Finder is the very useful file management system on your Mac OS X. Using Finder, you can easily navigate through your files and make edits accordingly. You’ve probably noticed that there’s no refresh button for the Mac OS X Finder. While most users won’t ever have to worry about this, there are rare occasions where having a refresh button would come in handy.

If you’re using an external drive or a network drive, in order to share files, you may notice that Finder windows don’t always refresh after they have content added to them. This doesn’t often happen with the Mac’s built in hard drive, but it is possible. When this occurs, you’ll need to refresh the Finder window. Even though there’s no designated refresh button, you can still refresh the Finder window, using the trick below. If you wish, there’s also a way to refresh every single window in Finder.

It can be useful to refresh every single window in Finder if you adjusted many files on your Mac. Whatever the case, whether you prefer to refresh one window on Finder or every window in Finder, you can easily do so by following the instructions below.

Jump to Parent Directory and Back to Refresh Finder Window

This is a very simple solution to carry out when you need to refresh a Finder window in Mac OS X. For folders with hierarchy, all you need to do is go back to the parent directory, and then forward again to the directory that you would like to refresh. This will automatically refresh the Finder window. This is the fastest way to refresh the Finder window. There’s even a keyboard shortcut you can use in order to go back and then forward. In order to get started and refresh your Finder window, using the keyboard shortcut, follow the simple instructions below.

1. Press command + Up arrow key. You’ve now navigated to the parent directory.

2. Press command + Down arrow key. You’ve now come back to the directory you wanted to refresh. You’ll notice that the window has refreshed.

That’s all it takes. You’ve now refreshed the Finder window. That only took a few seconds of your time. If you prefer, you can also simply use the back and forward buttons, that are built-in on Finder. Perhaps in time, Apple will soon create a refresh button in Finder.

If you need to refresh a Finder window that has no parent directory then you should jump to a consistent directory, such as Applications, and then back again. It’s as simple as that. If you wish, you can also refresh every single window in Finder. In order to refresh every single window in Finder, read the method below.

Refresh All Windows in Finder

If you recently moved around many files in Finder you may want to refresh every window in Finder. You can easily do this by simply relaunching Finder. This can be carried out very quickly and easily. In order to get started and relaunch Finder so you can refresh every Finder window, follow the simply instructions below.

1. Press and hold the option key and right-click on Finder in the Dock.


2. From the right-click menu that appears, click on Relaunch.

Using the method above, you’ll refresh the Finder application in Max OS X. This will refresh every single will Finder window. However, there is something you should keep in mind. If you use this method, you may get logged out of network connections and file shares. Please keep this in mind before using this method.