You’ve just created an amazing presentation using the Keynote app on your Mac or iPad. You’re on your way to the office to present it to a few employees. You suddenly remember that your office only has Windows computers. Mac users have been in such situations, but there’s no need to panic. This post will tell you how to open a Keynote .key file in Powerpoint on a PC. Yes, that’s right. By the end of this tutorial, you will have learnt how to open Keynote files on Microsoft’s PowerPoint software on a Windows computer.

Even if you weren’t in the above situation, you may still want to open a Keynote presentation in Powerpoint on a PC. You can convert a Keynote presentation using a Mac or an iPad, and it is pretty easy to do. Apple’s Keynote is a powerful presentation making tool, but it isn’t better than Powerpoint. You can do a lot more on Microsoft’s Powerpoint tool than you can on Keynote. Also, most offices tend to use Windows computers, so it’s always a safer bet to have your presentation saved in Powerpoint format.

Apple’s Keynote tool saves presentation files in .key format. This tool is available for both macOS and iOS devices. Creating a presentation on Keynote is simpler and sometimes looks cooler than a Powerpoint presentation. Apple hasn’t made a version for Windows, so you can only view .key extension files on a Mac or iOS device. To open a Keynote .key file in Powerpoint on a PC, you will first need to convert the file. After you convert a .key file, you can view and edit the file using Powerpoint on Windows.

Convert Keynote .key file to Powerpoint

There are many ways you can convert a Keynote .key file to Powerpoint format. You can either use your Mac computer to do it, or you can use the Keynote app on your iPhone or iPad. Since all the files will automatically sync between all your Apple devices, this is an easy process. First, let’s look at how to convert the .key file on your Mac. To do this;

1. Open the Keynote app on your Mac.

2. Open your presentation file.

3. Click on the File option on the top menu bar.

4. Select the option that says Export To.

Choose PowerPoint

5. Choose PowerPoint.

A dialogue box will open that will allow you to choose the format. You can either choose .pptx, which if for newer versions for PowerPoint, or you can go with .ppt, which is for older versions of the software. Click on Next and choose an output destination. The converted file will be saved here. Your keynote. Key file should now be converted to Powerpoint format.

To convert a Keynote present on an iOS device, do the following:

1. Open the Keynote app.

2. Press and hold on the Keynote presentation that you want to convert.

3. Select the Share option and tap on Export in the menu that appears.

4. Choose Powerpoint and the file should be converted to Powerpoint.

You can now share the converted file over email, Google Drive, DropBox or any other service of your liking.

There’s also a way to convert a Keynote presentation using Apple’s iCloud. Here’s how to do it:

1. Head to from your desktop browser on a Windows PC.

2. Login to iCloud using your Apple ID.

3. Once logged in, choose Keynotes.

4. Now look for the Keynote presentation that you want to open on Powerpoint.

5. Click the three dotted menu shown on the Keynote file.

6. Select Download a copy.

7. Choose Powerpoint.

That’s about it. The converted file should download momentarily. You can now open it on Powerpoint on your Windows PC.

Open a Keynote .key file in Powerpoint on PC

Now that you’ve got your Keynote file in Powerpoint format, it should be very easy to open it and edit on a PC.

1. Launch PowerPoint on your Windows PC.

2. Click on Open and choose the converted Keynote file.

3. You can now view the file in Powerpoint and perform edits as well.

4. Add new slides, change font, animations etc, and save it as a Powerpoint file.

That’s about it. Remember, when opening the Keynote file on Powerpoint, it may note show the fonts properly. This is because some of the fonts on Apple’s Keynote aren’t available on Powerpoint on a PC. Even the animations that you selected on Keynote, will be changed to similar animations/transitions found on Powerpoint.

Use iPad to present Keynote presentation

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to convert the Keynote file, then you can also use an iPad to show the presentation. If you own an iPad, you can simply use the Keynote app and then present the presentation on the iPad. If your office has a projector, then you can connect it to the iPad via a Lightning to VGA adapter and present it on the big screen.

Present Keynote Presentation with iCloud

You can also present a Keynote presentation from iCloud. You don’t have to convert the Keynote file or do anything else. You don’t even need a Mac or iPad to do this. On your Windows PC, head over to and do the following;

1. Sign in to with your Apple ID.

2. Select Keynotes.

3. Open your presentation and click Play button.

4. The presentation should start playing on your Windows PC.

As you can see, you don’t actually need to convert a keynote .key file to play the presentation. Of course, if your client requires the presentation to be opened in Powerpoint, then you will need to convert it first. Once converted, you can share the PPT file and it will work on any Windows PC with Powerpoint. We hope you have learnt how to open a Keynote .key file in Powerpoint on a PC.