How to Make Instagram Music Longer Than 5 Seconds

How to Make Instagram Music Longer Than 5 Seconds

Lately, group chats are buzzing with Instagram users complaining about not being able to add more than 5 seconds of music to their videos.Word on the web is even after the audio has ended the videos are still playing.

Why is My Instagram Story Music Only 5 Seconds

Are you an Instagram story creator? Have you been having trouble adding more than 5 seconds of music to your stories?

There are a couple of reasons the audio on your Instagram stories is continuing to play without the music you selected and some of those reasons are listed below.

1. Haven’t Set the Duration For The Song to Be Longer

Like any other social media platform where a user can create content, there’s a menu bar to edit your posts before you publish them. Instagram allows its users to add anywhere from 1 to 15 seconds of audio to their stories.

The default length is 15 seconds, to change this you click the number 15 on the left-hand side of the screen and choose the length of time you prefer. Sounds easy enough, right? The problem kicked in when users noticed their stories weren’t playing audio past 5 seconds.

One Reddit user reached out to the online community by posting about his experience, stating how normally changing the length of your Instagram story is simple. However, this time clicking the number 15 only revealed a grayed out section you’re unable to click on.

Users complained that not only was the audio 5 seconds long, the videos posted continued to play once the music stopped.

2. Duration Settings Have Been Saved From Before

Normally when a user wants to change the length of time audio plays in their story it’s as simple as clicking a number and making a selection. But what happens when changing the settings doesn’t work?

Process of elimination can help to rule out what’s not wrong, which might just help decipher what is wrong. If you’re working from a previously saved audio file, the length of time will be the same.

1. Open your Instagram App

2. Tap on your “profile” icon

3. Click menu then “Saved”

4. Open the “Audio” files saved under your profile

5. Tap specific saved files you want to move or delete from the audio file directory

7. Hovering over a file and taping the “Saved” button will change the file to “Save audio”

3. There is a Glitch

Every device runs the risk of being infected with a virus, but sometimes it’s not your device that’s carrying around that bug, it’s your apps.

Glitches in the app can cause its features to malfunction. A bug can keep users from logging into their accounts or accessing any of their saved files.

In May of this year Instagram experienced a glitch that caused service interruptions across the continents.

Users complained of problems like not being able to log back in once logged out or being redirected to a screen with the message “were sorry it looks like something is wrong” appearing on the screen.

Once users have been directed to this error page they are unable to refresh the screen and log off.

Instagram eventually resolved this glitch in May of 2022 but problems like this happen all the time and usually the only way to fix them is to ride it out and wait for Instagram to get it fixed.

4. You Haven’t Updated Instagram

Updating your apps is just as important as updating your entire device. Outdated apps are a user’s worst nightmare. They lack full storage capacity and any glitches will still be there wreaking havoc on your device and your content.

Updating apps gives you access to new and improved features. It’s a lot like getting your car’s oil changed, the engine always runs better. Treat your apps like your car’s oil change and regularly check for updates.

5. Instagram is Down

The problems with the app might have nothing to do with your device or the last time it was updated. Instagram itself could be experiencing a technological issue that causes their network to shut down for the moment.

Signs the app might be down are things like trouble signing in and app functions not working.

If you want to be sure it’s not your cellular network acting up or the device you are using you can check out outage sights to see if other users are running into the same problems,

If you end up with post after post complaining about their Instagram app not working, chances are the app is experiencing a service outage.

There is no quick fix for this other than waiting it out and letting the company get it back up and running again.

Depending on the type of bug affecting Instagram’s system, Instagram users may still have access to their account via the world wide web. Sometimes the app itself is having server malfunctions while the website continues to run properly.

6. Sure Your Not Using a Business Account as They Have Music Limitations

Instagram offers a business account for its entrepreneur users. This account allows users access to features that can help them promote and grow their business. Having a business account doesn’t mean you have to delete your current account.

Instagram allows a person to have up to five active Instagram accounts at a time. Copyright laws prevent audio files containing music from a recording artist from being used with an Instagram business account.

There are options still available for users with a business account who want to include music in their stories, One option is to to use “Original Music” from other users who have uploaded the song.

If the song title has the words “Original Music” and not the artist’s name, the copyright law doesn’t apply.

The only other way to add music to a business account is to change your business account to an “Entrepreneur” which will unlock all audio files.

How to Make Instagram Music Longer Than 5 Seconds

Gone through all the above reasons for why your audio files refuse to play longer than 5 second? Curious to know the ins and outs of fixing the audio issue and getting back to creating great content?

Here are 11 ways to fix your 5 second audio fiasco, keep reading for the answers to your questions and make your music last.

1. Adjust the Length of the Music

The first step that should be taken when trying to fix anything involving settings is to try adjusting them.

Sometimes the simple answer is the best, and these settings can easily be checked out and changed.

Instagram gives its users the option of making a video with audio that is up to 15 seconds long, a fragment of the song to give your images that special touch.

