How to Move Time on Lock Screen iPhone

How to Move Time on Lock Screen iPhone

This guide will provide you with all of the information you need to determine whether or not you will be able to move the time on your lock screen for your iPhone. You can use this information to explore some alternative methods to do this.

Can You Move the Time on Your Lock Screen?

No, you cannot move the time on your lock screen. The time on your lock screen is something that is considered to be non-adjustable on your device.

There are many people who are okay with this. However, twice as many people don’t like having the time on their lock screen.

There are some people who are technologically OCD, meaning they want their device to look as well as feel a certain way when they are using it. That even goes for the adjustments for their lock screen. This has been frustrating for a lot of consumers.

How to Move the Time From Lock Screen iPhone

There aren’t too many methods available for you to move the time from your lock screen.

Although there isn’t a way for you to move the time, there are some useful tips and tricks that you can utilize that are adjacent to removing the time from the lock screen.

For many consumers that have iPhones, it’s typical to understand that all of the functionality that comes along with an iPhone is set as is.

However, the device is set up during purchase; that’s typically how the device will run for the duration that you have the iPhone.

This even includes your time settings on your device. And usually, whatever settings you have for adjusting your lock screen are settings that cannot be adjusted.

1. Jailbreak your iPhone

One way for you to move the time on your iPhone’s lock screen is to jailbreak your iPhone.

Jailbreaking your device will allow you to break out of the limitations that prohibit you from other features. When you purchase an apple device, there are limitations that are placed on your services by Apple.

There are particular things you can do, and there are specific things you are not allowed to do. So, Jill breaking your iPhone will allow you to be exempt from those limitations by Apple.

When you are jailbreaking your iPhone, it is essential to remember that you are doing this at your own cost.

You are performing something on your device that will otherwise cause issues if there aren’t any issues already. So, this is more so of an “enter at your own risk” type of situation when you’re jailbreaking your iPhone. 

Before jailbreaking your iPhone, it is essential to check the iOS version that your device is currently running.

Knowing the iOS version of your iPhone is critical because typically, after an iPhone is jailbroken, an update may be required.

When you jailbreak an Apple device, you are bypassing Apple’s security system, which prohibits Apple from automatically sending updates to your device. So, you may have to update the device on your own manually.

To check the iOS version of your device, you would do the following:

1. First, you will open the settings on your device.

2. Next, you will tap on the General option. 

3. From here, you tap on the About section.

4. After tapping on the about section, the iOS version of your device will be shown on the second row next to the term Software Version. 

5. Also, you will need to take note of your device’s model. This information will be located in the third row next to the Model Name.

And that’s pretty much all it takes to check the iOS version of your iPhone. 

The next part of the jailbreaking process is to back up the data on your device. Backing up the data on your device will protect any information that you currently have saved on your iPhone.

So, if there is an issue with the jailbreaking process, your information will be protected and secure, and you will be able to transfer that information back to your device.

If you are using an iPhone that is running iOS version 14.8 or under, these versions of iPhones can be jailbroken with the tools of uncovering or checkra1n.

If you want to use the uncover tool to jailbreak your iPhone, you can proceed with these methods: 

1. Download Alt Store on your Mac or PC and then install it on your device.

2. Download the uncover IPA from the uncover website and then perform a side load on your device using the Alt Store. 

3. Once the side load is complete, open the uncover app and tap on the button that says jailbreak. 

4. After the process, your device will start rebooting. After the reboot is done, there will be a code on your screen.

5. Once the device has rebooted, look for an application called Cydia to confirm the jailbreak was successfully completed. 

6. Last but certainly not least, when surfing the web on a jailbroken iPhone, it would be essential to use a VPN for your safety and security.

I know it sounds a little dark web. But, using a VPN for this situation is positive for safety and security after jailbreaking your device.

Once you have jailbroken your device, you will then have access to make all personal adjustments to your device without the actions being flagged by Apple support.

So, jailbreaking your device is similar to owning your device without a manufacturer. The only thing that is different is that you have access to the manufacturer’s features when using this device.

After you have full access to your device, you will be able to change the time for your lock screen. You will have the opportunity to have the time moved as well as any other adjustments. 

If you encounter any issues with jailbreaking the device on your own, you may want to connect with someone who is tech-savvy to perform the task for you. 

Although jailbreaking your device may seem like a quick and easy way to make some adjustments to move the time on your lock screen, there are a few cautionary steps to utilize when jailbreaking your iPhone.

Remember, it is essential to check the iOS of your device, perform a backup to protect your data in case there is an issue with the jailbreaking process, and finally, use a VPN for safe and secure browsing.

