How to See Deleted Friend Requests on Facebook

How to See Deleted Friend Requests on Facebook

This guide will provide you with information to better understand how to see a deleted friend request on Facebook.

If You Delete a Friend Request on Facebook, Does The Other Person Know?

Yes, the other person will know that you have deleted their friend request.

Typically, if you have deleted a friend request instead of confirming that user after you delete the request, the button for the request on the other person’s end will change from “sent” back to “add friend”.

This will automatically indicate to that user that you have deleted their friend request. For individuals that wanted to know if there was a way for you to hide this, unfortunately, there isn’t.

However, there are other alternatives pertaining to friend requests, as you read about in this essential guide.

How to See Deleted Friend Requests on Facebook

There are many Facebook users that want to know if there are alternatives and methods available for you to view deleted friend requests through your Facebook accounts. Well, you are in luck.

There are some essential steps available if you want to look further into this information.

You can try turning on your notification history, utilize Notisave, enable your notification history through your settings, and turn your notifications on for your email in your Facebook app. Let’s go ahead and start with the first alternative. 

1. Turn on Notification History

Enabling your notification history on Facebook is a great way for you to see previous or deleted friend requests. 

To enable your notification history for Facebook, you must:  

1. Proceed to open the Facebook app and then tap on your name.

2. From here, click on the activity log that is located next to the update info section.

3. Finally, you will have the opportunity to sort all of your notifications by date and time range. 

Checking your notification history is a great way for you to see the friend requests that were previously deleted. This is essential in case you have changed your mind and want to re-add that friend.

2. Notisave

Notisave is an essential application that allows you to recover lost or deleted information. You can also utilize this application to keep track of your Facebook notifications pertaining to your friend requests.

This useful application makes it easy for you to manage all of your notifications for your Facebook friend requests.

For all of you that are interested in utilizing this application for this specific purpose, this application is definitely available for download via the Google Play Store for Android consumers and available for immediate download via the App Store for iPhone / iOS consumers.

3. Turn On Notification History In Settings

To keep track of your friend request or previously deleted friend request, you can enable the notification history in your device settings. 

If you are an Android user and you want to turn on your notification history in your settings, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. Open the settings app on your device and then select the notifications section.

2. Select the option that says Advanced Settings. 

3. Next, you will then tap on Notification History.

4. On this page, there will be a toggle available for you to switch on Notification History. Tap on the toggle to enable notification history for your device.

If you are using an iPhone / iOS device and you want to enable notification history through your device settings, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. Open the settings app on your device.

2. Select Notifications and then tap on Show Previews.

3. Finally, tap on the option that says Always. 

Once you have a notifications history enabled on your Android or iOS device, you will be able to keep track of and view previous deleted friend requests from Facebook. 

4. Turn On Email Notifications on Facebook

Utilizing your email notifications on Facebook is also a great way to keep track of deleted friend requests.

 To enable email notifications on Facebook, you must proceed with these steps:  

1. Open the Facebook app and then tap on the three horizontal lines located in the top right corner of the screen.

2. From here, tap on settings. This will be indicated by the gear icon located next to your name. 

3.  Scroll down until you see Preferences. Underneath preferences, tap on Notifications.

4. Scroll down until you see a section that says Where you Receive Notifications.

5. Underneath that section, tap on the option that says email.

6. From this point of the process, you begin to adjust how you receive email notifications and what the email notifications pertain to. Specifically, in this case, you want the emails to pertain to friend requests.

Accidentally Deleted a Friend Request Facebook?

We all have had OMG moments when someone has sent us a friend request, and we have accidentally deleted them.

In other words, there are instances where individuals can accidentally, not intentionally, delete a friend request. Many of these users want to know what steps they can take in order to get the friend request back.

Well, let’s take a quick peek at a few of these methods below that could possibly help resolve this issue.

1. Send Them A Request

For this first method, the best option that you can proceed with is to try sending that individual a friend request. 

After you have sent that person a friend request, the individual will receive a notification in their notifications bar. The notification will have your Facebook username and profile with a button that says confirm next to it.

So, if you have accidentally deleted the friend request from that individual, if you want to add them to your friend list after this accident quickly, it is best to proceed with this plan of action as soon as possible so the individual will receive the friend request from you immediately.

