How to Remove Filter Name From TikTok

How to Remove Filter Name From TikTok

When people use a filter, the name of the filter shows up in the bottom left of TikTok so you might be wondering how to get rid of that.

Can You Remove Filter Name From TikTok?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the filter name from your Tik Tok video fully, but there are other ways to keep it from showing up. They range from simple and easy to a little harder, depending on what you want to use and how you do it.

How to Remove Filter Name from TikTok

1. Use the Filter, Save the Video, Remove the Watermark, Then Reupload It Back to TikTok

This is one of the easiest ways to remove a watermark and filter from your Tik Tok Video. You can simply crop out the part with the filter names and the watermark. You can do this with a lot of different video editing programs.

Some are even available on the phone, so you won’t have to move the video to a different device. If you are using a video editor on your phone, you can simply move the video to the app and do the work there.

Most are easy to use and allow you to make the video appear just large enough to remove the watermark and the filter area. Sometimes, once the video is downloaded, the filter area won’t even appear.

This is because the filter area is designed to be only seen on Tik Tok and only clickable on Tik Tok. This way, other people can also use the same filter if they decide they like it. Once the watermark and filters are removed, you can upload the video back to Tik Tok.

Just be aware the Tik Tok app tends not to push people who do this to the front, and views will probably not be as much as using the Original Video.

To test this, you can upload both videos and see which one gets the most views. This means others would see the filters you are using, but you can see if you want to lose traffic by uploading your videos this way in the future.

You might also just not have a video that people are going to gravitate towards. So, make sure to do this test on more than one video you have in your drafts. This also works great if you are using more than one filter.

Let’s say you want to do one with the teeth whitening filter on but don’t want to let others know you are using it and want to add another option to your video. Once it’s downloaded, you can add a second filter to the video.

Others will see the new filter, but you won’t be letting everyone know you are also using the teeth whitening one as well. A lot of creators do this, and it works well when done right.

2. Take the Video on Snapchat Using a Filter, Then Upload It to TikTok

A lot of people actually do this in order to be able to use the filters on Snapchat. This method makes it where you aren’t even using the filters on Tik Tok at all.

This means no one is going to see what ones you’re using because you are doing it on a different app to start and then moving to Tik Tok. You can also still add Tik Tok filters to your video if there is one that you like and are okay with people knowing you’re using.

This is completely up to you and what you are looking for with your videos. Keep in mind that your filters from Tik Tok will still be visible if you do this. But you have a lot more control over what you want to do with it.

By doing this, you can also use more than one filter. You can record the video, add the filter you want, and then use another one when you upload a second time or from Snapchat. This opens up the number of filters you can use and where you can get them.

Snapchat has a ton of options that Tik Tok doesn’t yet. New filters are made every day, and you want to get the most out of them in your videos. Using Snapchat helps a ton with that.

You can also create your own Tik Tok Filters, so you are in control of what filters are being used, and you can be creative with your Tik Tok without everyone knowing right away what you are doing.

You can create the filter, and it might even just take off with the community. That could be fun for you since you will be the first one to use it, and will come up if they look at the different videos with the filter.

This could make your Tik Tok grow faster if that is something you’re looking for. If not, then you can still hide it by downloading it and then uploading it back into Tik Tok.

3. Take the Video on Snapchat Using an Instagram Filter, Then Upload It to TikTok

For this, you will need to first take the video on snapchat and save it to your device. Then you can upload it to Instagram and use a filter from there. It doesn’t always work there; you will have to watch your video to ensure the filter took.

Once you have the one you want, you can then add it to Tik Tok. No one will be able to see where you used the filters, and you will have an original video with filters that you like.

This is great if you want to do something different or you want to keep your filters a secret from your Tik Tok community.

You can also use the same video on your Instagram and Snapchat profiles without doing another one and reach everyone in your community.

If you want to keep your Tik Tok or Instagram handles private, you will simply need to crop them out of the video before uploading to Tik Tok. Normally you would want to cross-promote, but there are times when you might not want to do that.

It will be on a case-by-case basis when it comes to what you want to connect and how you want to do it. Keep in mind that those on the other apps are probably going to know what filters you are using and where to get them.

No amount of hiding the filters can 100 percent stop that. If you are worried about people figuring out what ones you’re using, you can create your own filters and add them to your videos with software or apps you can find on the internet.

This can get as complicated or as simple as you want. Then people won’t be able to see or know what you used because you created it on your own, and no one knows what you did. This keeps the fun with the viewers.

4. If the TikTok Filter Is A Special Effects Filter, Use Another Editing App That Lets You Do Something Similar.

There are also so many apps that allow you to use videos you have already recorded and add effects too. This might be something to look into if you want to make videos that are more like films or if you want to do something fun with them.

A green screen also adds so much versatility to your Tik Tok and other social media videos. With the advancement of phones and their software capabilities, there are a ton of other apps that allow you to do some really amazing special effects.

They often allow you to add backgrounds or put you in the middle of the action. The best part is a lot of them are free or low cost.

1. PowerDirector

This app allows you to add any kind of background you want. All you need is a green screen, and you can be anywhere doing anything. The app is also easy to use and can record with the phone in a vertical position.

This makes it easy to upload to Tik Tok and other social media when you are done working on it. Best of all, there will not be any filters you will have to deal with.

You can also use it with Tik Tok greenscreen filters if you want and hold the scene in your hand or keep it in the corner. It gives you a lot of freedom. It also is one of the most flexible options you will probably find.

If you are someone that wants to make videos that not only can be done with your phone but that have a special Sci Fi or interesting feel to them, this is probably going to be a big help for you. The best part is that it’s free to download and use.

2. Chromavid

This greenscreen app is very easy to use. You can make any kind of video with a green screen and your friends and be in the middle of any scene you want. The best part of this is that you can create live videos and feed them to your social media.

This can change the game if you want to do a live-on Tik Tok with a green screen and be able to also save it for later. You can also change the sizing on the app and create sort of a video within a video if this is something you want to do.

It’s going to be all about creativity and how much work you want to put into it. If you are doing more videos that require special effects, this app is going to be a great option and will get you far above other creators while keeping any special things you choose to do a little less out of people’s hands.

It will also help you to keep the immersion in what you are doing and keep people from clicking out of your videos. This is important if you attempt to increase your views on your social media accounts.

This app works with your phone and can be used on both iPhone and Android, and it’s free to download and start with. No worries about how you can add it.

3. Veescope

If doing Weather reports on Tik Tok or other social media apps is your thing, then this one of for you. It does the same kind of greenscreen work the others do but is simple and set up for a presentation of sorts.

This kind of app works well for live and recorded use and is very easy to use. You can broadcast to your social media and do whatever you want with the green screen capabilities.

If you are more of a news type Tik Tok, this will work great for you, and you will be able to harness the same types of looks as a traditional news outlet. You might also be able to set up your camera in a way that is closer to a professional setting.

By the time you add in the backgrounds and your stories, you will have a setting that a lot of viewers will want to watch for their media needs, just as long as you do it correctly. The awesome part is this app is free to download and use.

No worries about how to pay for something to add to your social media videos.

There are a ton of ways to keep your filters hidden on Tik Tok. It just depends on whether you want to do the work for it or if you’d rather keep it simple. You also might want to think about how you are going to use the videos across your social media.

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