And above all things, it is vital to remember that you are entering at your own risk when doing this. So, be careful, be wise, and be smart. 

2. If You’re Talking About the Time Widget on Your Home Screen, You Can Move That

Whenever you purchase any cell phone, for any internal maneuvers such as changing your wallpaper on your display or adjusting your time on your lock screen or home screen, widgets come with your device. 

A widget is an extension of any application or service that is connected to your device. A widget allows you quick access to whatever those services or actions are. 

If you are a consumer and you are speaking in terms of having the time moved from your home screen itself, if you are using a widget for your time, you can simply move the widget. 

To move the widget, you will proceed with the following steps:

1. First, you will tap and hold on to the widget that you want to move. 

2. Next, drag the widget to where you want to move it to.

3. Rather Than Moving the Time, You Can Make Your Lock Screen Background White to Make it Appear As If the Time Isn’t There

This next alternative is a very tricky alternative to use. What you can do if you don’t want to see the time on your lock screen anymore is to post a background on your lock screen that is the same color as the time.

This will allow time to camouflage into the color of the background. Seems pretty cool, doesn’t it?

For the consumers who don’t know how to change the background of the lock screen, there will be steps available on how to do so.

But, before performing these steps, it is essential to ensure you have a background that is the same color as the font of the time on your lock screen. Most likely, the time on your lock screen will be in a white font.

So, if that is the case, you will need to find a white background that matches the same color tone as the lock screen font. 

After you have found, downloaded, or screenshotted the perfect shade that matches the color of the lock screen font, you will follow through with these steps to change the background of your lock screen: 

1. First, navigate to your settings.

2. Next, tap on the wallpaper option.

3. From here, you will then select the option to Choose a New Wallpaper. 

4. At this point, you will see the option to set your lock screen or wallpaper with one of the preset images on your device or choose one of the images you have downloaded or screenshotted to your iPhone. 

5. Select the option to use an image from your gallery.

6. Finally, you will be prompted to set your lock screen and or set your home screen to that image. 

7. After your lock screen image has been changed to a white background, double-check your lock screen to ensure the time is not visible.

If you’re wondering how to remove the time on your lock screen rather than moving it, there are ways to do it.

What Other Changes Can You Make to The Time 

Finally, there aren’t too many methods left for you to make any adjustments to your time for your lock screen. However, there may be other things that you can do to maneuver the time on your lock screen. 

One option is to change the time color on your lock screen if you already have a set lock screen image and don’t want to change it.

1. In order to do this, you will open the settings on your iPhone.

2. From here, scroll down and tap on the wallpaper option.

3. Next, tap on the section that says Add A New Wallpaper.

4. From here, you will see a section of preset images to customize your lock screen. For this alternative to work, you will tap on one of the preset images to customize the lock screen time further.

5. After selecting a preset image, you will then begin to change the font and color of the lock screen time. 

6. Once you have tapped on the widget for the time on the lock screen, you will have the option to adjust the font as well as the color. 

7. Based on the color of the preset image you chose, find a color that matches the same background.

8. So, if you find a preset image with a white background, you may want to leave the time color in a white font. If you find a background that is blue, you will need to adjust the font color to the same shade of blue on the preset image. 

9. When you change the color of the font, there will be a toggle at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to adjust the darkness or brightness of the color of the lock screen time.

10. Ensure to toggle the scale until the shade of the time matches the shade of the background’s preset image. 

11. After everything has been customized to your comfort, you will then tap Done, located in the top right corner of the screen.

12. After tapping Done, all of your customized settings will automatically be saved.

Although there aren’t too many alternative ways left for you to move the time on your lock screen, this last method is an incredible method for you to test and utilize if need be. 

Final Thoughts

 For all of the technologically OCD consumers out there who don’t like having the time on their lock screen, although there is no way to move the time, there are some ways around it.

The alternatives presented in this article are amazing workaround methods that are available. There are many people who didn’t believe there was a way around “removing” the time on your lock screen.

Well, now you know there are some incredible tips that you can utilize to “accomplish” this. 

If you are looking to move the time from the lock screen on your iPhone, you have the option to jailbreak your iPhone and reset your background so that the color of the image will match the color of the time as a way to camouflage the time, and if you have a widget, you can simply move that. 

And finally, there are many other alternative methods that you can use to adjust the time in your settings. 

Customizing your device can be fun. However, having something that is non-adjustable on your device isn’t quite fun at all. But, if you utilize these alternatives, you’ll feel accomplished knowing you have tricked your device with these tricks and tips!

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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