There are plenty of reasons why you may want to print iMessages on your iPhone or iPad. If you’re being harassed by a co-worker or an ex, then you can print the iMessages and use them as proof.

You may also want to print iMessages if it contains important details and you just want a hard copy of the material. There are a few easy ways you can do this, and you will learn about it below.

Take screenshot and Print

The easiest way to print iMessages on your iPhone or iPad, is to take a screenshot of the message, and then get a print out of the screenshot. Easy isn’t it? Well, here’s how you take a screenshot of an iMessage.

1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Head over to the iMessage thread that you want to print.

3. Scroll through the messages and stop to take screenshots by pressing and holding the Home button+Power button.

4. On newer iPhones without a Home button, press and hold both the volume buttons and the Power button together.

5. The screenshots should appear in the Photos app.

6. Download them to a Mac or PC and start printing them.

7. Print the photos in black and white to save cost.

That’s one way to print iMessages on your iPhone or iPad. The method for iPad is same as it is for an iPhone. If you don’t want to print photos, then try the method below.

Copy messages to Notes and Print

Here is another easy way to take printouts of iMessages on your iOS device. Follow the steps below;

1. Open the Messages app on your iOS device.

2. Open the thread that you want a printout of.

3. Hold each message and copy the contents.

4. Now open the Notes app and paste the iMessage.

5. Do the same for all the messages that you want a print of.

6. Once you’re done, you can print using the Notes app or any other app where you can paste all the messages and print it.

7. If you have a printer at home with AirPrint, then the printing process will be very easy and fast.

8. In the Notes app, you can hit the Share button and then click on Print.

9. If there’s an AirPrint printer, it should show up and you can start printing.

These two are the easiest ways to print iMessages. As mentioned in the beginning, this could come in handy when the iMessages contain proof of something. It will also stand up in the court of law. If you take screenshots, you can also get details such as the time and date when the message was received. We hope this post taught you how to print iMessages on your iPhone or iPad.