How to See Call History on iPhone for One Contact

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Seeing your call history allows you to know who tried to get in contact with you when you weren’t available on your phone, the calls you’ve had with people, and the information about the calls to see things like how long the call lasted.

The default iPhone Phone app shows you your history of calls, along with how many times someone tried to call you, whether it was a phone call or just a FaceTime call. Sometimes you want to delve deeper into a specific person that has called you or tried to call so you can know more about the call.

For example, you can find out how long the call lasted, the exact times that the calls were made if two was groped together, and it also allows you to do things such as edit their contact, call them back or block them.

How to See Call History on iPhone for One Contact

Although you can’t use this to check the call history you’ve ever had with one specific person, it allows you to delve deeper into a specific call that you’ve had with someone.

1. Tap on the “Phone icon in the bottom left corner of your home screen. Once in the Phone application, at the bottom of the screen you will notice several options to choose from.

2. Tap on the Recent icon to discover the recent calls history you have made.

3. Look for the person whose call history you want to know about by looking through the list. Whilst doing this, make sure that you’re on the Recent tab and not the Missed tab because that will only show you some of the missed calls.

4. If you haven’t got the person you want to see the specific history of in the Recent tab, you need to call them now so that there’s a log that you can look into. Make sure to dismiss the call before it reaches the other person. Now the person you just called will be shown in the Recent tab at the top and you’ll be able to find out more information about the call you just made.

5. On the right of the persons name, tap the ‘i’ icon. Clicking the ‘i’ icon will take you to the screen which will show all the details and information regarding this contact.

The details would include call history along with time and date as well as the duration of the call. You can also do things such as call them back, make notes for a certain call, block the contact, message them back.

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  1. Somehow when I was on a single contact on my iPhone, I had a dashboard style view that showed me call history, email history (the emails were on rectangular like boxes so I was able to read a couple lines of the email. It also showed FaceTime calls and voicemails.
    The other thing I saw on this view was a time I had sent gps from the voicemail to hear of my location.
    I wanted to go back to this view and I can’t figure out how I got there or how to return. I should have taken screenshots but I navigated into it and now it’s gone. I’m trying to find someone who may know how to get to that view again. I had never seen it before.


  2. Let’s not call it “call history for one contact”. You can see the most recent call for specific person. Nothing else.


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