How to Play iMessage Games on Android

How to Play iMessage Games on Android

If you are looking for tricks and ways to play iMessage games on Android, you have come to the right place. As you should know by now, the iMessage is the product of the Apple iOS family.

It is officially and unfortunately not possible to play iMessage games on Android directly; however, with credit due to developers that have come up with alternative apps and tricks that you can utilize in order to fulfill your longing to play iMessage games on Android.

So, while it is a real bummer to find out that you cannot access iMessage games while on Android, do not lose hope as there are other methods.

Can You Play iMessage Games on Android?

Unfortunately, no, since the iMessage app is part of the Apple iOS family, there is no official way to play iMessage games on Android.

This is undoubtedly frustrating and can seem not so fair since you may have some friends having a blast on iMessage games, yet since you are on Android, you cannot join the fun. However, there are ways.

You may recall that the iMessaging app recently came out with games to be played on the application (app.) Also, please remember that Apple iOS devices have a particular security system that protects its users against threats.

Therefore, this is the issue that holds you (Android) against using the app on your Android device.

While there is no official way to play iMessage games on Android, there are emulator apps. Emulators essentially have your Android device behave like the Apple iOS software, allowing you to kind of play iMessage games on your Android.

Since the iMessage app is closed messaging (basically secured,) the closed messaging system gets overlayed on the Android platform.

So, when attempting to use the iMessaging system on an Android, what you will need to do is establish a link between an actual Apple iOS device, such as a MAC PC, and the Android device.

It is a must to use an Apple iOS device in this process since it cannot be used directly on an Android device. It is essentially like trying to use a nut on a nail; it simply will not work, at least not correctly at all.

How to Play iMessage Games on Android

As discussed previously, there are apps that can essentially give you the iMessaging experience on your Android; and the leading app for this is weMessage.

With the weMessage app, it will provide you with almost all of what iMessage offers its Apple iOS users; this means you will have access to group chats, attachments, content blocking, notifications, Do Not Disturb, and many other features as well.

If you are wanting to play iMessage games with a friend and are not sure if they have an iPhone or an Android, if they send you a message through your messaging app and the text appears green, it means that they are using an Android device.

If it is blue then it means they are using an iPhone or iPad (iOS.)

Now, with the weMessage app, you will still need to use a MAC PC (preferably) or any device of the iOS family.

This is because the MAC will essentially take the place of a server for between the weMessage app and your Android.

It is offering you the ability to use the iMessage app without really using the iMessage app. It is somewhat complicated, but this is the only way to (kind of) use the iMessage app on Android without reverse engineering or other exploits.

Firstly you will need to install the weServer on your MacOS computer; you usually would only need to install the weMessage app on your phone to send/receive SMS text messages; however, you want to be able to play iMessage games, so installing the weServer on your MacOS computer is essential to the process.

How to install the weServer onto your MacOS computer and Android

1. Firstly, let’s start with your MacOS computer. You will have to install the Java SE Development Kit in your MAC; this will provide Terminal rights to your server to essentially tweak your System preference.

2. Then, you will want to install the weServer on your device.

3. Once you have opened the ZIP file, you should see the “run.command” file, and you will want to double click on the same for launching the weServer.

4. Next, you will be asked for your iMessage email; it is essential to provide the mail ID that is LinkedIn to your official iMessage account. Although, it is advisable to come up with a new strong password in order to avoid security issues.

5. Once the installations are complete, the weMessage app will be installed on your Android phone; also, it will sync up all of your contacts to initiate the text messaging feature.

This will complete installing the weMessage app and the weServer as well. With this link established and your MacOS computer taking the place of the server to the link, you will be able to play iMessage games on your Android.

Giving you the freedom to play all of those fun games you have been hearing about on the iMessage app.

You were also providing an ample opportunity to crush your buddies on the leaderboards. It can be frustrating being on the other end of something great as playing games with friends or with kind strangers that could be your friends.

With that said, there are other apps that are very similar to the iMessage app games that boast some of the same if not very similar games on them. Including the classic games like Uno, Dominoes, and Ludo.

So, while apps like the iMessage app may seem out of reach for Android users, they are, in fact, not.

With the weMessage app, you can enjoy all of the features offered on the iMessage app and will be able to tell your friends that there is an app for Android devices or, better yet, invite them to the party that is the weMessage app.

