There are many situations that you’d need to make a fake DM over such as trying to impress your friends that a celebrity has messaged you, or trying to make it look like someone has said something when they haven’t. Although it may not sound ethical, getting to the point where you need to make a fake DM, can come in handy. It’s hard to get someone to message you something without you having to fake it so you’re in the right place if you’re looking for how to fake an IG DM.

Can You Edit Instagram Messages

If your goal is to make it look like someone has said something when they haven’t, then you might be keen on finding out how to edit someone’s Instagram message. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to edit someone’s Instagram message which is why is you want to make it look like someone has said something when they haven’t, then your best bet is to make a fake DM. Although Instagram is used on your phone, you can actually edit an Instagram message by using the inspect element feature on a desktop that allows you to edit messages.

How To Fake An Instagram DM

You can fake an Instagram DM by making it look like a celebrity has messaged you and you’ve been having conversations. The best way to fake an Instagram DM is by using Fake DM apps. Fake DM apps have been around for a while and it’s what allows people to make it look like celebrities have messaged them when in fact they haven’t. Of course, you can use advanced editing apps like adobe software but it’s a lot simpler if you’re a beginner trying to fake an Instagram message.

Creating a Fake Profile

A simple way to fake an Instagram DM if you’re not trying to use an app is by using recreated the profile of the person that you’re trying to get to message you. Of course, this doesn’t work if the people you’re trying to show the fake Dm to knows the person’s username off by heart and can tell that you’ve just created a fake one. It also isn’t going to work if the person you’re trying to fake the DM with is verified.

To fake a DM, a good way to go about it is to create a fake profile. The fake profile has to be very similar to the real one for you to pull it off. With the user name, try using an extra underscore or dot to make it look similar to the real one. With the followers and people you’re following, it doesn’t matter because you’re just trying to make it look like someone has messaged you and no one is going to check out the profile. With the profile picture, you can save a full version of their profile picture and upload it as the fake profiles dp.

Once you’ve done this, you just need to switch from account to account going back and forth and messaging what you want the fake DMs to say. After the messages are complete, you can screenshot them and send them to your friends or post them somewhere to make it look like a celebrity has messaged you.

Using Fake DM Apps

There are many fake DM apps that’ll allow you to recreate messages from other Instagram profiles while using their real names. These apps are the best thing to close that you can get because they really make it look like someone of your choice has messaged you, famous or not.

Social Pranker – If you want to use Fake DM apps and you’re on iPhone, pretty much the only app on the market for you to try right now is Social Pranker. Social Pranker can create fake posts and chats with the Instagram design and no one will notice and add a verified badge next to your name. Other features also include being able to add a “seen” and “delivered” label under the last message. If you’re worried, you don’t need to connect it to your Instagram account, nor will it post real posts to Instagram. It only creates an image that you can save and share with your friends.

Funsta –  if you’re on Android, luckily there are many Fake DM apps that you can use, with one of them being Funsta. Funsta is a Insta Fake chat app that allows you to create direct fake conversations and posts and prank your friends. You can easily design fake conversations screens and edit every detail on the screen. This screen will be realistic so that you can easily prank your friends. Take the screenshot or use the app’s Share screen feature to easily share it with your friends. Cool features include being able to add fake posts and comments and likes for the post as well as creating fake DMs. You can also create a fake contact and fake group, add fake stories for you and your friends, add fake members to the group, control both sides of the fake conversation.

Fake Chat – Another app that you can use if you’re on android to fake DMs is Fake Chat. Fake Chat allows you to create fake chats with anyone (even Ronaldo), 1:1 mirror image of the real deal, control both sides of the conversation, alter every single detail in the conversation, send & Receive fake media messages, edit sent, delivered, read message statuses.