How to Power Xbox One Without Brick

How to Power Xbox One Without Brick

Whether you just bought your Xbox One or are a seasoned gamer who knows the console inside and out, you may have noticed the bulky power brick that comes with every single console.

This brick stands out beside the sleek futuristic look of the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S, so much so that you may be wondering, “Is it even necessary?” and the answer is yes, it serves an essential role in powering the Xbox console.

With that said, what if you misplace the power brick or forget it when taking your Xbox One to your friend’s place? Can you still power your Xbox One without the brick?

Can You Power Xbox One Without Brick

Yes, you can power the Xbox One console without the power brick. See, the power brick comes with every single console purchased through casual retail because it is necessary to supply power to the Xbox console.

Before you get the wrong idea, the power brick does not create the power; it merely serves as a transformer for the power currently being run from the outlet to the brick and then to your Xbox console.

In technical terms, the power brick receives the AC current from the outlet and then boosts it into a DC current.

This ensures that the console is receiving maximum power in its highest achievable form.

With that information laid out, it is conceivable to power the Xbox One console without the power brick.

The Xbox One and Xbox One X require a power supply, starting with the Xbox One X; the minimum wattage is 65 Watts and reaches 180 Watts. The Xbox One console starts at the base of 70 Watts and maxes out at 120 Watts.

The difference in the max power reflects the difference between the consoles, being that the Xbox One X console is more capable of reaching 4K resolution; therefore, the Xbox One X requires more power.

With this base power wattage, serving as a measurement of the power you will need to power the Xbox One console, you can figure out what it will take.

These wattage measurements may seem high, though; they really are not that bad considering the device you are powering.

The Xbox consoles have only become more and more power efficient throughout the series of models.

For example, most every day, two slices of bread toasters require between 800 to 1500 Watts to toast the two slices of bread; so when compared to the highest pull wattage from the Xbox One X, 180 Watts, you can see it is not much.

How to Power Xbox One Without Brick

It can be tricky to power the Xbox One without a power brick, though it is not impossible. Most gamers will update their console when a new one comes out and sell their old one.

Let’s hope you did not sell your Xbox 360, though. Since incredibly, you can use the power brick from that console to power your Xbox One console.

This method may be crude and will require some DIY (Do It Yourself,) though it could be the answer.

If you have an old Xbox 360 laying around with the power brick, you can grab the power brick from the Xbox 360, then take the end of the cord that plugs into the Xbox console from the power brick and cautiously cut out the rubber between the prods on the end that plugs into the console.

If you can manage a clean enough cut, this will plug right into your Xbox One since these plugs are identical for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One (except for the rubber divider.)

This can be challenging, so be sure to take your time and be careful not to damage the power prongs that plug into the Xbox console. There is video proof of this working on YouTube, so long as it is done correctly.

As previously stated, this is a crude way of replacing the power brick for the Xbox One; however, it will work.

A word of warning, though, since any other method you use to power your Xbox One console other than the default setup it comes with, you face the risk of damaging your console system.

This is why Microsoft advised against using any other means to power your Xbox One other than the power cord, brick, and wires that it comes with almost all Xbox consoles (excluding the Xbox Series S.)

Can You Play Xbox One Without Power Brick

Yes and no, if you utilize the method depicted in the previous segment by using the Xbox 360 power brick to power your Xbox One.

Then yes, you can play on your Xbox One console with no foreseeable problems, other than risking your Xbox One system; so, if you attempt this method, you do so at your own risk.

A power supply is absolutely essential to being able to play games on your Xbox One console and any console for that matter. In this regard, you cannot play games on your Xbox One console without a power supply, and the power brick serves in this power supply.

Another valid method to power your Xbox One without the power brick involved is much safer for you and your console than the other; in this method, you can power your Xbox One with a USB cord.

You will need a USB cord with a male-to-male, meaning it has USB plug-ins at both ends of the cord; you will also need a USB to-outlet adapter.

Once you have acquired the necessary items, simply plug one USB end into the USB port on the back of your Xbox One, then plug the other USB end into the outlet adapter (make sure the connection is secure.)

