How to Repost Instagram Story You’re Not Tagged In

How to Repost Instagram Story You're Not Tagged In

The ability to repost is a great feature that Instagram offers. If, however, you have come across an Instagram story that you want to repost but you are not tagged in it, you may find some difficulties.

Can You Repost Instagram Story You’re Not Tagged In?

Yes. You can report Instagram stories even if you’re not tagged. There isn’t a direct way to do this, but you can repost it by downloading the story via a story view then reuploading it yourself.

How to Repost Instagram Story You’re Not Tagged In

There is not currently a direct way to repost an Instagram story that you are not tagged in; however, there are certainly ways that you work around it to continue to share other’s stories to your Instagram story. If you find yourself in this situation, try these solutions:

1. Screenshot the Story and Upload It to Your Story

Instagram stories are only available for 24 hours, so if you find yourself viewing someone’s story and you are not tagged in it, but you know that you want to share it yourself, you can always screenshot the story and then upload your screenshot to your own story.

Though the method of screenshotting will vary depending on what type of device you use, after you have taken a screenshot, you are no longer tied to the 24 hour rule Instagram imposes that would cause a story to disappear after the time expires.

Any time you view someone’s story, they have the ability to tell if they go to their story and tap or click on the small icon in the corner. This provides a list of people who have viewed the story, so they will know that you have seen it.

While they will not receive a notification that you viewed their story, nor will they receive any type of notification if you screenshot it, remember that you cannot fly under the radar if you are trying to screenshot something and do not want them to know; especially if you choose to go back and add it to your story.

After you have captured the screenshot, you can choose to immediately upload the screenshot onto your own story or you can wait and add it a later date.

Since a screenshot will capture everything on your screen, including the time and details available at the top of your phone, you may want to edit the screenshot after you have taken it to remove this information.

Also remember that if you are using the screenshot method to capture someone’s Instagram content that you want to eventually upload to your own story, it is common courtesy to ask someone’s permission before you screenshot and then upload someone else’s content onto your account.

2. Screen Record the Story

If the story that you want share is a video and not an image, you can use the Screen Record feature to capture the video and then upload it to your own Instagram story.

Again, the method to take a screen recording varies depending on your device, but like screenshots, screen recording someone’s Instagram story allows you to circumvent the 24 hour availability rule.

The screen recording will be saved to your device, and then you will have the option to go in and edit it however you like before you upload it to your own Instagram story.

Since you have to have the story open in order to screen record it, the user will be able to see that you viewed the story. Like screenshots, Instagram will not send a notification that you viewed the story or that you screen recorded it, but if it appears on your story shortly after, you will not be able to claim that it was a coincidence.

The screen recording can also be uploaded to your story whenever you choose, meaning that you do not have to upload it instantly in order to keep your access to the video. Once you are in your Instagram story’s editing page, you can add additional features.

Keep in mind that if you are using this method, it is common courtesy to ask someone’s permission before you screen record and upload someone else’s content onto your account.

3. Get the Person to Re-Upload It and Tag You in It

If you know the person who uploaded the story that you want to share fairly well, you could always just ask them to re-upload their story but to tag you in it.

If you are tagged in the story, then you can easily share it to your own Instagram story with a few taps. Again, practice common courtesy and ask permission. Also, whenever you do share their story, make sure that you tag them back as well.

This method is no big deal if the reason you want to be tagged is obvious. Perhaps you also appear in the story, or the message that the story is conveying is something that you want to extend to your own followers.

DM the original poster and explain why you would like to be tagged. Understand that the decision is up to them whether or not they tag you. There is not a way for you to tag yourself in an Instagram story.

If the story, however, was posted by someone who is famous or someone who does not know you well, understand that there is a possibility that they might not even see your DM or consider your request.

Since an Instagram story will disappear after 24 hours, you need to be mindful whether this method would work for you.

4. Download the Story Using a Story Download

If none of the above options seem like something that you are interested in, you also have the option to download an Instagram story posted by another user by using a story download tool.

There are tons of options available to you using your PC or your mobile device, so view the table below to see if there is one that will allow you to capture the Instagram story that you were not tagged in:

Web Tool Description
StorySaver StorySaver allows you to download Instagram stories from your PC’s web browser to your computer.

Like many of the other options you will find on this list, the Instagram story has to be set to public in order to be downloaded.

