Emailing has always been the most professional way of communication. The only difference is that people now open/respond to emails directly from their iPhones or any smartphone for that matter. The long, tedious process of opening the laptop/PC to see if you have any emails has now reduced to just a single tap on your iPhone; screen.

iPhone’ Mail app is the place where you can manage all your emails. The only problem with using emails on your iPhone is that you do not get the chance to clear out the junk or open every email. You only open the important ones and the junk emails remain unopened and unread. However, there is that annoying notification badge that appears over the Mail app if you have some unread emails in it.

Apple continuously makes adjustments to its features and apps to make them better. The Mail app has also received a fair bit of improvements and changes over the years, and it has made the app more user-friendly and manageable. Importantly, you can now easily and quickly mark all emails in the app as read. A few years back, marking emails as read required tricks or kind of workarounds but thanks to Apple that this issue has been addressed.

Mark All Email as Read on iPhone’ Mail App:

1. Launch the Mail app from your home screen and go to the folder where few unread emails reside.
Tap on the Edit button

2. Tap on the Edit button located at the top right of the screen.
Select All

3. Next, tap on the option Select All located at the top-left of the screen.

4. Hit the option Mark at the bottom-left of your screen.
As Read

5. A pop-up would appear on the screen. it will present you with the option As Read. Hit it, and all your unread emails will be marked as read now.

This is how easy it is to mark all emails as read in the Mail app. The only thing you need to be careful about is that if your inbox is too full of emails then keep scrolling down and let the Mail app load all the emails first. Once loaded, then perform the method mentioned above. Sometimes, messages do not get loaded completely and hence do not get selected/marked either and remain unread even after the method is applied.

A Blue dot that appears next to all the unread emails will disappear as soon as they are marked as read. Likewise, the same method can be applied to mark all the email messages as unread too. This may seem quite simple now, but the old iOS version didn’t have that quick tricks to mark emails as read or unread.

You can also manually select the emails to be marked as read as well. It can come handy if you have some important emails to read as marking them all as read might make you forget about these important emails.