How to Make Your Laptop Screen Brighter than Max

In this day and age, screens are built with the ability to adjust the brightness of the display automatically – dimming with a darker environment and shining brighter to cut through an environment with more light. But what if it isn’t enough? Can you make your screen brighter than the maximum value on a Windows 10 PC?

You might be dealing with a display that’s automatically adjusting the wrong way; it doesn’t always work the way it’s intended to. Or maybe you’re dealing with an image or video that’s still too dark, even at maximum brightness. Luckily for you, there are a few options to adjust your screen’s brightness past the maximum.

Can You Make Your Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max

Every display has its maximum brightness capabilities, and although your normal brightness settings won’t allow you to go past that, there are other settings/apps that’ll allow you to make adjustments to the display to make it appear brighter. So there’s no way that you can make your computer screen brighter than max, but you can make it brighter than your normal brightness capabilities using other settings.

Adjusting Display Brightness on Windows 10 Laptop

With laptops, the monitor is built into an all-in-one machine. What’s lost is the ability to adjust the screen’s brightness like you could with a separate monitor. The solution? Place the Brightness keys on your keyboard. Problem solved.

You’ll usually find these keys on, below or above your Functions keys, e.g., F1, F2, up to F12. Look for an icon resembling a sun. They are usually designated as F1 and F2. To dim your screen, press F1. To brighten your screen, press F2. Ensure that your screen has been set to max or adjust accordingly.

Adjusting Display Brightness

For desktops, your Brightness buttons are located on your monitor. There’s a special menu that you can open using the buttons located along the bottom of your screen or on the side.

When the menu opens, you can use the buttons again to navigate the menu to Brightness. Adjust the brightness as you see fit.

Increasing Laptop Brightness Above Maximum

If you want to move past the max screen brightness, look no further than your computer’s Color Calibration Wizard. This wizard will give you the ability to further adjust the color, and brightness, of your screen. So long as you have Windows 10 – laptop or desktop – you can use this option. No installation is required.

1. Begin by opening your Windows Start menu. Click on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of your screen, along the taskbar, or by pressing the Windows key.

2. In your Windows Start menu, open your Settings. It’s the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the menu.

3. In your PC Settings, click System.

4. On the left-hand side, click Display. Scroll down the Display page until you see a hyperlink for Advanced display settings. It’s under “Multiple Displays.”

Display adapter properties for Display 1

5. Next, click the hyperlink for Display adapter properties for Display 1. This will open a pop-up window.

Color Management

6. At the top of the pop-up window, click the Color Management tab. Afterwards, choose Color Management. Another pop-up window will appear.

7. Now, click on the Advanced tab at the top. Head to the bottom of the window. Under “Display Calibration,” click Calibrate Display.

8. Adjust your screen settings as you see fit.

Disabling Automatic Brightness

Automatic brightness is great for conserving battery, and for relieving tension to your eyes, but it doesn’t always work as intended. You can always disable it until further notice.

1. Begin by opening your Windows Start menu. Click on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of your screen, along the taskbar, or by pressing the Windows key.

2. Launch Control Panel.

3. Click on Hardware and Sound.

4. Under Hardware and Sound, click Power Options.

5. Next to your performance plan, click Change Plan Settings.

Adjust Plan Brightness

5. Move the slider for Adjust Plan Brightness to your liking.

Third-Party Apps

There are a few Microsoft apps that’ll allow you to make your Windows 10 screen brighter than normal. The most common ones are f.lux, Win10 Brightness Slider, CareUEyes and Dimmer.

They have a slider/controller feature that will allow you to control your screen’s brightness. For convenience, it will be added to your system tray to allow for easy access.