A lot of people don’t realize that their mobile devices can actually get viruses just like a computer. Well, they can. Just the label of virus tells you that it isn’t a good thing for your Android to have. Luckily, Google’s Play Store has a built-in virus scanner that will prohibit most of the apps with Malware or Viruses from making it onto the list of apps for download.

Just like any filtering system though it may let some slide through the cracks, and you can also download apps that aren’t approved by the Play Store called Unknown Apps that may have Viruses or Malware embedded in them as well.

If you feel the need to scan your apps for viruses there are a couple options out there for you that are free of charge. You need to download an anti-virus program onto your Android. Lookout is an app that has a free version that should do the trick for you.

Helping to Prevent the Download of Apps with Viruses

The best way to help prevent downloading applications that have viruses in them is to disable your Androids ability to download Unknown Applications. You will want to do this before downloading any antivirus programs because they can also be fake and contain malware or viruses instead of helping like they say.

1. To do this, open your Settings app on your Android device

2. Tap on the Security tab or the Biometrics and security tab depending on your device

3. Now, tap the Device Administration tab and find the Unknown sources checkbox in the menu. On newer Android devices you will see the Install unknown apps tab and you will press that in that menu you can choose which apps allow Unknown apps to be installed

4. Finally, make sure that the Unknown sources option is not selected. This will limit apps outside of Google Play Store from installing apps onto your phone. You can turn this option back on after you download your antivirus if you want, but make sure you have it turned off for now until you get a legitimate anti-virus program installed.

Downloading and Using the Lookout App on Your Android

1. Tap on the Lookout Security & Antivirus and install it to your Android device. Should be toward the top of the list if not first. The app is made by Lookout Mobile Security

2. Accept the terms and conditions of the app to confirm the download and installation

sign up process

3. When the app is installed on your Android, open the app and complete the sign up process

start a scan

4. When you are done with the sign up, the app will start a scan of your Android. If it doesn’t, then you can tap the Three Horizontal Lines button in the top left corner of the app to open your Menu. Tap the Settings tab and then tap Scan Now this scan may take a few minutes depending on how many apps you have and whether or not it has found any issues

dangerous apps

5. After the scan is done, it will pop up and tell you if there are any dangerous apps that you may have downloaded. If there is an app that is infected with a virus, you may or may not be able to delete it straight from the Lookout App. If Lookout says that your Android is safe and not infected with any viruses you can just close the app

6. The best way to stay on top of your virus protection is to run the Lookout Scan once a week or after you download news applications to make sure you didn’t find the virus infected apps that slide through the cracks.

Warning Signs You May Have A Virus

  • If your Android is running extra hot for no apparent reason
  • If your Android is running extra slow or apps are closing and opening for no reason or keep crashing
  • If your battery is being drained quickly and you aren’t using apps that would drain your battery
  • There are several other signs that you may have a virus and it varies depending on what virus it is that you have.

It is a great idea to have an antivirus application on your Android device to keep yourself from losing valuable information and files, and to prevent a complete loss on the device.