re close to, there are situations in which it could legitimately be helpful to others. It and Social Catfish both have great reputations and are trustworthy sources should someone choose this route.

6. Search on BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a confidential, secure service that locates information on people, much like Social Catfish or Spokeo.

BeenVerified doesn’t seem to claim its services are best for any particular reason, unlike the other two, instead listing a variety of uses its resources could be used for.

There truly isn’t much to say about this service that hasn’t been said about the other two. Like Spokeo, it doesn’t offer the reverse-photo search that Catfish does, but it has other search options available that neither of the previous two do.

That said, for the purpose of finding multiple Instagram accounts, this service would work just as well as the previous two. The real comparison between the three might come down to Social Catfish’s reverse-image search and the price difference between the companies.

If you decide to go down the route of searching for someone’s information, you should compare prices across the three before choosing one.

7. Ask Them

If you want to know if someone has multiple Instagram accounts, the first thing you should perhaps do is ask them yourself.

Given the information available to us on the internet, it’s understandable why looking for yourself may be the first thing you think of, however. Perhaps you don’t want to bother them with something you assumed you could find on your own or perhaps you had some other reason for not wanting to ask them directly, so you tried.

Your personal search having failed, you’re likely better off asking directly at this point. Just be polite, and you should be good to go!

8. Ask Their Friends

What if you’re trying to surprise the person though? Or maybe you have a crush on them and you’re too shy to ask yourself? Or you can’t get ahold of them? Luckily, humans are social creatures!

If you know a friend or relative of the person in question, you can always ask them the question instead.

Just try not to come off creepy when you ask, okay? People tend to stop answering questions if they think they’re talking to someone creepy. Again, politeness is likely your best friend in this endeavor.

9. Look Through Their Following

Chances are, if a person has multiple accounts on Instagram, they’re probably following their alternate accounts as a means to link them or even up their number of followers. Some people who make fake accounts tend to follow their fake account or their fake account follows them.

If other means of searching for alternate accounts turns up nothing, you might consider looking through the followers of the account you do know of.

Any account that looks unfamiliar to you, like it has pictures of the person in question, or seems like something the person in question would create are all places to start looking.

It may take some digging, depending on how many followers they have, but that’s the price of a last ditch effort.

Can People See Your Linked Instagram Accounts?

Now you know the various methods you can employ to see if someone else has alternative Instagram accounts, but you want to know if other people can see your linked accounts.

Whether you’re curious because you want people to be able to see your accounts or because you’d rather they couldn’t, we can tell you how to find out what others are (or aren’t) seeing.

1. If You Have Multiple Accounts Enabled

If you want to know whether others can see your linked Instagram accounts, the answer I yes—if you have multiple accounts enabled. Basically, anyone with access to one of your accounts will be able to see all of your linked accounts: and you can up to five.

If you want to access your accounts, whether it’s to link an account or even possibly un-link one, open your Instagram app and navigate to your profile page.

1. You’ll click the paragraph icon (three stacked horizontal lines), then Settings.

2. Scroll down until you see the Logins menu header.

3. If you have no linked accounts, you’ll only see an Add Account option, which you’ll click to log into a separate account and link your accounts.

4. If you already have accounts linked, you can also un-link them from this menu, if that’s what you’d like to do.

As of now, Instagram has no privacy setting that hides your linked accounts. If a person can access one of your accounts, they can also access your linked accounts.

If you’d like the privacy of choosing whether or not someone can see your other accounts, you might reconsider linking them.

2. If They Go On Your Phone And See Your Other Linked Instagram Accounts

Another way someone could gain access to your linked accounts is through your phone. Even if they don’t have Instagram or are blocked, if you leave someone with your phone, they could potentially open the app and see your accounts.

This may seem more or less self-explanatory to some, but sometimes this sort of thing simply doesn’t occur to others. No one likes thinking about having their privacy invaded, but it does happen from time to time.

3. They Check Your Following And Can See Your Other Accounts

The last way a person might discover your other accounts is through checking your followers.

