How to See How Many Posts Someone Has on TikTok

How to See How Many Posts Someone Has on TikTok

If you’re curious as to how many posts you or someone else has on tiktok, I’m going to share with you the ways you can find out. It’s actually quite simply despite it not being obvious enough for you to find before you searched this on Google. 

Can You See How Many Posts Someone Has on TikTok?

Yes, you can but not directly. When you are scrolling on TikTok there are a lot of different videos that appear on your FYP, from accounts that you follow to accounts that fit with your algorithm.

One minute you are watching a cute chocolate lab picking his activity for the day the next you scroll down to see how to build a front porch. If you have been scrolling through the app and wondering if you can see how many posts someone has made on TikTok, the answer is yes.

However, you can not see them directly, there are a few steps you can take to see how many posts a certain influencer has posted.

How to See How Many Posts Someone Has on TikTok 

There are a few ways you can see how many posts someone has on TikTok. These posts are videos that can last thirty seconds to sometimes a few minutes. It could be someone’s morning routine or a small business selling their art.

Whatever the content is an account can post once a week or multiple times daily, making some accounts have hundreds of videos they have posted. Here are a few steps you can take to see how many post someone has on TikTok.

1. Search Their Name in the Search Results

When looking for how many posts someone has on their TikTok account, search for their name in the search option. After the name appears in the search bar you will want to click the users tab.

Once on their account, you can see their post and how many people follow them. Now this will not give you a number but it will let you see all the videos they have posted. If this TIkTok account has only posted two videos then that will make it easy for you to see the amount they have posted.

But when you are looking at an account that is popular and posts daily that is a lot of videos to go through. If you are wanting the exact amount of videos this user has posted you can try other ways.

2. Use

There is a website you can use that will let you see how many posts someone has shared on TikTok. When you have the account name you can put it into, this will give you access to this account’s post. will give you an exact count of posts this account has shared on TikTok. It will also show you how many people follow this account on the app. You do not even need a password when using this website, making it easy to use for those searching for information on an account. 

3. Count For Yourself

If you are not comfortable using an outside app to count the post on someone’s TikTok account, there is always the old-fashioned way. Count the post yourself, when you are on someone’s TikTok page it will allow you to not only see the post but also view the videos.

Scroll down the accounts page and count the posts they have shared on the app, it may take a few minutes but it will give you a count on how much they share in the app.

If this person posts a lot of content make sure you keep track of the count just in case something distracts you while in the middle of counting.

4. Ask Them

Most TikTok influencers are very kind and thankful for their followers, some accounts have a Q&A option on their page where followers can ask them questions.

You can ask them how many posts they have shared on the app, sometimes they will even answer the question in a video. If the account does not have the Q&A option, you can also comment on one of their recent videos and see if the creator replies.

Though if you do not want to wait around for the creator to reply to the comment on a video, you can see if they have a link to their other social media accounts on their TikTok. If this account has other social media such as Instagram you can send them a message through that app, wait and see if they reply.

Another way you can ask them a question is to make a video asking them how many posts they have shared on TikTok and tag the person in the video. You never know if the account may reply back to your video.

With the amount of people that use TikTok, there are all sorts of accounts out there posting daily which can create a lot of videos on their page. When you are curious about how many posts this account has, as listed above there are ways you can see how many posts they have shared on the app.

You can either count the posts of the funny tattoo artist yourself, use another website such as, or ask the person running the account. 

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