How to Leave A Group Chat Without Them Knowing


If you want to leave a Messenger group, then there’s a button that allows you to exit freely. But if you’re not engaged within the group or for some reason you want to leave but you don’t want to come off as being rude, you can leave the Messenger group secretly without anyone knowing.

Leaving A Facebook Messenger Group Secretly Without Notifying Anyone

Messenger allows you to make groups and these groups can then get bombarded with messages and memes that aren’t that funny. It becomes seriously annoying when you’re constantly receiving notifications and you can’t use any other app in peace.

You then consider leaving but these are your friends you’re talking to and it can come across as very offensive if you leave the group that they added you to. This is a huge dilemma and exiting the group is something you really want to do but make sure you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings along the way is also important to you.

Can You Leave a Messenger Group Without Anyone Knowing

There’s no way to leave a group chat without others being notified because as soon as you leave a group chat, Messenger instantly lets everyone in the group know that you’ve left via a notification in the group chat.

There is no current Messenger method that will allow you to do this secretly because they like people to know when someone within a group has left. If there wasn’t this notification that alerted everyone, people may think that you’ve deleted the Messenger app, or there may have been a bug. So Messenger likes to let everyone know concretely that you’ve left a chat.

Although you can’t leave silently, there are some loopholes that you can use that will be as effective as leaving. You’re not going to be outright leaving, but it still has the same effect.

How to Leave A Messenger Group Chat Without Them Knowing

To leave a group without the rest of the group receiving a notification, you’ll need to ignore the group. Turning this option on is going to allow you to stay away from the group chat to make it seem as if you’ve left. But of course, you’re still in there but you can make it seem like you’re not by using the ignore option that Messenger provides.

1. Leaving A Group By Ignoring The Group

1. Open Messenger.

2. Select the Group and the group name at the top.

3. Select Ignore messages. This will stop you from receiving notifications about this group’s messages and the conversation will move to Spam in Message Requests. Messenger won’t notify the group that the messages have been ignored.

2. Leaving a Group by Clearing or Exiting the Group

You can leave a Messenger group without anyone in the group chat knowing by selecting the group chat’s name at the top. From here you can choose options like ‘leave group’. This will allow you to leave the chat without being notified.

If your group chat is always busy, then the best way to leave it would be to Leave the Group normally. The reason why exiting the group chat can work when you chat is always busy is because people might miss the notification once you leave. This is a risky method but it’s pretty much the only concrete way you’ll be able to leave the chat without members noticing.

To exit the group:

1. Open the Messenger app.

2. Click on the group chat you want to leave.

3. Select the name at the top.

4. Select Leave Group.

Once you’ve done this, you will no longer be able to message the group. If you click the chat in an attempt to message people, there will be no chat option for you to start typing.

3. Exiting the Group by Archiving the Chat

Another loophole that you can use to exit a Messenger group without other people in the chat noticing is by archiving the chat. This method is best when you want to leave an inactive chat.

This involves you clearing the chat so that you don’t have to look at it each time you’re on Messenger. And since this chat is inactive, once you’ve archived it, no one will be sending messages within it so that chat can’t reappear for you again.

To archive a chat:

1. Open Messenger.

2. Find the chat that you want to archive.

3. On iPhone, swipe to the left on the chat. On Android, you want to tap and hold.

4. Select Archive.

4. Blocking A Messenger Group to Leave Without Being Noticed

Another great way to get out of a Messenger group chat without anyone noticing is by blocking the group.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be leaving the group, it just means that you won’t be receiving notifications from the group, and no one in the group can message you. This is another alternative to actually leaving because it has all of the benefits and no one will receive a notification.

Blocking the group involves you going to everyone individually and blocking them. This is only a good method when you’re not close with anyone in the group so they won’t later on try and message you personally.

There’s no way that they can find out that they’ve been blocked so it’s a good loophole to actually exiting a group and notifying everyone.

5. Muting a Messenger Group without Anyone Noticing

One more alternative to leaving the group chat without anyone knowing is by muting the group. Although this isn’t leaving the chat, it has that same effect. You’ll still be part of the group, but you’ll no longer be receiving notifications when people message you. To do this, you’ll need to go to the group in the conversations list, tap the group name, and select Mute.

