Fans run on Apple computers by default to keep them cool. When the Mac gets too hot, it throttles the CPU, which slows down to mediate the temperature. Some scenarios may cause the fans to work harder to eliminate hot air.

You may be able to hear the fans running on your Mac which is not the most pleasant experience. Or, maybe the fan has stopped running to keep your Mac cool. There are steps you can take to run your fans more or run them less. In any case, if you would like to learn how to manage the fans on your Mac, this tutorial will show you how.

Monitor and Control Your Mac’s Fans

Monitoring and controlling your Mac’s fans encompasses speeding the fans up beyond Apple’s default setting; or slowing it down, perhaps to reduce noise. Whatever approach you take, please note that inappropriate fan settings could lead to damage to your computer. When you make changes to the fan speed, make sure to monitor your computer to make sure the temperature is consistently stable.

Control Your Mac’s Fans Using Macs Fan Control

Third party applications can be used to control your Mac’s fan speeds; however, any of these apps should be used with caution. Macs Fan Control for macOS is a free, popular app for controlling fan speeds on Mac. To use Macs Fan Control to control the fan speeds on your Mac, follow these steps:

1. Download Macs Fan Control  and install it on your Mac.Move the app to your Applications folder

2. Move the app to your Applications folder.

3. Launch the application to your desktop. You should see a list of fans on your Mac along with custom options.

4. The Auto option keeps the settings for your Mac’s fans at the default set by Apple. If you select Custom, the RPM value and target temperature settings can be changed.

5. The Sensor-based value is an option to set the temperature for how hot you want to allow your Mac to become. To increase the temperature slide the maximum temperature higher for more performance. Conversely, lower the maximum temperature to make the fans quieter.

monitor your Mac’s temperature sensors using the app

6. You can also monitor your Mac’s temperature sensors using the app. The CPU temperatures should be carefully monitored after making any changes to the Apple default settings.

go to Preferences

7. To display the fans and temperature sensors on the Menu bar as an app icon, go to Preferences in the bottom right corner:

8. The settings will appear on the Menu bar.

Note: You can also configure the app to launch at startup under General Preferences. The temperatures can be displayed in Fahrenheit.

Contact Apple Support

If you were not able to backup your files from an iOS device on iCloud by following the steps in this tutorial, you can contact Apple Support or the Genius Bar for more help.