There’s nothing better than getting a locket containing a loved one’s picture. It’s something you can take with you just about anywhere, providing comfort and loving memories. Would you like to do the same for someone else, print locket-sized pictures? Fortunately for you, creating such tiny pictures is a relatively easy and painless process.

What You Will Need…

Before you can start printing pictures of your loved ones for a locket, you’ll need a few things to make it happen. Luckily, it’s a pretty straightforward list.

1. A computer and or handheld device, like a smartphone or a tablet.

2. A printer.

3. Editing software.

That last one, editing software, can be almost anything that has the capability of manipulating an image. Even something as basic as Microsoft Paint will do just fine. On the flipside, if you’re using a mobile device, you’ll have to use a third party application.

How to Print Locket-Sized Pictures

For this guide, Microsoft Paint will be used to showcase the steps. It may appear differently for you depending on the software you use, but the steps are general enough that they can apply to most, if not all, editing programs.

1. Start by measuring your locket, specifically the space in which the picture will be seen. A locket is designed to clasp a picture within the casing. This means a portion of the locket will cover your picture. Keep that in mind. You can use a ruler to measure or tape measure, but do get as close as you can and round up.

2. Now open editing software of your choice. It can be something as simple as Microsoft Paint of Microsoft Office or something as robust as Photoshop. There’s no wrong answer.

3. Place your picture in the editing software.

Resize tool

4. Crop your image so that only what you want included in the picture is seen. This can usually be done with a “Crop” tool or dragging the edges inwards.

5. Your next move is to use the program’s Resize tool. For example, Microsoft Paint has a tool called “Resize and Skew.”

adjusting scaling percentages or pixels

6. Resize your image by adjusting scaling percentages or pixels or, if you have the option, by height and width. For height and width, you can punch in your locket’s dimensions. For percentages and pixels, you’ll have to aim for a touch-and-go method.

7. Save your edited image. Be sure to save it as a new file. Don’t overwrite the first one just in case you need to come back and make changes.

print your image with a printer

8. When that is all said and done, you can print your image with a printer, provided you have a printer already set up and ready to go. You can do this with paper or specially designed paper for picture-like quality.

Resize Your Picture on Locketstudio

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble resizing your image, you can take the easy way out and head over to Locketstudio. That website will do all of the legwork by asking a few questions on dimension and shape. Afterwards, you can upload your image and your picture will be resized to the specifications you chose.

After that process is finished, you can download the image and print it straight away with a printer.

1. Start by visiting Locketstudio with your preferred web browser. Once redirected, click “Proceed Without Code” in the lower right corner.

shape of your locket

2. Next, choose the shape of your locket. Unfortunately, it does not have the option for square-shaped lockets.

Use a tape measure or ruler to measure

3. Use a tape measure or ruler to measure one end to the other. Answer with the size of your locket in millimeters.


4. Click on Browse to open your computer’s file explorer. Locate your picture and double-click on it.

5. Next, click Edit.

Zoom and Rotate

6. Use the Zoom and Rotate tools to structure your image and include everything you want.

[NOTE]: Just in case you measured incorrectly, add just a bit more space to the image. That way, in the event that your picture is too large, you can fix it by cutting around the edges.

7. When you’re finished, click Save.

8. Now click Finish.

9. Finally, click Download.

10. Print your newly created image.