If you make an alias for a Mac application, file, or folder, you’ll have an easy way to access that application, file, or folder, without having to launch from that items original location. You can place the alias anywhere you’d like, and the item will launch instantaneously. The original item will remain in its original location. If you recently migrated from Windows to Mac, then you can think of an alias as a shortcut.

Though aliases have been around for a long time on Mac, many users remain unaware as to how to create an alias. The process is very simple, and only requires a few moments of your time. In order to get started, and learn how to create an alias, follow the simple instructions below.

Create an Alias of Any File, Folder, or App – Mac

All you need to do is select an item, any item, in Finder, and you’ll be able to create an alias of that item. The process is very simple, and only involves the press of a few buttons. In order to get started and learn how to create an alias, follow the simple instructions below.

1. Launch Finder.

2. Navigate to the item that you would like to create an alias of.

3. Select the item in Finder.

4. Using the menu bar in the top left of your screen, click on File.

Make Alias

5. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on Make Alias.

6. Locate the newly created alias. The alias will have the same name as the original item, with ‘alias’ attached at the end. Feel free to place the alias wherever you would like.

7. Repeat for other items, as needed.

You can tell an icon is an alias, by not just the name, but also the small arrow badge towards the bottom left of the icon. Most people tend to put their aliases on the Desktop, where they can easily access their selected item, and launch it with ease. If you prefer, you can also put the alias in the Dock.

All you need to do is drag and drop the alias to your Dock, just as you would drag and drop any other item to your Dock. Aliases are very helpful if you would like to maintain the original location of a file or application, but also want easy access to that same file or application.