Apps like iMessage Games for Android

Perhaps, it would be great to get in on the iMessaging experience, though if it is simply not an option for you, there are alternative apps.

These apps are very similar to iMessage, not only in offering the usual chat features such as chat rooms and stream rooms but also typically supplying an extensive array of games to play with friends. These awesome apps will be listed out below.

1. Plato

Plato boasts 45 games that you can play with friends and family or maybe even also someone new. With their games list only expanding more and more, including classics such as Dominoes, Checkers, and Chest.

An incredible feature of Plato is that you will not be interrupted by annoying ads in the middle of gameplay, as there are no ads.

Not to mention, they also do not store any of your information from your one-on-one conversations on their servers. Moreover, they do not ask for any information when logging in either, offering you some much-appreciated privacy.

Are you feeling a little competitive? That is good since Plato also features leaderboards and biweekly tournaments. You can also deploy their matchmaking feature if you would like to go up against a real person.

Adding to the elements, you can earn valuable Coins to spend in the shop. Add your name to the ranks today.


HAGO serves you up an overflowing plate of mini-games, boasting a staggering amount of 100+ mini-games. With said games, you can choose between playing one-on-one with a competitor or even multiplayer.

In terms of communication, you can use their chat messaging or video conferencing to talk with friends or even new friends. Not to mention, you can stream live on HAGO.

Do not forget that HAGO also provides free chat rooms and stream rooms with thousands of talented hosts. Some of these chat rooms and stream rooms fall into categories such as cooking, singing, and even dancing.

3. Bunch

It is all in the name of Bunch, as it offers a bunch of features. The main attraction for players is that you can even video-call your friends while playing games.

Since you can play games and let Bunch run in the background, it sets itself apart from most of the other apps in this category.

With an outstanding plethora of games that is only growing, you will not have a hard time finding something to play with your friends.

If you are feeling thoughtful, you can find trivia games, and if you are just looking for some simple fun, Bunch has games like Flappy Birds or Mars Dash, where you can take your friends to Mars for some fun in the sun.

4. TopTop

TopTop mainly consists of classic games such as Dominoes, Ludo, and even Uno. Many different games are also being added to the list. With that said, TopTop is also a socializing app where you can chat with friends, family, and even new friends you can find on the app.

TopTop is one of the top social apps in Oman, and not to mention, people from 20+ countries in the Arab world are on this platform. This makes TopTop gaming rooms unique in the sense that it helps over 50k Arabs find friendship while playing games together.

Another helpful feature is that you can even create private chat rooms with your friends and family. Since you choose who is the chat room, you will not be disturbed by any uninvited guests.

5. Yubo

Yubo is a French social networking app that is aimed at teenagers and young adults alike. On Yubo, you can play games with and meet new and exciting people, and it also offers up live streaming.

You can add up to ten friends in the live video chat, including new friends as well. You can also talk to your friends, old and new, through the chat feature. Not to mention, the chat is still available while you are live streaming.

An incredible feature called “Swipe” can enable you to find friends around the world to talk to and play with. The community categories consisting of anime, movies, and songs, ensuring that you find the right like-minded people that share the same interests as you.

Yubo offers newer features like the “Lenses,” where you can apply filters and take some fun pictures. Then, there is the “YouTube Stream” feature, allowing you to watch videos directly from YouTube.

Yubo will even reward you for inviting friends from other social media apps, such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

6. Tiya

Tiya being an audio, social networking app where you can virtually hang with friends and even strangers that share common interests with you.

You can even create public and private chat rooms on almost any given subject, such as movies, sports, and, if it fits you, also music.

One of the most remarkable features that Tiya offers is shared streaming so that you can create chat rooms where you and your friends can watch YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and even Netflix content together—enhancing the discussion along the way.

Tiya also gives you the ability to create groups or communities where you can have like-minded folks from all over join in. If you already have a group or community in mind, you can indeed find it in the vast selection of groups and communities.

7. Partying

Since Partying is an audio social networking app, it will offer up high-quality multi-participant chats with its voice chat feature.

With 100+ friends daily that you can match up with, you can text them, voice chat with them, and even see their previous posts, all in the Partying app.

Like the others listed, Partying will give you groups to meet people in, such as relationships, anime, music, movies, and even food.

You can sing songs and play games with old and newer friends on multiplayer games such as Ludo and Carrom, with only more to discover.