A lot of people follow their alternate accounts (I mean, why not? It gives you an extra follower or two), and if you’re one of those people, a quick follower search could turn up any other accounts you’re using.

As suggested above on the subject of linking accounts, you should think twice before following your alternative accounts if you want to control who has access to them or you don’t want them linked to your other account. The privacy risk isn’t as high here, but it’s still applicable.

How to Share Your Other Accounts on Your Instagram Profile

Let’s say you’re proud of your alternate accounts, they’re separated neatly based on their content, and you want all your followers to be able to see your various accounts and perhaps follow the others as well.

How would you go about linking those accounts? Worry not. We’ve got a couple of options for you below.

1. Install this version of Instagram to Get Show Other Account Feature Back

If you’d like to share your alternative account(s) on your Instagram, you can always install the previous version of Instagram linked above that still has the “Show Other Accounts” feature.

This tool will allow you to link your other accounts and display them on your profile for others to see.

However, I’d like to give a word of caution before you jump to download: companies update their apps for good reason, and the current updates eventually become so far from a past version that the previous version becomes unsupported or starts developing strange bugs and glitches.

This version may temporarily work just fine, albeit without access to any new features Instagram has put out, but it will inevitably become too outdated to use at some point.

2. Share the @ in Your Bio

Instead, if you’re anxious to share your Instagram accounts, you might consider providing links or their usernames in your bio. Anyone who can see your bio will then also be able to see your other accounts shared and can go access those accounts for themselves.

The only downside? Instagram has a 150 character limit on bios. If you’re unfamiliar with the difference between character and word limits, a word limit is counted by computers essentially as a group of letters separated from another group of letters by a space.

The program trusts you’re using legible words. Characters are every stroke on a keyboard, including spaces, punctuation, numbers, etc. My previous sentence was only 12 words, but it was 88 characters—more than half the limit of an Instagram bio.

If you’re sharing your other accounts in your Instagram bio, you might want to try to be as brief as possible to conserve space.

How Does Instagram Know If You Make Another Account?

Instagram has a few ways of guessing if you have multiple accounts, whether you alert them that you’ve made another account or give them the same information across accounts. Below are a sample of four ways Instagram knows about your accounts.

1. You’ve Linked The Account By Clicking Add Account on Instagram And Signing In

The simplest way for Instagram to know you’ve made another account is by linking said alternative account and signing into it. In a way, it’s as if you’re reporting the account yourself and making them aware of its existence.

But even if you don’t do this, there are other ways for Instagram to know about your second account. And that’s the information you give them.

2. You Use The Same IP

You’ve probably seen the term IP address before, even if you don’t have a great idea of what it is. An IP address, in a nutshell, is a long series of numbers that identifies each device that uses the internet.

Each device has its own unique IP address, from your laptop to your phone to the gaming console sitting in your living room. In a way, you can think of them as virtual serial numbers.

These days, most people have at least one device that is solely theirs to use, and chances are, that’s the device they’re going to log into their social media on.

If you consistently log into two different Instagram accounts on the same device, both accounts will become associated with the same IP address.

3. You Use The Same Network

Like your IP address, Instagram may be conscientious of what network you’re using when you access your account. Throughout the day, you may be on several different wi-fi networks, but chances are that there’s one you’re on more than others: your home wi-fi.

Sure, you may have other people who use the same network. It’s probable, even. But the app is still going to recognize that these multiple accounts are all grouped in the same location, and that creates a certain amount of relation between accounts.

4. You Use The Same Name or Phone Number

While most places prevent you from using the same email across multiple accounts, names and phone numbers aren’t held to the same standard.

With so many people in the world with the same name, it’s of little concern to see multiple accounts with the same name, but a phone number is as unique as an email or IP address.

And when you also take into consideration other factors that clue Instagram into the fact that two accounts may be held by the same person, the evidence starts to pile up. Essentially, you are giving the app everything it needs to conclude that you are the owner behind the multiple accounts you’ve made.

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