2. You Forgot The Username

If you forget the username of the person that has sent you the friend request, it can be quite complicated to retrieve their username if you forgot it, especially if that individual has sent you a request and you accidentally deleted it.

Usually, if you have deleted a friend request, there is a fair chance that the individual may send you another request for you to accept.

After you have deleted someone’s friend request, it will show on their end the word requested has changed back to add friend.

If it’s someone that has been dying to get in contact with you and the feeling is mutual, this individual will definitely resend another friend request to you to accept. 

Accidentally Accepted Friend Request Facebook?

Just like there are moments where we accidentally delete a friend request, there are instances where we accidentally accept a request.

This typically happens when someone that has sent you a friend request is someone that you don’t want to connect with.

This also happens when you are trying to stay with a minimum number of friends, and you accidentally accept a friend request from someone and your requests list.

There are various instances that can contribute to someone accidentally accepting a friend request. Normally when this happens, some users on Facebook don’t know what to do in order to resolve the issue to prevent any contact with that individual.

The first method of resolution would be to remove that individual from your friend list immediately simply. After that person has been deleted, you will no longer have to deal with them taking up space on your friend list.

Although removing that individual from your list is essential, you may want to take extra protocol to ensure that the individual does not contact you by any means after they are removed from your list.

So, in other words, you might want to consider blocking that Facebook used to be on the safe side. 

1. Block Them

Blocking someone can seem harsh. However, many individuals who proceed with blocking someone on social media are doing this with good reason.

In this case, you have accidentally accepted a friend request, and you don’t want to be in contact with this individual in any way.

Before we proceed with blocking the individual, if you don’t know how to delete a friend request you have accidentally accepted, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. First, open your Facebook app and tap on your profile icon to navigate to your profile page.

2. Once you are on your profile page, proceed to scroll down and tap on Friends.

3. To remove the person that has just sent you a request, tap on the recent button to show your most recent friend requests that were received.

4. After tapping on recent, select the Facebook profile of the individual you have accidentally accepted.

5. After selecting the Facebook profile and being redirected to their page, tap on the three dots next to the message bar. 

6. From here, tap on the section that says Friends. Next to the word friends will be a checkmark.

7. After tapping on friends, a bottom menu will appear, providing you options to proceed with managing that friendship.

8. At the very bottom of that list, you will see the option that says unfriend. Tap on it to delete the connection with that individual.

And that’s all there is to it! Now, Let’s proceed with blocking that individual.

To block someone on Facebook that you have accidentally added to your friend list, you must:

1. After you have unfriended the individual, please navigate back to their profile page and tap on the three dots again.

2. After tapping on the three dots, you will then be redirected back to the same page where you had unfriended the individual. But, instead of tapping on friends, you will tap on the Block option. 

3. After tapping on block, a pop-up message will appear, prompting and asking you if you are sure you want to block that individual.

4. To finalize this action and confirm that you are sure you want to block that person, you will simply tap on the Block tab at the bottom of the pop-up message. This action is effective immediately.

As it was stated earlier in this guide, just like there are moments where we have accidentally deleted a friend request, there are just as many instances where we have accidentally accepted one.

With that being said, there is no panic about resolving this situation right away. The methods available to resolve this unexpected event are not time-consuming, nor is there any hassle with following through with these actions.

As quickly as you accidentally accepted the friend request, you can remove the friend and block them just as quickly.

Does Facebook Notify Someone When You Delete Their Request?

Facebook does not notify if someone has deleted their friend request. However, the only information that would be shown to that user is that the requested button will then switch back to Add Friend.  

Facebook does not internally release any information pertaining to deleted friend requests.

In the same way that you cannot see if someone on your friend list has sent a friend request to certain individuals, you will not be able to see if someone has deleted your friend request.

There are some protocols that Facebook follows based on privacy and security measures. Ironically, this is one of those instances. And this is something that is done with good reason. 

And as for the person that deleted the friend request, the information that will be exposed to you will be the Confirm tab switching back to add Friend.

There are a couple of things to look for in case you want to know if someone has deleted your friend request.

An example is if a lot of time has passed and you notice the other person is not on your friend list, nor have they reached out to you via Messenger.

The next thing to look for would be to navigate to that person’s page to see if their tab has switched from Requested back to Add friend. 

So, although there aren’t any fancy ways for Facebook to notify you if someone has deleted your friend request, there are some quick courses of action you can proceed with in order to uncover this information. 

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