Go to their website and input the name of the Instagram account holder who posted the story, and then click on the green download button.

You will see their available stories for download. Select the one you want and download it. Once downloaded, you can now upload the story to your own Instagram account on your PC by going to Instagram’s website.

This method is free to use, though you may run into ads and download limits if you are trying to download numerous stories at one time.

StorySaver now also provides an app that is available to download through your device’s app store.

Though free to use, a premium subscription will allow you to remove any ads as well as a multilingual feature. Like the PC version, the app will download the Instagram story to your device, and then you can upload it onto your own Instagram story.

Toolzu A third-party app that works with Instagram, Toolzu is a web-based platform similar to StorySaver that is designed to download Instagram stories onto your PC.

Toolzu does allow you to download Instagram stories for free, but the Instagram story you are wanting to download has to be set to public mode.

Though free, they do also offer a premium subscription that provides you with the ability to conduct an unlimited amount of downloads and remove any ads that are included when using the free version.

It is very easy to use, and you will only need to input the name of the Instagram account that you want to download the story from and then select the story you want.

After that, click on the download option and the story will be downloaded to your device. You will then be able to upload the story onto your Instagram story on your PC.

Regrann Regrann allows you to download Instagram stories to either your Android or iOS device.

It also allows you to download other Instagram content, including posted Instagram pictures from your feed, videos that appear on your Instagram feed, Instagram Reels, and Instagram highlights, so this particular tool is multi-purpose.

After you have downloaded the content you want from another Instagram account, you can then repost it onto your Instagram story or your Instagram feed.

Downloaded material will be available to you inside your phone’s storage folder. This app is free to use and can be accessed through the Google Play or Apple App Store, but will only work with Instagram material that has been posted in public mode.

InStore Another Instagram third-party app, Instore is an app that you can install on your mobile device that allows you to download other Instagram account’s stories.

It also provides you with the ability to download posts on your Instagram feed and videos, and comes with different tools that you can use like a hashtag generator and a caption generator, which can come in handy when you are unable to be creative.

Like other tools, you will need to know the original poster’s Instagram handle, which you will use to search for their stories.

Select the story that you want to save and then tap on the download button. Downloaded material is accessible to you through your phone’s storage.

StoryDownloader StoryDownloader is another third-party app that works with Instagram. Accessible by using your PC’s web browser, StoryDownloader provides you with option to not only view a story anonymously but to also download it in just a few clicks.

Obviously, for you to know what someone’s Instagram story says or features, then you probably already viewed it, meaning that your name will appear under the viewer’s list if the story’s poster chooses to check; however, they will not know if you decide to go back and download the story, especially if you use a tool like this.

To use, open your web browser and go to the website. Then, type in the Instagram handle that you want to view stories for and press the “Enter” button.

After searching, you will be provided with the available Instagram stories from that Instagram profile, and selecting the download option will save them to your computer.

SnapInsta SnapInsta allows you to download an Instagram story by using your PC’s web browser. Whenever you view an Instagram story on your PC, the story will have its own URL.

To use SnapInsta, copy the URL from the browser and access SnapInsta in a new tab. Paste the URL and select download. After downloading someone’s Instagram story using the URL, SnapInsta will also show you all of the other stories that user has posted that are available for download.

You can access the download file in your PC’s download folder, and can move it to wherever you need to.

StoriesDown StoriesDown also works on your PC’s web browser to allow you to download an Instagram story.

Like StoryDownloader, you do not have to access Instagram before you can use this tool. Open your web browser and go to StoriesDown’s website.

Enter the Instagram handle and search. You will see the account’s available stories that you can choose to download.

FastSave Unlike the other options on this list, FastSave is a Chrome extension, meaning that if you are using Google Chrome as your web browser on your PC, you can install this extension to make downloading someone’s Instagram story a breeze.

This extension is free to download, and can also be added to Google Chrome on an Android or iOS device. Search for Fast Save in the Chrome Web Store and then press “Add to Chrome”.

Once installed, you can access it by going to your Chrome extensions and selecting FastSave. Open Instagram on either your computer or phone and locate the Instagram story that you want to download.

Once you have located it, you will see a small arrow pointing down in the top of your browser. Tap or click on the arrow and you will have successfully downloaded the Instagram story.

Remember that this only works on a PC or if you are viewing Instagram on your phone’s Google Chrome browser, not within the Instagram app.

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