If you’re familiar with technology and data, then you might know what pinging is. When you ping a piece of technology, whether it be a website or a phone, you send packets of data to it.

Pinging can be used to send data to a website to see if it still exists, and if it comes back, it does. Pinging can be used on cell phones in a similar way to determine a location. There are very popular ways that pinging is used on phones, and more often, it’s used to locate phones. Here’s how you ping a cell phone.

How to Ping a Cell Phone

There are multiple ways to ping a cell phone. Here are a few things that you can do.

Third Party Software

You’re probably most familiar with third party services that ping your account. If you want to ping a cellphone of a friend or family member that isn’t on your cell service account, then you’ll need third-party software. There are tons of third-party apps that you probably are currently using. Life360 and Find My Friends.

When you install these apps, you can only track phones who also have this app installed. The apps, since they’re installed on both phones, allow one device to send a ping to another, and then the location of that device will be relayed.

Here’s how you use the third- apps. This specifically contains directions for Life360.

1. Download the app.

2. Enter all of the necessary information into the app. Life 360 asks you for your name and permission to access your location. Tap Next when you’re done.

3. Now, a map should show up and you can see your location. At the bottom of the map, you need to select “Add a Member.” A code will show up.

4. When the code shows up, you can select “Share the code” or you can just text the code to the people that you want to connect with.

5. Once they get the code, they need to download the app.

6. Once they download the app, they need to put in their name and give the app access to their location.

7. When they see the map on their screen, they’ll need to tap the white bar at the top of the screen. A menu will appear.

8. On the menu, select “Join a Circle.”

9. They’ll have to enter the code that they were sent and then they’ll be added to your circle.

Whenever you want to see their location, a ping will be sent to their phone. These apps usually offer a messaging option, which is useful if you’re in a group that is scheduled, on a business trip, or constantly worrisome.

Use Cell Provider’s Service

Use Cell Provider’s Service

This pings your phone the same way that the third- party apps do, except it’s more for pinging your personal device. The service that your cell providers gives you will ping your phone, and once it does, it can do a ton of different things. You can back up what’s on your device, ring your device, lock it, track the location and receive any calls and messages that might have been sent to your device.

The screenshot above is the Find My Mobile for Samsung that you can use to locate your Samsung device. Another example is Find My iPhone.

Use Windows Command Prompt

You can send a ping to your cell phone from your Windows computer. If your cellphone and your computer are on the same IP network and Wi Fi network, then you can send a ping to your phone. Here’s how you ping your phone using the Windows Command Prompt.

Windows key

1. Press the Windows key in the bottom left corner of the keyboard and the “R” key. The Run box will open.

2. In the box, type “cmd” so that you can open the Windows Command Prompt. Select “OK.”


3. In the Command Prompt, type “ipconfig.” Then, hit Enter.

IP Address of the phone

4. In the next line, type ping and then the IP Address of the phone. This will send a ping from the phone, and you should get two or three lines of a “Reply” following the ping.

Of course, the third party software might seem the easiest, but the Windows Command Prompt is still a great choice. Either way, you’ll send a ping to your cell phone.