If you work with images and photos a lot, then you probably know something about image editing. If you take a lot of photos, then you know the struggle of have the light ruin them or a blurry photo. If you work with images of any kind, you probably edit them to your liking.

Editing software is there to help you make the images and photos that you have perfect. While there are a ton of well- known free options, the paid options are preferable, especially if you’re doing professional work. Photoshop is one of the most popular paid options for image editing, and you can use it to make big changes, such as removing large objects.

What is Photoshop

Photoshop is an image editing software that you can use to enhance and fix the images and photos you have in front of you. It’s become integral for designers, photographers, and artists of all types. You can upload digital or scanned images to the software to edit them in whatever way you need. You can add effects or create image compositions, all without leaving the software. It’s well- known for its easy editing and exporting images. Removing large objects are super easy in Photoshop.

How to Remove Large Objects in Photoshop

1. First, open the image you want to alter.

2. Then, select File in the top left corner of Photoshop. A menu will appear. Select “Save as a Copy” so you have the original to keep if you make a mistake.

3. Now, look at the toolbar at the left side of the screen. You’ll see a column of icons and you’ll need to select the second one that resembles a dotted rectangle.

4. Now, click near the object you need to and you’ll see a small rectangle.

5. Drag the formed dotted rectangle around the large object. You can do this as many times as you can until you get the entire object surrounded.

6. Once the dotted rectangle is around the entire object, hit the delete key on your keyboard. A menu will appear.

7. On the menu that appears, make sure that the Opacity is at 100% so that it completely erases the object. Then, select “OK.”

If you notice any of the object left on your image, you can re- select the dotted rectangle icon and redraw it around the part you need to remove. Then, just hit the delete key on your keyboard again.

This saves you time and allows you delete as much of it as you can all at once.