It can be quite stressful to lose your iTunes library. If this occurs due to accidental deletion. It can be even more stressful, since you may feel like beating yourself up a little bit. However, there’s no reason to fall into despair, because you can easily restore your iTunes library, using the iTunes library XML file in your iTunes music folder.

XML files are data files that use custom tags to define objects, and the data within each object. Put simply, you can think of XML files as a text-based database. Even if you don’t completely understand XML files or how they work, that’s fine. You’ll still easily be able to restore your iTunes library, with a few simple steps.

The XML file in your iTunes music folder holds information about your music library, including things such as playlists, play count, and ratings. You can easily copy the XML file to your desktop and then back into iTunes in order to restore your music library. This may sound confusing, but it’s actually a lot simpler than you think. In order to get started and restore your iTunes library using the XML file, follow the simple instructions below.

Use XML File to Restore iTunes Library

The best part about this method is that it won’t cause any sort of data loss. This will only take a few moments of your time, and is very easy to carry out. In order to get started, and restore your iTunes library using the XML file, follow the easy instructions below.

1. Please close iTunes, if it’s currently opened.


2. Open your music folder. If you’re using a Mac, launch Finder and navigate to the Music tab from the left windowpane. Double-click on the iTunes folder. Drag and drop the iTunes Library.xml file to your desktop. If you’re using a Windows PC, open Windows Explorer and navigate to Documents and Settings/(user name)/My Documents/My Music. Double-click on the iTunes folder and drag iTunes Music Library.xml to your desktop.

3. You can move the iTunes Library folder to the Trash now. Empty Trash, afterwards. This would be the Recycle Bin, for Windows users.

4. Launch iTunes.

5. Using the menu bar towards the top left, click on File.

6. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on Library.

Import Playlist

7. From the sub-menu that appears, click on Import Playlist.

8. Locate your iTunes Music Library.xml file and double click on it, in order to open it.

That’s all it takes. You’re done. You’ve now restored your iTunes music library. The process wasn’t complicated, at all and didn’t require you to have any technical knowledge about XML files, or anything else of the like.

Please be careful and make sure you don’t accidentally move the XML file to the Trash when carrying out step #3. The XML file is the blueprint to restore your iTunes music library, and without it, you won’t be able to restore your library, using the instructions above.