Canon printers are some of the best printers on the market. They are, at this point, a household name. As great as they are, it doesn’t protect them from common hardware issues that any given piece of technology is susceptible to: errors. From printers to smartphone—of all brands—experience errors. Some more than others, but it happens nonetheless.

So, what do you do? Scream as you run around your Canon printer? No, instead, when you’re having trouble with your printer, you can perform a reset. Inside the device itself are indicators. They will speak to the printer and keep an eye on things, especially ink level. If it sees that ink is low, you may end up with limited functionality. In some cases, your printer may refuse to reset even after you’ve inserted a new cartridge.

Thankfully, there’s an answer for both minor and major problems.

What Does Resetting Actually Do?

Over time, devices run into all kinds of issues. Settings are altered, errors are made, and the simple use of a device can cause some software problems. To combat the inevitable, you can perform a reset on your device—Canon printers aren’t excluded from such a feature. In fact, it’s a need when a printer needs to meet certain perimeters to print something the way way, it’s calibration, in other words.

However, there’s three ways of resetting a device with one providing incremental change, the second providing additional fixes, and the final option having the power to repair a multitude of errors. This is otherwise referred to as ‘soft’ resetting, ‘hard’ resetting and ‘factory settings.’

What’s the difference? It’s largely based on how they’re used and the outcome. Let’s say your Canon printer freezes while you’re printing. In the event that it does, you’ll want to perform a soft reset or hard reset. Why? Because ‘factory settings,’ will wipe every setting and revert the printer back to its base form.

On the other hand, a soft and hard reset keeps your settings intact. Calibration, network settings, even the computer it’s connected to is information that will stick around if you soft or hard reset. A factory reset, will wipe that information altogether. It will be like you just brought the Canon printer home.

Resetting a Canon Wireless Printer

If your network changes, you can reset your Canon’s wireless settings in order to implement new ones, like so:

1. On the printer, tap the ‘Wireless’ icon.

2. When the menu opens, choose Network.

3. Next, select Wireless, then ON. This will open the Wireless Setup Wizard.

4. Choose Continue. In the following menu, tap OK.

5. Provide your password, then choose OK.

Resetting a Canon Maxify Printer

Resetting a Canon Maxify printer is a little more involved than, say, resetting your wireless settings.

1. First, shut down your Canon Maxify printer fully. Give it about 60 seconds just to ensure it successfully powered down.

2. Remove every single cable from the pinter. That includes USB, power cables, Ethernet cable—everything. Leave your printer free of cables for another 60 seconds.

3. After a minute, connect the power cable back in.

4. Now press and hold your finger on the Power button until you see the LED on your printer blinks. That’s an indication your Canon Maxify printer has been reset.

Performing a Hard Reset on Canon Printers

1. Your first step is to power down your Canon printer entirely. Keep it plugged in, but power it down. Do NOT put it in sleep mode. Give it about 60 seconds to ensure all processes are completely shut down.

Note: In the event that your printer is frozen, you may pull the plug, but do so gently. Do NOT yank the plug out by the cable or else you can damage the wires inside.

2. Find the Stop button and the ON button. While holding the ON button, press Stop, but keep holding the ON button.

3. While still holding the ON button, press the Stop button an additional 5 times.

You’ve just successfully performed a hard reset on your Canon printer.

Resetting a Canon Printer Back to Factory Settings

As it was mentioned before, you have to weigh your current situation before performing a factory reset. If your Canon printer freezes once every blue moon, then a soft reset will do just fine. But if your printer is freezing constantly and screwing up orders, then a factory reset is practically necessary.

If you feel your printer is at that point, then move on.

1. Open the Settings menu on your printer.

2. In your Settings, you should see Setup. Highlight and select it. Use the directional arrows to move about the menu.

3. Next, choose Device Settings.

4. Under Device Settings, highlight and select Reset Settings.

5. When asked to confirm, choose OK.

Your printer will now revert back to factory settings. Once complete, you will have to set up everything from network settings to the computers it’s connected to.

Bottom Line

It can be frustrating to deal with technology, printers included. It seems like such a simple thing that shouldn’t be having issues. Why can’t it work all the time? Unfortunately, whether it’s a printer or computer, there’s dozens of moving parts that don’t always work with one another. Luckily, the engineers had the foresight to create a Plan B and C, just in case something happened.

On the off-chance that none of the steps above worked for you, and your printer is still acting up, then it’s time to speak with Canon’s customer service.