After that, plug the outlet adapter into the outlet and check if you see an orange light (indicating power to the console.) Afterward, power on the Xbox One and get to gaming.

Alternative Ways to Power Xbox One

There are a couple of ways to power your Xbox One console. One way is to utilize a male-to-male USB power cord; as previously mentioned, this is a USB cord with USB plugs at both ends of the cable; once you have that, you are more than halfway to powering your Xbox

You will need to plug one USB end of the cord into the USB port on the back or front of your console, then plug the other USB end into an outlet adapter; after that, plug the adapter into the outlet.

That is it, and you should have adequate power to play on your Xbox One console.

The other option for powering your Xbox One console is to use the batteries within your controller to power the console.

This relatively new method of powering your console is introduced with the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. In order to achieve this and make it last, you will want your controller batteries to be charged or preferably fully charged.

All that is needed for the process is the Xbox One console itself, the Xbox One controller, and the USB cord that connects from your Xbox controller to the Xbox console.

You plug the USB controller cord into the console, then plug the other end into your controller; after that, simply press the Xbox symbol on the controller to turn on the console.

Believe it or not, the third option for powering your Xbox One console is to use a PS4 (PlayStation 4) power cord. Since the PS4 and the Xbox One power cords are the exact sizes and even shapes, this will work for powering your Xbox One console.

While this is most likely a coincidence in manufacturing, it could also be part of Microsoft and Sony agreeing to collaborate on developing cloud technologies; however, even this is unlikely.

So, you will want to locate and grab your PS4 power cord, then simply plug the outlet plug into the outlet and then plug the other into the power cord port on your Xbox One console; it should fit like a glove. The PS4 power cord has a power brick also, granted a smaller one.

Why Does Xbox Need a Power Brick

As previously mentioned in the second segment of this article, the power brick for the Xbox One serves essentially as a transformer for the AC power current coming from the outlet and boosts it into a DC current for the Xbox console.

This is, so the Xbox One console receives the appropriate amount of power for its functions.

If the AC power was not converted to DC, the Xbox One console would be much more likely to overheat, malfunction or glitch.

If not for the exhaust fan, the Xbox One console would overheat very quickly; not to mention, if the power brick were not both transforming the power current and taking the brunt of it, the Xbox One console would not work very well.

On that note, you may have noticed that the power brick gets warm or even hot at some points of use; while it is normal for the power brick to get warm, it can also overheat and eventually even burn out.

The little exhaust fan in the power brick will do its best to prevent burnout;

however, there is only so much it can do; also, a fascinating fact is that in Japan, they refer to this little fan as a “groper.”

There have been many reports of even brand new power bricks burning out, and this could be due to manufacturing faults or other causes such as overuse of the console.

So, while it sounds great to play on your Xbox One all day and all night, it is simply not suitable for the console or the power brick as they are both susceptible to overheating, which is never a good thing.

As previously mentioned, it is normal for the power brick to get warm, as it is taking the heat of the energy exchange so that the console does not have to.

If your Xbox One’s power brick has burnt out, the best you can do is to purchase another one.

As with most good things, moderation is critical; the same can be said for playing on your Xbox One, if you play for too long, the chance of your power brick or even your console overheating only grows greater.

Also, be sure that your power brick is in a well-ventilated area and is not covered by anything, as the exhaust fan needs to oscillate air to keep the power brick cool.

The Xbox One is quite an extraordinarily small piece of gaming technology; it is capable of a lot of awesome things.

The fact that it has a power supply within the unit is a leap of its own. This is the type of gaming people in the 80s could have only dreamt of. With that said, try to practice some patience with the Xbox One and do not take it for granted.

It can be hard to remember that being able to game on such a console is a privilege. If you take care of your console, it will take care of you in a sense.

Also, remember that if you tamper with the Xbox One console or the power brick, it will void the warranty if you have one.

Microsoft does not advise anyone to use any other means of powering the Xbox One console other than with the equipment provided with the purchase.

Keep in mind that some of the more outlandish methods of powering your Xbox One console could possibly result in damage to the system, so explore these avenues at your own risk. We hope you found the information in this article helpful and or enlightening.

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