How to Make Eraser Bigger in Paint

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When you’re learning to paint using the Microsoft Paint software on your Windows PC, the eraser tool can be of great help. We all make mistakes, but with the eraser, you can easily get rid of the mistakes and start over. If only life had an erase button. Microsoft Paint comes with several tools and features that make it one of the best painting software for anyone. You can draw a lot of cool things on MS Paint if you know how to use the tools. If you’re here to find out how to make the Eraser bigger in MS Paint, then you are already on the right path. This tutorial will teach you just how to do that. And it is an easy process that involves a few keyboard/mouse shortcuts and knowing where to look.

There are a couple of ways to make the eraser bigger in MS Paint. You can do it directly from the Eraser tool option or you can use the keyboard/on-screen keyboard. However, there are only a couple of preset sizes available in the Eraser tool, so the keyboard/on-screen keyboard option is much better. Below, we will show you how to use the keyboard to make the Eraser bigger. Let’s get started.

Make the Eraser Bigger in MS Paint

First, launch the Microsoft Paint tool on your Windows PC. Now, follow the steps below to make the eraser bigger.

1. From the Home tab, select the Eraser option in Tools.

choose a size

2. You can now use the Size option available in the same toolbar to choose one of three sizes.

3. To increase the size, press the ‘+’ button while holding the Ctrl button on the keyboard. You should see the eraser get bigger. To decrease the size, use Ctrl+’-’ and the size of the keyboard will get smaller.

That’s one way to do it. Now, what if you don’t have access to a physical keyboard. Well, in that case, you can use the on-screen keyboard in Windows. To access the on-screen keyboard, press the Start button and search for keyboard. You should find the on-screen keyboard. Open this keyboard and follow the steps below.

1. Select Options in the on-screen keyboard and enable the Numeric keypad. You will need this to increase or decrease the size of the eraser.

2. Once you’ve enabled the numeric keypad, click the Ctrl key and then click the ‘+’ key to make the Eraser bigger. You will need to use the ‘+’ key in the numeric keypad. Don’t use the one next to the backspace button.

3. The Ctrl key will remain pressed until you click on it again.

4. To decrease the size of the eraser, use the same steps, but use the ‘-’ key instead of the ‘+’ key.

If you want to make the eraser bigger in MS Paint, you will need to keep pressing the ‘+’ several times. Each click increases the size of the eraser by one pixel. And that’s about it. This is how to make the eraser bigger in MS Paint. Pretty simple right? If you have a physical keyboard, then that will make it super easy. It is better than an on-screen keyboard. We hope you have learnt how to increase the size of the eraser and can now make some great paintings.

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