Snapchat Maps is a map on Snapchat that you can use to share your location and view the location of your friends. If you or your friends have their bitmoji setup, you’ll be able to see their little Bitmoji on the map over their location.

If your friends as asleep, you’ll see z’s appear near their head – this will be shown if they haven’t been on Snapchat in a long time and it’s the night-time. If someone’s listening to music, then you’ll see music notes appear near their Bitmoji. If you don’t want people knowing your location, then you can easily turn off this feature and choose which friends you want to have access to your location.

Snapchat maps is quite hard to access so you may no know where it is. Down below you can find out how to find Snapchat Maps.

Accessing the Snap Map

1. Launch the Snapchat app.

2. Your app will open to the camera screen. Place your index finger at the top of the screen.

3. Pull down on the screen.

The map will now appear on the screen. If you have not set this up, you will need to give Snapchat access to your location.

Once you hear, you can do plenty of things such as look at the hear map. The red and blue dots that appear on the screen is the heat map. If you can’t see this, you can zoom into the screen so that you’re more in a location. Blue and green dots indicate that stories are being taken here – red, yellow, and orange dots indicate that a large number of stories are being taken here.

Tip: If you don’t want anyone to know your location and you want to turn off Snapchat maps, tap the Settings in the upper-right corner > Toggle On Ghost Mode.