If you like to use Chrome for different things, but you don’t want to do it under the same place, then you can have multiple Chrome browsers open. If you have too much going on in your Chrome browser, and you want to separate all of your information, you can run multiple instances of chrome on your PC. This will allow you to browse Chrome as two different users rather than cramming all of your users into one Chrome browser.

In Chrome, you can create user profiles within your Google account so that you can browse as a different user each time you want. If you use Chrome multiple ways, and you want to separate all of your information, for example, your browser history, instead of creating a new Google account, you can add a separate user profile under the same Google Account. This will run Chrome in multiple instances allowing you to open multiple Chrome browsers to browse what you want.

When you create a user profile, information such as your browsing history. Autofill data, passwords, and bookmark history will stay separate so you can associate specific details with a certain profile all under the same Google Account.

Running Multiple Instances of Chrome

1. In the upper-right corner, select Profile.

2. Under other people, select Add. If you already have a guest profile, you can visit this one.

3. Enter a Name, select an icon, and select Save.

separate Chrome browser

4. You’ll be directed to the new user profile in a separate Chrome browser. If you look in the taskbar, you’ll see Chrome running in multiple instances. The more user profiles you create, the more Chrome browsers will be open.