When a note remains locked, users will only be able to see the title of the note and the last day it was edited. If you find that you’re unable to lock notes, then update your device to the latest software. It may also be that the notes you’re trying to lock are not only stored locally on your device, but also via a third-party application, such as Gmail.

Notes that are synced from such third-party applications don’t have the ability to be locked or unlocked. These notes also lack certain features that the local notes on your device have. However, what happens if you’re unable to use Face ID and Touch ID, and due to the hustle and bustle of life, forget your notes password? The answer is simple. You simply reset your notes password.

Though resetting your notes password is fairly simple, and outlined in the steps below, there’s something important to note (no pun intended) before you begin. By resetting your notes password, you’ll be able to use this new password for any new notes that you create and lock. However, all of your old notes will remain locked unless and until you enter your old password.

Even a visit to the Apple store or call to customer service won’t help as Apple will be unable to help you unlock your old notes. No wonder Apple seems to be the top player when it comes to security measures. It seems here are some things even they can’t unlock. For this reason, it’s important to always input a hint when you create a new password. Make sure to input a hint when you reset your notes password. To get started, and reset the password, follow the instructions below.

For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch:

1. Open the Settings application on your device. It has a grey background with an icon of a gear on it.

2. Tap on Notes.

Tap on Password

3. Tap on Password.

Tap on Reset Password

4. Tap on Reset Password.

5. You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID. Please do so accordingly.

6. Tap on Reset Password again.

7. Now enter your new password. As stated above, please be sure to enter a Hint as well this time. This will help you if you forget your password.

For Your Mac:

1. Launch the Notes application.

2. In the top menu bar, click on Notes.

3. Click on Preferences.

Click on Reset Password

4. Click on Reset Password.

5. Now enter your new password. As stated above, please be sure to enter a Hint as well this time. This will help you if you forget your password.

You have now reset your Notes password. Now whenever you create a new note, and lock it, it will be locked with this new password. You may have noticed that there was also a Change Password option. Changing your password isn’t the same as resetting it. In order to change your password, you need to remember your old password.

This clearly isn’t possible if you’ve forgotten your old password. Resetting your password, as previously stated, won’t change the password for your previously created notes. However, if youyou’re your new reset password in order to unlock an old note, an alert will appear letting you know that you entered an incorrect password.

The hint for your old password will also appear, if you had set one up. If the hint enables you to remember your old password, then you’ll be given the option to update your old notes to your new current password. If your iPhone supports Touch ID or Face ID it’s best to set these capabilities up accordingly, and allow them to be used to access your notes.

This will not only provide your device with extra security but also, if you ever forget your password again, you’ll have a full proof way of being able to access all of your old notes, using either your Face ID or Touch ID. Now all we need is for Apple to allow us to set a password for the Messages application, and all will be right with the iOS world.