To access this feature you have to access your profile and the progress bar. Follow these steps to access the progress bar and adjust the length of your music file,

1. Go to your profile page and look for the menu bar

2. Once you find the menu bar you should see the number 15 on the left of the screen

3. Hover over the number 15 and select the length of time you want your music set to

4. The default setting is 15 seconds

2. Delete and Reinstall the App

A quick and easy way to solve your 5 second fiasco is by deleting Instagram off the device you are using and reinstalling it.

If you’re just deleting the app and not factory resetting the entire device then no data will be lost during this process. What you’re doing when you uninstall an app that isn’t working properly is force stopping the app to help it function better.

1. From your home hold down the Instagram App until the option to remove or uninstall pops up.

2. Tap uninstall app

3. Once the app is deleted head over to your devices app store and search Instagram

4. Once found tap install

5. Sign into your account and try making a video with audio that lasts more than 5 seconds.

3. Don’t Post by Using the Side Swipe, Post Using the Plus Sign When you Go to Your Profile and Choose “Story”

Story reels may only last 24 hours but that doesn’t stop its users from using the feature constantly to showcase their content.

Instagram’s stories are a great way to interact with followers and create a more interesting and exciting feed than just normal images in a post.

What could be more annoying than making the perfect story, with the perfect song and not being able to upload the post.

Curious to know how to use that plus sign post instead of a side swipe? Follow the steps below to learn.

1. You can post images and videos to your story from your profile page using the blue plus sign

2. Locate the blue plus sign in the upper-right corner

3. Select the image or video you want to post

4. Tap select post once you have finished choosing your files

4. Pretend Like Your Adding a Picture

If your still having trouble posting an image or video to your story with anything longer than 5 seconds attached to it, try this hack a reddit user used to get his app running properly again.

According to this reddit user whenever you make a story and add music to it, Instagram is saving it in the devices settings. The same concept can be applied if you’ve recently uploaded an image with music and then readjusted its playing time.

A bug or glitch in the app’s system is causing it to default your music settings to whatever you had it set to last. This reddit user came up with a solution to this problem.

The first thing he suggested doing is pretending like you are going to post a new image (not video) to your story. Open the story app and follow the same steps you would normally follow to post a photo.

Performing these actions will get you to the screen where you add an audio file and adjust the length of time it plays.

Once you finish setting up your pretend post you can save it as a draft and begin creating your real content.

Whatever settings you used to post the pretend draft will be the settings that are used in your next post.

5. The Music and Use an Editing App Before Uploading to Instagram

Another Instagram hack you can use to get your video to play the right length of music is to edit your video outside of Instagram before posting. Editing your videos with third-party apps can give your posts a little something extra.

Apps like VSCO and A Color Story offer editing features Instagram does not. Editing outside of Instagram and adding your audio files with a third-party app instead could help eliminate the 5-second fiasco.

Once you have decided on an app and installed it, create the content you want and save it to your device. You can post the story to Instagram directly from whichever editing app you’re using or you can post from the Instagram app itself.

6. Log out and Log Back in

If editing your images and videos before you post them to Instagram isn’t an option, you can try logging out of Instagram and then logging back in again.

Logging out of the app is like refreshing your browser page, it resets the system and eliminates any glitches caused by unauthorized actions.

To log out of Instagram tap the settings icon in the upper-right corner of your profile page. Tap the logout button okay to confirm. Once logged back in you can open the app, enter your username and password to log back in.

7. Clear Cache

Apps use cached data to store temporary information that helps identify associated information when the app is being used. This associated information is what makes the apps user friendly.

For example when you open up Tik-Tok it automatically remembers what kind of videos you generally watch, therefore it will show those kinds of videos on your feed.

Sometimes the cached data gets too full and interferes with the storage capacity of your device.

When the storage is full certain apps and their features won’t work correctly. To clear the cache on your instagram app follow these steps.

1. Tap “Settings” on your instagram profile

2. Hit “Security”

3. Tap “Clear Search History” for Iphones and “Search History” for Androids

4. Tap “Clear Cache”

8. Update App

If clearing the cache doesn’t work you may need to check for updates. If you’re working with an out-dated version you can run into glitches and malfunctions with the app’s features.

To update the app head to your phone’s app store and check for an update button. If an update is available there will be an option next to uninstall.

9. Wait for the Problem to Fix

If none of the suggestions or solutions are working the only option left is to wait for Instagram to fix itself.

The apps system could be down or they could be experiencing technological problems with the server.

It may be your own cell phone network provider causing the issues and the only thing to do is wait.

10. Use Another Account

Instagram allows its users to have up to 5 accounts at one time. Most social media platforms only allow you one page per email address, so this is a nice change. If you’re having trouble with your main page try building a new page and starting from scratch.

1. Go to your profile page and tap on your picture

2. Tap settings

3. Scroll to the bottom and tap add account

4. Hit log into existing account

5. Create a username and password for the account you’re adding.

11. Use Another Phone

If the device you’re using is the problem, the only solution is to get a different phone. It can either be the device or the network you’re using causing the issues.

Switching cell phone or cell phone carriers might be a way to solve your instagram music problems,

Whether you’re creating content on Instagram for fun or for your business it’s important that all the features work correctly to give you the best experience possible.

When you’re having trouble getting the app to work the way it should, give these troubleshooting ideas a try and get back to making the content you love.

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