In this section, we will introduce several good products and cover the methods to black out text within a PDF on Windows and macOS.

SwifDoo PDF

It is a versatile PDF editor that enables users to cover the unwanted content and remove the selected content. Just as its name implies, it helps you process PDF documents swiftly. What’s more, if you are searching for a comprehensive PDF program that allows you to add links, images, or change the font type, then SwifDoo PDF is an excellent choice to help block out text in PDF.

Find out how SwifDoo PDF works to redact text:

Step 1: Download and install the PDF program on your PC;

Step 2: Drag the PDF file to the SwifDoo PDF icon;

swifdoo-pdf-whiteout Step 3: Click on the Edit button to choose Whiteout. In the drop-down menu, select Area Whiteout and choose the color for the redaction area;


Step 4: Put your cursor at the place that needs redaction; draw a rectangle on the selected words or sentences.

That’s all for blacking out text in a PDF document. If you are wondering how to black out text in PDF so that it cannot be edited again, use SwifDoo PDF:

Step 1: Click Annotate to choose Eraser;

Step 2: Apply the eraser to the selected words or sentences by left-clicking your mouse;

Step 3: Save the changes by clicking Save on the top left menu.


Tips: Once you save the changes after you erase or black out the text in the PDF, it cannot be restored. That being said, you cannot undo the action. If you do need to remove the content, please make a copy of this PDF document.

Foxit PDF

If SwifDoo PDF’s basic blackout feature cannot meet your complex needs, then Foxit PDF can be helpful. Aside from redaction, Foxit PDF can set status for redacted areas, add popup notes, and check redaction properties. Go check out the steps to black out text in Foxit PDF:

Step 1: Download and install Foxit PDF on your PC, and then open a PDF document using Foxit PDF;

Note: The installation package is more than 500 MB which may take a while for a successful download.

Step 2: Click on Protect and then select Mark for Redaction;


Step 3: Choose the text type you need to black out, such as text, image, or page.

What needs special mention is that Foxit PDF can support Search & Redact feature. So users can quickly pinpoint where to redact and replace them all.


What’s more, Foxit PDF provides a redaction protection feature to better safeguard your sensitive and confidential information within your PDF.

Soda PDF

Another example of a desktop redaction tool on Windows is Soda PDF, designed to black out text in a PDF effectively. This PDF redaction tool enables users to change the appearance of the redaction mark and area and edit the author and subject of the redaction. Without further description, let’s dive into how to redact text in a PDF using Soda PDF:

Step 1: As usual, download and install Soda PDF on your PC, and then open a PDF document with Soda PDF;

Step 2: Choose SECURE on the main menu and select Create Redaction;

Step 3: Draw a rectangle on the area(s) that need(s) redaction.


Step 4: Click on the redaction box to change the properties if needed. Within the Properties window, users can optionally change the general settings.

How to Redact Text in PDF on Mac

Concerning redact text in PDF on macOS devices, the inbuilt Preview can save you the trouble of looking for any third-party PDF programs. Preview is a natural PDF viewer on Mac, enabling users to edit, convert, and annotate PDFs. Since Apple has added a redaction tool for macOS, we will use this feature to hide the text within a PDF:

Step 1: Open a PDF document using Preview;

Step 2: Click View to select Show Markup Toolbar. Alternatively, you can click on the pen icon on the top right of the screen;

Step 3: Then, in the main menu, choose Redact. Right after you click on the icon, you will be prompted that all your changes on the document cannot be recovered;

Step 4: When you click OK, you are ready to redact the text.

Using Preview to black out text is the most straightforward method. Some other professional PDF software like PDFelement, Foxit PDF, and Adobe Acrobat have their products on macOS. If you need it, these options are safe to use as well.

How to Redact Text in PDF with Online Tools

The next part is for those who don’t want to download and install any external software. All you need is an internet connection. Whether you are a fan of Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems, you can access web-based PDF tools to redact sensitive information in your PDF. Let’s take AvePDF for example.


AvePDF is a feature-rich online PDF tool, and it can assist in converting, organizing, editing, protecting, and optimizing. In the Protect menu, AvePDF enables users to electronically sign PDF, add password protection, and remove sensitive data from their PDF.

Step 1: Type the URL. When you open the website, click on the Protect button.

Step 2: Import a PDF document from a local device or any cloud storage platform to the workplace;

Step 3: Click on the Add redaction marks and draw an area on the place where needs redaction marks;

Step 4: Choose Apply all redactions to save all changes.


AvePDF lets users edit the redaction marks. If you need to change the properties of the redacted area, click on the redaction mark and select Edit. Then you are enabled to modify the title and color of those marks.

Final Words

In this era when most of us care about personal information and privacy, redacting text in your PDF documents seems to be a feasible solution. What’s more, the information and data will be permanently removed from your PDF, and no one will be able to access the content you want to hide.

The aforementioned PDF products prove to be safe to use. Users can choose the one based on their actual needs.


Q: How do I redact text in a PDF with Adobe Acrobat?

A: Adobe Acrobat is the leading PDF software in the document management industry, making it easy to black out text within a PDF:

Step 1: Select Tools and then choose Redact;

Step 2: Hit the Redact Text & Images on the Edit tab;

Step 3: Place your cursor at the text or images in this PDF, and then right-click the selected content to choose Redact.