If you’re a gamer of any kind, whether it’s console or PC, you’ll have heard of Steam, one of the best platforms for buying video games (those summer sales will kill your wallet) and socializing with other like minded individuals. What you may or may not have noticed, however, when visiting your profile page, is your profile has a level. Strange. A level on distribution platform? Believe it or not, like a video game itself, Steam has a level feature people can engage in and increase.

Of course, in video game fashion, the goal of “leveling up” is to achieve some kind of reward, right? You can’t have a level up function without having some rewards, the “carrot on the stick,” as they say. However, leveling up on Steam doesn’t involve any kind of animated polygons. Instead, leveling up on Steam involves performing certain tasks that rewards participates perks and prestige.

What Kind of Rewards?

One of the strangest rewards is a bigger friends list. Steam allots its users 250 unique friends. By increasing your level, you can raise your soft limit of 250 friends even further at a rate of 5 friends for every level. As far as a hard limit is concerned, there isn’t a known one. Who knows how far it can go.

When you reach certain milestones, ones in which Steam has created for its users, you’ll oftentimes get a badge that you can display on your profile page. You can only display a handful of milestones at a time, but by leveling up, you’ll get another showcase slot to drop a badge into at a rate of 1 for every 10 levels.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is an increase in booster packs dropping. These little booster packs contain cards that pertain to games you play. They start dropping at level 10 with a 20% drop rate, but then start doubling every 10 more levels you gain. At 20, you should see a 40% increase in the rate it drops.

This is definitely one of the best reasons to level your Steam account fast because the cards actually have a value to them. Grant it, cards only ever sell for a few pennies at a time, but if you’re getting 3 random cards every time a booster packs drops, you’re going to have a nice pocket full of change in no time, especially useful for taking care of tax on a video game.

Level Up on Steam Fast

So, the rewards are sounding nice, but how do you actually level up and fast? Well, it has a lot to do with trading those cards you get. You can create badges from trading cards, which can be received from playing the game, especially when you get a set of them. Those badges can then be leveled up to an extent, gaining more experience and getting you closer to the goal of leveling up.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Playing any game will only net you half of the cards created for it. If you want the rest, you’ll need to trade them or buy them on Steam’s marketplace. They’re never terribly expensive, usually being worth pennies at a time, though foil cards can get pricey. Once you’ve got a set, create a badge (gain experience), and then level those badges for more.

It’s a smart little loop that you can get yourself into. You play the games, you get the cards and those cards can then be sold, traded or held onto and then rinse and repeat.

If you want to level up fast, you’ll have to invest some time into gaming, collecting cards and find the right game/card loop.