How to See History on iPhone Calculator

How to See History on iPhone Calculator

Your iPhone calculator allows you to make functions and get the answers to your important queries, but a problem that you may find is that you want to remember a function that you’ve entered recently but since the calculator app is constantly being cleaned and new functions are constantly being entered, so it may seem like there’s absolutely no way to get that information when there is.

How to See History on iPhone Calculator

Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually see your history and what you’ve been inputting because this feature hasn’t been made available yet in iOS updates. However, you can see a history of the last result that you got on the app even if you cleared it.

1. Long press on the calculator app

How to See History on iPhone Calculator

2. Select Copy Last Result

3. The calculator app will open with the last result of your query inputted in the field.

This is how you see the history of the calculator app if you want to remember the last thing that you entered in there. If you can’t see the last thing that you entered in there but you want to remember it, then holding down on the calculator app using 3d touch will be your savior.

You don’t even have to use 3d touch to get back the last result, any time you enter a function in the calculator and get a result, the answer stays there until you’ve typed something new.

Using Other Calculator Apps

Since Apple hasn’t got the option to view the history in the native calculator app, the best option is to use another calculator app in the App Store that’ll give you the option to view the history of the queries that you’ve entered. Apps like Calculator HD Pro Lite on the App Store have features like History tape – this saves every calculation, time and date stamped. You’re also able to label any calculation in the history tape as well as e-mail a calculation or the entire history tape.

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