Adobe Illustrator is capable of resizing images in a myriad of ways—each option viable, but otherwise unique in their application. In other words, each situation may call for a different tool. These tools include Transform, Scale, and image anchors.

How to Resize an Image in Adobe Illustrator

Method #1: Using Transform

Using the Transform window is by far the best option out of the three, at least in a situation where exact pixel count is concerned.

1. Launch Adobe Illustrator. Afterwards, click File in the top left corner. When the drop down menu opens, click Open.

2. Locate your image and click Open.

3. Select your image by clicking on it. At the top, choose Transform. This will open a pop-up window.

4. Now, you’ll see four values: X, Y, W, and H. You want to focus on W and H, which is Height and Width. Alter the values to your liking.

Method #2: Using Scale

Using the Scale window is best used if you want to reduce images by percentage. If you reduce an image by 50 percent, it shrinks the image to half its size.

1. In the top left corner, click Object. After the drop down menu falls, hover your mouse cursor over Transform. A sub-menu will open. In the sub-menu, choose Scale.

2. Inside the Scale window, you can resize the image uniformly with Uniform or set Horizontal and Vertical with separate values.

3. Click OK.

Method #3: Using Anchors

Lastly, you have image anchors. This method is the worst of the three methods, but can be helpful if you aren’t sure of an image’s height and width.

1. Select your image. Notice the small, white boxes in the corners and sides of the image? Those are anchors.

2. Hold the SHIFT key. While holding the SHIFT key, click on one of the anchors and drag it to the desired size.

Tip: Holding the SHIFT key keeps the image intact. Otherwise, without it, the image would be cropped instead.

Adobe Illustrator has no shortage of methods to resize images. Anchors are best used if size isn’t a concern. Similarly, using the Scale window is good for estimates based on percentages. However, for something specific, you’d want to use the Transform options.

With that said, do be careful resizing images up. In doing so, you can run into a problem where pictures become blurry. If you want to enlarge a specific image, insert a higher resolution version.