If you know someone with a partner nowadays, they’re likely to say they met on a dating app. Dating apps are increasingly becoming the way that people meet their partner, so you’ll probably find yourself swiping on a dating app eventually. Bumble is a super popular dating app, and it’s likely one that you’ll end up trying while you’re on your dating app journey. In theory, this sounds amazing since you don’t have to speak to anyone in real life unless you set up a date after you’ve verified they’re into you.

How Does Bumble Work

Bumble is location based like most dating apps, which means that the profiles you see are ones based on where you’re located. The app follows the swiping format, which means that you swipe left if you aren’t interested in the profile and right if you’re interested. If you both swiped right on each other, then that’s a “match.” The thing about Bumble is that women have to message the men first after the match is initiated within 24 hours. Matches who are the same gender have the same time constraint without the gender constraint for messaging.

There’s a video and voice chat feature, which is unique for dating apps, which means that the app is perfect for people who have trouble meeting people in real life, but still want to cultivate a meaningful relationship.

How to Respond to “Hey”

So, you get a match on Bumble and you receive a message that says, “Hey.”

This is a very common occurrence on Bumble and many other dating apps. This message is panic inducing, and if you respond back with just “Hey” then you’re likely to not get a response. If you’re super nervous, you might not respond entirely, and you could be missing a chance to meet your next partner. Here are a few suggestions to solve your issue:

  • Read their profile and find something to talk about based on something they stated in their bio. People love to place a lot about them in their bio, and it’s definitely a great source of information if you’re looking for a way to respond to “Hey.” If they list a hobby that you don’t know about, ask them some questions about it. If they list a food they like, then you need to state your opinion of it and offer them a piece of information they have to respond to. Their bio is an easy way to have a piece of information that you could both talk about.
  • Ask a question they have to respond to. You can come up with any question you want, but make it something they want to respond to. It can be related to music, hobbies, or clothing, but the main thing is to make it a question that seems interesting. If you ask a super weird question like “What’s your favorite brand of socks?” that actually might be productive because it’ll make them laugh and show them you have a personality. It doesn’t matter the question so long as it isn’t offensive or gross.
  • Compliment them. Who doesn’t like to be complimented? Be specific and comment on a specific picture on their profile. Everyone is probably telling them “You’re cute” or “you’re pretty” so you want to stand out when it comes to your compliment. Don’t be vulgar because most people won’t answer to a vulgar compliment. Think about things you’d be fine with a stranger saying to you in real life. Stick to that rubric and you’ll craft a great compliment that warrants a response.
  • Ask them what they’re looking for on the app. People go on dating apps for a lot of different reasons. Some people want others to talk to, so they’ll go on the app to have meaningful conversations. Others are just looking for hookups and this is great to know if you’re looking for the same thing. If they’re looking for a relationship, then you need to know just in case you aren’t ready for one. This is a good question because you’ll be on the same page while you’re communicating on the app. The question isn’t intrusive, and it shows that you’re respectful of what they want.

The most important thing to remember is any way you choose to tackle the situation, just be respectful. You have a fair shot at anyone who messages you if you’re respectful.