If you’ve had your electronic devices for a while, for example, your laptop, computer, phone or games console, then chances are that it has stripped screws. A stripped screw is when the head of the screw is damaged and it’s impossible to remove with a screwdriver. Essentially, the plus is messed up and the grove is no longer refined enough to fit screwdrivers normally.

This can be caused by using the incorrect screwdriver – especially one that’s too flimsy and small. If you have a stripped screw in your device, then you can remove it using a few methods.

Use a Larger Stroger Screwdriver

If you have stripped screws, the first thing you should do is change screwdrivers. You should try a mixture of both large and small to see if you can catch the head of the screw with the screwdriver. Make sure to use a screwdriver that isn’t flimsy unless you can mess up the stripped screw even more.

Rubber Band

The next thing you should do is to place a rubber band on the stripped screw to give more grip to your screwdriver. The band should be stretched out and placed on the top of the stripped screw. From here, use a screwdriver to get the stripped screw out.


After using a screwdriver, you should try using pliers to see if you can turn the screw out of its place. Make sure to catch the screw on the edges of the pliers and tightly grip the pliers so that you can turn the screw out. If you do manage to loosen the screw, then you can use a screwdriver to take it out.

Flathead Screwdriver

If the screwdriver didn’t work, you can try using a flat head. This may catch the grooves in the screwdriver better which will allow you to take the stripped screw out. You can try different variations of flathead screwdrivers to see if you can get it out.

Electric Screwdriver

If using normal screwdrivers hasn’t worked, then you can try using an electric screwdriver. This is more powerful, and it will grip onto the screw with more force. If you still can’t get it out, stop before you damage the stripped screw even more.

Rotary Tool

If you have a rotary tool, you can use it to create a groove that will fit a flathead screwdriver. Attach a cutting disk to your rotary tool before you proceed. Once you’ve attached the disk, make a thin cut into the disk so that you can use a flathead screw to get it out. You want to cut deep enough so that the flathead screw can fit into the slit but not too big so that the flat head screw can fit into it.