Your Arris router allows you to access a high-speed connection to ensure that you’re browsing with the fasted internet speeds without any disruption. Arris routers are made specifically for this reason.

If you need to set up your Arris router and manage your network settings, then you’ll need to login. If you also forgot your router password, then you can reset it by logging into your settings. You can login using your router IP address and password. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to setup and configure your router.

Logging in to Arris Router

1. One your PC or phone, you need to connect to your Arris network. You can find the SSID and password on the back of the router if you’re not sure what details you need to connect to the network. Connecting allows you to login to your router using your routers IP address.

find out your IP address

2. You then need to find out your IP address. Most people’s router IP address will be or To check for sure, you can open Command Prompt on your windows pc > type in ipconfig and look at default gateway where your IP address will be listed.

IP address (

3. Open your web browser and paste in your routers IP address ( and hit enter.

4. In the dialogue box, enter your Arris username and password. This can be found on the back of your router. If you were unable to login, then your username or password is likely wrong. If you don’t have the sticker on the back of your router and you’re unable to check, you can check if your router has a default user name and password.

For the username, you can try Admin and for the password, you can try Password, or 1234.