So, does anyone know how to forward text messages to another phone? How does a secondary phone number help protect a hacker? In two-factor authentication, faults have been detected, allowing cybercriminals to access your account via mobile phone. That’s why secondary phone numbers are important.

Two-factor authentication – this additional step that should keep our devices and personal information safe – was not suppressed anymore.

2FA is a simple idea: The username and password of a new browser, location, or device will log into a particular account, and you will receive the second request for the authentication, like text with a temporary PIN.

This provisional code is entered, and you’re in, voila. As most hackers can’t access your phone, it should be safe for your account. The 2FA should already be set up on your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. If not, learn how to create 2FA using my step-by-step guide on your most popular accounts.

Technology always develops, and cybercriminals have found defects in the 2FA system, particularly when using your personal phone. Hackers find clever ways to hijack telephone numbers.

Stay a step ahead of cybersecurity

I have taken steps to create a second number that directs your primary cell phone calls and texts. Secondary numbers are common among freelancers and SME’s, who don’t need to carry multiple telephones.

Your secondary number will maintain your primary phone number when you set up 2FA. You will still get accessibility via a web browser or another phone when you lose your phone, switch carriers, or number. Your secondary number remains separate, and your 2FA texts are still available.

Get a secondary number

Google Voice provides you with a free voice, text, and voicemail phone number. An active Google account is all you need.

Here is how you set up a voice number for Google:

  1. Install the iOS and Android Google Voice app. You can also use a web browser to access Google Voice on your PC.
  2. Link your account with Google.
  3. The app allows you to select a Google Voice number after linking. The accessible numbers may be searched by ZIP or the city, but what they suggest is probably best.
  4. You must link and verify that your account is an active cell phone number after choosing your Google Voice number. You can also forward all of your Google Voice calls and SMS to this number. You also must go back and deactivate call forwarding if you are to use the Google Voice number for 2FA. For 2 factor-authentication and receiving calls and texts, you cannot use Google Voice. This is one or another thing. It will be either.
  5. Google will then send your connected phone number with a six-digit code to check your Google Voice account. Enter and ensure that this code matches.
  6. That’s it; you are optimized to use your phone number for Google Voice. From now on, you can use your Google Voice Number instead of using your own mobile number for the second identity check.

This method has one drawback. You’re back in the square because the Google Voice number is connected to your Google account. After all, the hackers are also able to access your 2FA codes.

Using an authenticator app is also a secure option

Authenticator apps are far more convenient and secure than sending a text message in many ways. They are designed to assist with two-factor authentication, and services like Google Authenticator can protect your login and reduce your vulnerability to hackers.

For your 2FA codes, Google users are especially encouraged to use an authenticator app. Other authentication apps can be used in addition to Google Authenticator, such as

  • Duo
  • Authy
  • Microsoft
  • LastPass,
  • FreeOTP

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone app

Aside from 2FA security, having multiple numbers is almost a requirement, so you don’t have to expose your personal information. It’s a good idea to have a secondary phone number to give out if you’re online dating, buying and selling on eBay, or traveling.

You can have different sections and phone numbers on a single phone if you use the right app on your smartphone. These apps will provide you with a secondary phone number for as long as you require it.