If you like to read ebooks on your Android smartphone, then you should know that the Android OS can’t open EPUB files by default. You will therefore have to download your ebooks in PDF format. However, EPUB format offers more benefits and there are more books available in this format. In this post, we will show you how you can open EPUB files on Android and read your favorite ebooks.

The EPUB format is also useful if you’re an author of ebooks. You can easily check device compatibility of your ebook that’s in the EPUB format. We’ve outlined a few methods below that will allow you to open EPUB files on Android. You won’t have to convert them to PDF format either. Let’s get started.

Open EPUB files on Android using Google Play Books

This is the best way to open EPUB files on Android smartphone. All you need is a Google account, and you will also have to download the Google Play Books app on your Android device. The Play Books app allows you to open EPUB files and read all your favorite books with ease. Google Play Store has an easy to browse books section that lets you download all the ebooks that you want.

You can also upload you own ebooks from anywhere using the Google Play Books website. It is pretty easy and allows you read all your ebooks on your phone using the app. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, then we recommend that you head over to the Play Store and download the Google Play Books app on your phone.

To upload ebooks to your Google Play Books account, you will need to head to the Play Books website on your computer. This is if you have ebooks on your PC and want to move them to your Android device. Otherwise, you can download ebooks right from the Google Play Books app on your phone.

1. Open your favorite browser and head to the Google Play Books website. Sign in using your Google credentials.

2. You will now see all your eBooks listed here. On the top right corner, you will find an Upload option. Click on this.upload from your PC

3. Select the eBooks that you want to upload from your PC. You can also drag and drop the EPUB files here.

4. The eBooks should be uploaded in a few moments.

That’s about it. The eBook should now appear on your Google Play Books app on your Android phone. If you want to upload eBooks from your smartphone to the Play Books app, then follow the steps below.

1. Make sure that the Google Play Books app is installed on your Android phone.

2. Tap on the downloaded EPUB file.

file will be uploaded to Play Books

3. A message should pop-up saying that the file will be uploaded to Play Books.

4. Hit Okay/Confirm and wait a few minutes for the upload to finish. This time is based on how big the EPUB file is.

The EPUB file should now be available in the Library section of the Google Play Books app.

Use a Third-party eBook reader

If, for some wild reason, you don’t want to use the Google Play Books app or Google services, then you can download a third-party Book reader from the internet. Use your browser to download an eBook reader such as Aldiko Book Reader, and you can start reading your EPUB files on Android. The app is also available on the Google Play Store, so you can easily download it from there if you don’t hate Google.

The app also allows users to read EPUB files in various other formats that may not be supported by the Google Play Books app. Therefore, if you have eBooks is other formats, then you may want to use this app instead. It’s easy to transfer any EPUB files from your smartphone, or computer, to the app. After the app is installed, you should find a folder called eBooks/Import in your phone storage. Move your EPUB files here and they will appear on the app.

From your PC, you will have to use a USB cable to transfer the files to your phone and into the eBooks/Import folder. Now, you will have to tap on the Import Button on the Aldiko Book Reader app on your phone. This button is located in the Menu tab and will import all books located in the eBooks/Import folder. Once the files are uploaded, you will receive a notification saying the upload is completed.

There you are. That’s how you can open EPUB files on Android and read your favorite eBooks while on the go.