There are multiple reasons you might want to print off your text messages from your Android device. You might have a court date that you need a copy of your contact with someone for, or you might just want to make a scrapbook of you and your loved ones’ conversations as a gift.

The best way to print off your text message conversations would have to be downloading a third party program that allows you to transfer files from your Android to your computer. There is a Android file transfer tool named MobiKin Assistant for Android.

This program lets you transfer your text conversations to your computer from your Android and then print them out. It lets you see what the messages are going to look like when printed before you actually print them also. This program also lets you send and receive texts on your computer and backup and restore all the files on your Android with just a single click.

How to Use MobiKin to Print Text Messages from Your Android

1. Open the MobiKin Software on your computer after installing it, then hook your phone up to your computer that is connected to a printer

2. You will have to follow the Prompts that come up on your screen to make your phone recognized by the program

3. When you are done making your phone recognized, you will need to click on SMS on the home page of the program

4. The entire list of your sent and received text messages on your phone will pop up on the screen. Tap the check boxes next to the text messages that you want to print off your Android

5. Now, click the Export button and then choose what kind of file you want the selected text messages to be saved as. You can use CSV, HTML, TEXT, or XML files using this program

6. After you Export the messages, you need to open the file on your computer from the folder you exported it to. Now you can view and print the files.

This app can be used to help control and manage everything on your Android device

This is not a free program, but they do have a free trial that you can use and decide whether it is worth it for you to buy the full version.

If you want to print text messages for free there are ways to do that. Don’t worry.

How to Print Text Conversations Through Email

1. Open your Messages App on your Android and open the text conversation you want to print

2. Tap and hold to copy the text conversation

3. Open your email on your Android and tap on the Compose button to start a new email

4. Paste the messages you copied into the email and then type in the email address you want to send the messages to

5. Go to the computer you are going to print the messages from and log in to the email address you sent to text messages to

6. Now, you need to copy and paste the email to a Word document and click File-Print

7. This will print out the actual text of the messages you copied

How to Print off Android Text Messages by Taking Screenshots

Another way to print off your Text Messages is to take screenshots of all your messages and send them to your computer so you can print them from there. This method of printing text messages will also work for any messaging app that you want to print conversations from.

1. First, you need to open the text conversation that you are wanting to print off. Now press your power button and the volume down button to take a screenshot.

2. Take as many as you want to get all the messages you are trying to print off. The longer the conversation the more screenshots you will need to take


3. After you are done screenshotting the texts messages you want to print, open your Google Drive on your Android and press the Plus Sign, then Upload. Choose the Screenshots album and then select all the screenshots of the messages you are wanting to print and tap Open

4. After your phone is done uploading your screenshots to your Google Drive, go to your Google Drive on your computer and sign in

5. Scroll through and find the screenshots you want to print and download them to your computer. To download the screenshots, click the Three Vertical Dots in the top right corner of your Google Drive page, then click download

6. This will download all your screenshots into a Zip folder that you will need to Extract. On Windows double click the Zip folder that your screenshots are in and then click the Extract tab, then Extract all and then Extract one more time. On Mac, just double click the screenshot folder and it will automatically extract the files

7. Finally, select all the screenshots you want to print off by holding down Ctrl and clicking each one on your PC or holding down Command and clicking each one on your Mac, and then Press Ctrl + P on Windows to print and Command + P on your Mac to print them off

How to Use SMS Backup+ to Print Text Messages from Android

There are many apps that are available on the Play Store that will allow you to save and print your text message conversations, but one of the best ones that you can get for free is SMS Backup+.

1. First, download and install the SMS Backup+ App and open it once installed

Connect to link your Gmail account

2. Now, tap Connect to link your Gmail account to the app

start a full backup

3. When your Android is connected, the app will ask you to start a full backup of the text messages that are currently on your device. Tap Backup and this will save the text messages to your Gmail

4. Go to your Gmail on your computer and log in. Click on More Labels and choose the SMS option. This will open the folder that all of your messages are held in that you just sent from your Android

5. Finally, open the text messages you want to print and then tap Print. This will print all the SMS messages that you selected

How to Print Text Messages from Your Android Using Droid Transfer

1. Download and install Droid Transfer onto your computer, then connect you Android and your computer either by Wi-Fi or by using a USB connection

2. Click on the Messages tab on the feature list in the program

3. Now, choose which text messages you want to print

4. Click on the Print option in the toolbar and then confirm that you want to print