Google Maps is arguably the best in terms of accuracy; you’d be hard pressed to find a more trusting service. On top of that, Google Maps is all manner of data, like points of interest, gas stations, restaurants, and so on. And with how easy it is to use, you’ll have no problem plotting a path from Point A to Point B to said locations. So long as you have a network connection of some kind—whether it’s Wi-Fi or your mobile data—you can get around with high accuracy.

But what if you don’t have a network connection? It just so happens Google Maps has that covered, too. If you are, say, going on a road trip but don’t want to overcharge your phone plan, you can opt to download and save a map from Google Maps with directions intact.

Saving Google Maps with Directions on Android and iOS

1. What you’re going to do first is launch the Google Maps application. You will need to sign in with your Google account to download and save maps from Google Maps.

2. Next, start searching for directions. Plot your beginning part—where you are—and plot the end—where your journey will end. Google Maps will do the rest by creating directions between the two.

3. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a location listed. It should be your final destination. Go ahead and tap on it. You’ll get an overview of the location, including details like population, weather, and a few photos among other things.

4. At the top, just below the location’s main photo, tap Download. Selecting it will bring you back to the map.

Download to save map

5. You should see a blue border around the map now. This is the portion of the map that will be downloaded. You can pinch two fingers together on your screen to zoom in for more details. When you’re ready, tap Download.

6. Name the map, then tap Save. Your Google map will immediately download.

It’s worth noting that Google’s maps can take up a sizable chunk of your storage the more area you download. Some maps will take 90MB, others will take fewer or more. It would be wise to double check you have the space to accommodate a large file.

Another detail worth pointing out is that any map you download will automatically update if any new information is added after 30 days. Google Maps will use the internet to make any updates. Luckily, only Wi-Fi will be used and not your mobile data.

How to Delete Saved Google Maps on Android and iOS

The directions you downloaded for the road trip you went on a week ago are no longer needed. When a map no longer serves a purpose, it’s advantageous to delete it rather than have it taking up space on your device.

1. First you’re going to open the Google Maps application again, if you don’t already have it opened. Of course, do sign in as well.

2. In the top left corner of the screen, tap the ‘hamburger’ menu icon. It’s the three horizontal dashes. A menu from the left hand side will be revealed.

3. Tap Offline Areas. In doing so, you will see a list of maps you’ve downloaded in the past.

4. Select a map you want to delete.

5. If it’s the right map, tap Delete.

6. Google Maps will ask you to verify. Tap Delete to finalize the deletion of the map.

Bottom Line

Now that you have a map from Google Maps saved, with directions intact, you can save your wallet from being charged additional roaming fees. On top of that, it extends the life of your battery as the app itself is not constantly running. And with points of interest downloaded as well, you won’t miss any good restaurants.