8. Sociable

As the name states, Sociable is a social platform where you meet new people and find already made friends, whether they are next door or across the seas. You can chat with them, text them, and even send photos and videos to them.

On Sociable, you can video-call friends or new people you have just met. Be sure to invite some friends that do not have Sociable to enhance the experience.

You can also play fun games like Battleship, Backgammon, or even Wordy if you are feeling clever. All of these games can be played with your friends or even like-minded strangers that will become your friends as well.

Sociable’s selection of games is growing every day, so there is bound to be a game that you and your friends will enjoy together.

Sociable even offers you the ability to follow other people and be followed so that you can share videos, trade pictures, and keep up to date with those you follow.

Sociable; being a fun platform, not only can you play fun games with friends and communicate with them while you are at it, but you can also follow said friends and share all sorts of multimedia with them.

9. Kito

Kito is a live voice social media platform that is meant for entertainment and fun. You can create private chat rooms that are secured with a key so that you will not get any uninvited guests in your chat room.

Both in the private and the public chat rooms, you can create a group voice chat with up to eight people.

Instead of clogging up the app with multiple accounts, you may have many rooms and even sub-rooms that are focused on any given topic, all with a straightforward ID.

On Kito, you can even play with your voice with audio effects, thanks to the “Voice Magic” feature. Another great additive to the “Voice Magic” feature is that it will slow to choose the scene in which the chat room exists.

Kito is also available in many different languages, so no matter what language you may speak, Kito has space for you.

10. Pictoword

Pictoword could be considered fundamental in its approach, though that has not stopped many teenagers and adults from across the world; from getting addicted to its engaging word game.

Pictoword offers both multiplayer and single-player, and if you are offline by chance, no worries, as Pictoword is playable offline as well.

If you have played Scrabble, it is very similar to that game; in the sense that you will be shown two pictures, and then you must combine the two pictures to create a word.

For example, if you are shown a picture of a bar and a picture of soap. You will combine the two, making the word “bar soap.” It is simplistic yet, fun and addicting.

On Pictoword, you will have many different categories to choose from, such as TV shows, movies along with, places and celebrities.

While playing games with your friends you can take turns. You can even receive backup from your friends by connecting to their email or Facebook.

11. PlayJoy

Much like the other apps listed, on PlayJoy, you can chat with friends and make new friends as well. Get to know your new friends with online multiplayer games.

You must also have the classics, which PlayJoy has, including, Dominoes, Ludo, Parcheesi, and Uno, all available on the PlayJoy app.

PlayJoy also offers public and private chat rooms, where you can with friends both old and new, no matter where they may be in the world.

Also, with their real-time notifications, you will never miss any of your friend’s messages.

Every game on PlayJoy gives you the opportunity to win daily prizes, and the game’s biweekly challenges will keep you and your friends paying happily.

You could even climb the leaderboard by going up against real players, even in classic board games. On PlayJoy, you can invite friends to play with you and even share how you are doing on games on your social media accounts.

12. Voga

Voga is an app where you and your friends can play games and can communicate using the voice social media platform.

Suppose you have not such an excellent service also, no problem, as the instant messaging on Voga will still work even if you have a weak internet connection.

Voga boasts a massive array of fun games, where you can also compete against real-time players.

Voga is a great place to find some new friends to play fun games with, and you could also invite your friends that are on other social media apps, only expanding the fun to be had together.

You can even reward your helpful friends with digital gifts, and not to mention, you can get virtual rewards.

So, gather up your friends on Voga, and have some fun with some entertaining games, all while being able to chat with one another. Even if you are looking to make some new friends to play games with, Voga is an ideal app to find those would-be friends.

As previously stated, we are most likely not far from Android releasing an app similar to iMessage. Seeing as applications (apps) are evolving and changing every day and are almost always imitating each other.

Which makes sense since they are targeting the same audience for their products and the features that come with them; on that note, hang in there.

Since the number of mobile gamers is almost constantly rising, and for a good reason, with so many awesome games coming out for mobile devices.

You, too, can hop on the mobile gaming train. Everyone has a different idea of what a good game is and what constitutes a “game” as well.

With that said, there is indeed an enormous amount of different types of mobile games out there, so you are bound to find something that you like.

With a little bit of technical work and research, you can have almost all of these mobile games at your fingertips. We hope you found your answer here; if not, at least some valuable information to recall in a moment of technical need.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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