Has it ever crossed your mind who might have your number saved? You had a good time with someone one night, gave them your phone number, and then it completely slipped your mind. That could have happened countless times. One too many to count or recollect.

When you think about it, finding out who saved your number sounds impossible. After all, the point of a phone is a level of privacy. Sure, you could swipe their phone and see for yourself but that might end with a swift kick to your head. So that option is out, and hacking software is a no-go, especially if you don’t have the talent. Oh, and it’s illegal.

What options are there? Not very many, but there are a few. And yes, they are legal. You won’t be installing any sketchy apps or hacking into a mainframe.

Ask Social Media or Send a Mass Text

Your first and only option is to simply ask people. Social media is the perfect place to start. People you’re friends with on social media are most likely to have your number saved, provided they’re willing to share that information.

With that being said, this solution is hit or miss. People could completely ignore your post. They could refuse to comment or lie. Why? Who knows. The point is, your cry for help on social media might go unheard.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t use social media, you can also inquire about your number through a text message. Send a mass text message if you have to. The people in your Contacts are most likely going to only be those that you’ve shared your number with mutually. A simple mass text saying ‘Hey, text me back if you have my number saved,’ will do just fine.

1. First, launch your Messages application. In the top right corner, there should be three vertical dots. Tap on them. In doing so, a drop down menu will appear.

2. In the drop down menu, choose Settings.

3. In your Settings menu, scroll down to Advanced and select it.

4. Under the Advanced page, choose Group Messaging. A pop-up menu will appear. Set Group Messaging to ‘Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text).’

5. Go back to your main menu. Start a new message by tapping Start Chat. When it opens to your contacts, select Start Group Conversation. It’s at the very top of your Contacts list.

6. Select every single viable contact on your list. You do not have to name the group.

7. Send your text. With it being a mass text, you will get individual answers from people rather than lump them altogether in one message.

Know Who Saved Your Number With WhatsApp

You might find the answers you seek by using WhatsApp. It features an option called ‘Broadcast Message,’ and when it’s sent, it only gets sent to people who have their number in your Contacts. Great, right? Well, it is, but there’s a few caveats.

The problem: using WhatsApp. No, there’s nothing wrong with the app, but like most social media apps, not everyone uses it. If they don’t use WhatsApp, that can be a problem. When your contacts were scanned the first time you opened WhatsApp, it only filled your list with people whose numbers are linked to WhatsApp accounts. If you were to use Broadcast Message, people who don’t have WhatsApp will never get the message.

So, why is that a problem? If they have your number saved, but they don’t use WhatsApp, you’ll never know because WhatsApp doesn’t broadcast your number to non-WhatsApp users.

1. Start by opening WhatsApp. Its app icon is a white rotary phone inside a green speech bubble.

2. Now, along the top of your screen, tap on the Chats tab. On your Chats page, tap the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of your screen. This will reveal a drop down menu.

3. In the drop down menu, choose New Broadcast.

4. Select every single viable contact you have. When you’re ready, tap the checkmark located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Note: Take notice of the message along the top? ‘Only contacts with [your phone number] in their address book will receive your broadcast messages.’ If a WhatsApp contact has your number, they’ll get the message. If they are non-WhatsApp users, they will not.

5. Send a message and see who responds.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, aside from WhatsApp and spreading your message across social media, there isn’t any definitive way of knowing who has your number saved. Even the method with WhatsApp has its limitations, considering it doesn’t reveal those who don’t use WhatsApp. You might be getting a partial answer.

If you were hoping for some magical app that will tell you, it isn’t here. Your only other option is to do something illegal. Is it worth it? Certainly not, nor will Techzillo condone such behavior. Instead, consider getting in touch with people you think have your number saved and simply ask.

Better yet, get a new phone number. Whenever you hand it out, write their name on a list. And don’t forget to let people know you don’t want your number handed out unless you authorize it. It isn’t the perfect solution but it will give you the answer you seek.