6. How to Delete a Messenger Group Without Leaving the Group

If you also what to delete a Messenger group without the rest of the group knowing and without leaving the group, it’s very possible. The group may be taking too much memory within the app because of all the pictures and videos, therefore you’d want to delete the group.

To delete a Messenger group without leaving the group:

1. Open Messenger.

2. Find the chat that you want to archive.

3. On iPhone, swipe to the left on the chat. On Android, you want to tap and hold.

4. Select Archive.

5. Tap on your profile in the upper left corner.

6. Select archive.

7. On iPhone, swipe to the left on the chat. On Android, you want to tap and hold.

8. Select more.

9. Select Delete.

The group should have been wiped from Messenger without you leaving the group. This is going to delete all of the audio, pictures, and videos, therefore saving you a lot of memory.

Once a message comes into the group, you’ll see the group in Chats again, but everything will be wiped.

7. Disable Messenger Notifications

If you’d like to still use Messenger to talk to other people or stay active in another group chat, instead of logging out of messenger or deleting the app, you could just mute Messenger notifications. You could even turn notifications off for a specific amount of time. To do this, in the Messenger app;

Step 1. Go to ‘Chats’ and tap your profile picture located in the top left.

Step 2. Tap ‘Notifications & Sounds’.

Step 3. Next to where it says ‘On’, tap it so it turns off.

Step 4. Now, you can select how long you’d like notifications to be off for.

You should now no longer receive notifications from Messenger for as long as you set it to.

You can also temporarily mute notifications from the group chat only, so you’ll still get notifications from other conversations. Here’s how;

Step 1. Go to your conversations, and locate the group chat you’d like to mute.

Step 2. Long press on the group chat in question, and tap ‘Mute’. You can choose to mute message notifications, call notifications, or both. You could even set a time limit for the notification mute!

8. Log Out of Messenger so You’re Not Notified

Another way of getting out of a group chat, or at least a way of taking a break, is to simply log out of Messenger. Just make sure you remember your login (email and password) so you don’t get locked out of your own account. To log out of messenger.

Step 1. Open the Messenger app.

Step 2. Tap ‘Account Settings’.

Step 3. Now, locate and tap ‘Security and login’.

Step 4. You’ll now be shown a list of all the devices that have logged into your messenger account. Locate your device and tap the three verticle dots next to your device name, and press log out.

You will now be signed out of messenger and can log back in anytime. 

Leaving Messenger Group Chat Etiquette

Rather than fearing what people will think of you if you were to leave the Messenger group abruptly without saying anything, you can try and leave the group politely so that you don’t come off as rude.

Since there is no way to really leave a group without anyone knowing, having a good reason to leave the group chat will allow you to smoothly leave the group while continuing to use Messenger as normal.

There are many polite reasons and excuses for leaving a group chat; you just have to choose one that sounds believable. Here are multiple solid reasons for leaving a group chat that people can’t really be mad at!

“I’ve got no storage and this group chat is taking a lot.” – This works well if there are loads of videos and photos being sent in the group; they’ll think it’s a genuine reason and it’ll look better than just leaving the group abruptly.

You could also couple this up with that you’ve tried to delete lots of videos and photos from your camera roll, and it’s still saying Messenger is taking the most storage and this is the only active group chat you have on Messenger.

“I’ve got a data limit and Messenger is using too much data too quickly” – this gives them a genuine reason, which is that your data is being drained up by Messenger too quickly, and you need to leave to prevent it. You could also pair this up with the fact that you’ll join the group again once you get more data.

“I’m trying to cut down on Screen Time” – Since this is something that many people focus on, it’s a totally perfect excuse for leaving a group chat. They’ll understand that reading and responding to group chats take up an excessive amount of time and can be extremely distracting, so taking yourself out of it will free up some time for you.

“I’m studying and need to get rid of distractions” – If you have lots of upcoming exams or tests that the group chat members are aware of, they’ll easily understand why you need to leave the group chat to get rid of distractions.

Most people who have exams have to go through a strict period of revision prior to, and if they realize you need less distractions, they should understand, and if they’re good friends they’ll let you be.

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