Screen mirroring for Android devices is an amazing tool that seems to be underrated and under used. There are literally hundreds of apps that allow you to screen mirror to your PC and still, people seem to not know anything about it. You may be one of those people and have no idea what this is.

Screen mirroring is when you share one device’s screen to another device’s screen. This is called mirroring because it will show exactly what is on one screen on the other. This is used to connect all sorts of devices, but today the topic is screen mirroring from your Android to your PC.

Mirroring your Android to your PC can be quite useful in several ways especially if you are a developer. If you are in the middle of developing an app you can test it on the Android phone mockup. Maybe you just don’t want to have to check your phone all the time while working on the computer.

It also makes sharing files between your Android and PC much easier as well. There are so many choices out there to complete this task, but here are some of the top choices to do it with.

Before You Can Screen Mirror

To be able to use the screen mirroring function on your Android you will need to turn on the USB debugging option which is found in your Developer options on your device. You will need to enable the Developer options to do this.

Enabling Developer Options on Your Android Device

1. Open your Settings on your Android device

2. Go to About Phone

3. Then tap on Software Information

4. Scroll down in this menu until you see the Build Number tab

5. Tap this tab 5 times

6. Now, go back to your System settings and you will be able to see the Developer options now

Enabling USB debugging on Your Android Device

1. Open your Settings on your Android device

2. Then, scroll down and tap Developer Options

3. Now, scroll down until you see USB debugging and turn the toggle switch on

It is a good idea to “Always Allow” USB debugging when asked for permission that way you don’t have to deal with it every time it comes up.

How to Mirror Your Android Screen to Your PC

Now that you have enabled the ability to screen mirror on your Android device, you can find which app is right for you and that works the best for your needs.

How to Use Vysor and USB

Vysor is a screen mirroring app that is quick and easy to set up to mirror your Android to your PC. You can even play games while using this app if you want along with many other things including Screenshots. The negative side to this screen mirroring app is that everything that you are going to want to use it for will cost you money. The subscription to Vysor comes in three levels which are $2.50 for a monthly subscription, $10 for a yearly subscription, and $40 for a lifetime subscription to the app.

1. You need to download the Vysor software for your PC

2. After downloading it, connect your Android to your PC with a USB cable

3. Now, Allow the USB debugging prompt on your Android device

4. Then, open the Vysor Installer File on your PC

5. You will see a prompt that says Vysor has detected a device

6. Finally, tap on View to start screen mirroring from your Android to your PC

How to Screen Mirror Using ApowerMirror and USB

ApowerMirror is the second app on the list and it is great for mirroring your Android to your PC or your PC to your Android. This app also lets you take screenshots like the last app, as well as record your screen and control your Android manually from your PC. This is also a subscription based app that will cost you some money to use, but is worth the money if you are planning to mirror to your PC regularly.

When you pay for the app, you can mirror 3 devices at the same time as one another. The membership will also let you draw on your screen. ApowerMirror also has a really cool Game Keyboard feature that lets you map out keyboard shortcuts to work better with your Android device. There are quite a few more features that you will want to check out but setting this app up can be a handful at best.

1. Download and install the ApowerMirror software on your PC and install the app on your Android device

2. Make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your Android before continuing

3. Now, connect the Android device to your PC using a USB cable and tap allow on your Android when prompted

4. Then, open the app on your Android and tap START NOW on the permission to start capturing your screen

How to Screen Mirror Using ApowerMirror Wirelessly

1. To do this, unhook the USB cable

2. Open the mirroring app on your Android device

3. There will be an M button at the bottom of your app that you need to tap

4. Open the mirroring program on your PC and then Select your computer name in the list on your Android

5. Now, choose Phone Screen Mirroring to mirror your Android to your PC instead of your PC to your Android

6. Finally, tap Start Now

You want to do the USB version of this first because if you don’t, you will only see a mirror of your screen and will have zero functionality with it. That means you will only be streaming and won’t be able to take advantage of all the features included. This apps cost is a little higher than the last with 2 main options that are Lifetime Subscription for $69.95 and a yearly subscription for $29.95.

How to Mirror Your Android Screen to Your PC Using AirDroid

The last app on the list is AirDroid. This lets your screen mirror and share files without any issues. This is a highly recommended app by Android users and there is a reason for that. The AirDroid app also has a desktop client that lets you receive calls and messages from friends and family.

The File Transfer feature allows you to share files from your PC and Android to each other. This also has a web feature called AirDroid web that lets you use your Android device online. You can even open the camera on your phone remotely from your PC.

The AirDroid app is a lot different than the last two apps mentioned because it has its own UI. This includes call logs, messages, files, pictures, and other things as well. The downside to this is that you can’t play games or run apps. You can, however, screenshot and record your screen using AirDroid.

1. You need to download and install AirDroid on your PC and Android devices

2. Open the Windows app and create your AirDroid account

3. Sign in on your Android AirDroid app to add a device to your account

After you do this, you can find your Android device files, calls, messages, and the floating bar will so you any notifications from your phone. To get desktop notifications you will have to enable them in your Android device settings.

These apps all work great for screen mirroring your Android to your PC and all have great additional features you will love.