Over time, it’s very common to have to rename a file or folder on your Mac. Renaming files or folders is a pretty simple task that can be done in just a few minutes. This tutorial will show you how to rename a file and then a folder on Mac.

Rename a File or Folder From Finder

There are a few ways that you can rename files or folders on your Mac. Using this method, the file or folder is renamed in Finder. To use this method, follow these steps by following these steps:

1. Open Finder by clicking on the Finder icon on your Dock.

2. In the Finder window, click the location of the file or folder you want to rename (Downloads, Documents, Recent…)

3. Locate the file in the Finder window.

4. Right click on the file or the file name. A dropdown menu should open with a list of options.

5. Choose Rename

6. The name of the file or folder will turn blue with a small text box.

7. Click inside the title box for the file or folder and type in the new name

8. Click outside the title box or press Return to save the change.

Rename A File Or Folder Using Terminal

Another way to change the name of a file or folder on Mac is by using Terminal. As long as the extension for the file remains the same, the process is just as straightforward and effective.

1. Open Terminal by going to Applications > Terminal. Or, click on the Terminal icon on your Dock.

2. Check the current working directory for your file or folder by typing pwd at the prompt and press the Return button.

3. Use the mv command to rename the file or folder. Type:

mv old-file-name new-file-name

Or, type:

mv old-folder-name new-folder-name

4. After typing mv, open Finder and drag the file into Terminal. (Keep the Finder and Terminal windows separated on the desktop.)

5. Rename the file. If your couldn’t locate your file or folder in the current working directory, type the full name of the file at the prompt:

mv /full-path/old-folder-name /full-path/new-folder-name

Rename A File Or Folder Using The Command Line

You can also change the name of a file or folder using the Command line in Terminal. To rename in the same location, use this method, you will type a different command in Terminal at the prompt:

drag the file from Finder,

You can still drag the file from Finder, but this time edit the file name to that in the figure above. To change the location, use:

mv /Users/techzillo/Documents/MyFirst FileOrFolder/MyFile2.text

The new file will be moved to Documents.

Contact Apple Support

If you were not able to rename files or folders on your Mac by using these steps, you can contact the Genius Bar or Apple Support for more help.